5 months later...

"Yes Sadie, everything is fine!" Mai said, her mobile squashed to her ear from the support of her shoulder, carrying a box through to the kitchen. She plonked it on the worktop, looking out across the city from the view from their flat's massive windows. "No we don't need your help!" She chuckled, leaning against the work surface. "Me and Sam are staying up all night to pack everything away so you guys are able to move in tomorrow evening! Finally get you lot out of your Mums! Harley needs his own room!"

"Charlie for the last time we are ok!" Sam muttered, sticking a box on the floor next to Mai's feet. "Sadie's on the phone to Mai, now for christ sake leave us to it! Yes! Bye." He sighed, putting his phone back into his pocket.

"His room is fine." Mai said, opening up the door and sticking her head in and looking at the pale blue room, grinning before walking back out again. "I had the decoraters in first! No we shouldn't have postponed it, it took us 6 bloody months to move in here!"

"Yeah, last bit of good your Dad done for you!" Sam muttered.

"5 rooms, lovely view, not in the middle of nowhere, just what we need! Now have a good day, see you tomorrow. Yes, bye." She cut off, shaking her head and putting her phone in her pocket. "Well, this is us! The old team. Christ, we haven't been like this since primary school."

"I do wish my parents hadn't sent me to that bloody nature school, I was meant to come with you guys, but no, off you go Sam!" He chuckled. "We did have fun back then though, didn't we? 8 years of fun, from 4 to 11."

"When life was simple."

"Do you remember when we were 8?" He asked, putting his arm round her. "The battle of Canary Wharf? And you ran-"

"I rang you up saying that we'd be best friends forever, us 4." Mai interupted, smiling. "Even if the cybermen got us."

"Can't believe that was 10 years ago."

"Mm." Mai mumbled before sighing, squiggling out of Sam's grasp and turning to one of the boxes, ripping it open and starting to unpack. "Come on, we've got work to do!"


"You can't just go demanding that!" Mai spluttered from inside the truck. As UNIT's newest scientific adviser, she knew this wasn't right. They all sat inside the truck driving along the road as Mai flicked through the files, her white coat hanging over the edge of the seat.

"We have the authority to do this!" Captian Magumbo said as the truck came to a halt, opening up the doors of the long UNIT truck and walking outside, Mai following her.

"She's got more authority then you, and not to be vain but I've got more then you both put together! You can't do this! You know the way The Doctor would react to this."

"He's not here Mai! If he was then maybe he could help us find another way, but no!"

"But I'm here, listen to me! I'm your scientific adviser, when I advise you, listen to what I have to say, at least!" She sighed as they stood on the driveway, the door swinging open and Sarah-Jane storming out, arms crossed. Mai didn't really want to be back on Bannerman Road, but there we go. "You've brought this on yourself, she doesn't like UNIT on her property!"

"Mai's right, get off!" Sarah-Jane snapped.

"We can deal with the alien Miss Smith."

"Your just gonna stick it in storage!" Mai said. "Sarah-Jane will be able to send it home."

"I just need to sort this out." She said, taking out her sonic lipstick. "The solar flares aren't helping."

"Here you go." Mai sighed, aiming her sonic at Sarah Jane's, giving it extra power. "Please." She begged Captain Magumbo. "Just leave them be."


"I'M HOME!" Mai called, dumping her bag in the hall before walking into the living room, slumping on the sofa next to Sadie, Charlie and Sam.

"How was your day?"

"We had to go to Bannerman Road."

"Oh." They all groaned.

"It was gonna happen one time or another." Sadie said, patting me on the arm.

"Yeah." Mai sighed.

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A/N - Sorry only short! I didn't know whether to do a sequel or not, and I know it's really confusing now, but all will be revealed in good time! Lots of love!