Mai woke a hour after to a empty bed and the sound of banging at the door. She sat up suddenly, looking down to see Luke's coat gone when the door banged a second time. Mai jumped up and shuffled to the door, rubbing her eyes sleepily and opened the door when a flash of ginger pushed past her, walking into the flat towards the kitchen. Mai sighed, shutting the door and following, leaning against the door frame of the kitchen.

"Amy, what are you doing?" She asked as Amy put a bottle of milk into the fridge.

"I brought you milk."

"No, your bringing milk as a excuse to talk to me. You could just ask me, whatever you want to know, like a normal person?"

"Not that you'd tell me." She muttered, leaning against the work surface.

"Ah knew it. Come on then grandmother, spill."

"Did Luke, or did Luke not stay here last night?"

"He did."

"Is it true that you two are getting engaged, even though you're not even together right now, and also that you are once again, pregnant?"

Mai stood gobsmacked for a second, staring at her grandmother.

"Obviously not!" Mai said in shock. "Maria's pregnant, you know that, and the ring, I have no idea. Hang on, how did you even know about that?"

"I have contacts." Amy said.

"Contacts?" Mai growled. "Who Amy?"

"I couldn't say-"

"Oh it was Mr Smith, wasn't it!" Mai scoffed. "How did you do it then?"

"We put a tracking device with a camera in his coat."


"YOU PUT A TRACKING DEVICE IN LUKE'S COAT?" Mai shouted as she slammed the door open, storming into the attic.

"You did what?" Luke spluttered.

"You know what?" Mai said. "I can't stand this anymore."

"Maria's gone, she left a note." Sarah-Jane said. "There's more important things going on right now!"

"Oh for christ sake it's not even his baby!" Mai snapped. "Look, whatever's happening with me and Luke, it's not any of your businesses, so bloody keep out!" She said, looking at all of them before storming into Luke's room, ripping off the vortex minipulator and throwing it against the wall before picking up Precious, Hayn and Melody and walking downstairs with all 3 of them in her arms. "I'm taking the kids, I want some time to myself with them, ok?"

2 days later...

"The flat burnt to a cinder, nothing was left." Sadie said softly, tears pouring down her face. "Mai came home and went into Sam's old room with the kids, the door was always dodgy. We went out to the shops and when I turned back to look at the flat when we crossed the road, it was completely in flames. Within 10 seconds of us leaving, it was burning. Nothing was left, everything was ash. They didn't get out, Luke."

Luke stared back at Sadie and Charlie with a blank face as Sarah-Jane, Rani, Clyde and Sky sat round him in shock.

"The vortex minipulator, she might have escaped with them." Sky said through sobs as Sarah-Jane put her arm round her, crying also.

"She ripped it off and threw it against the wall." Luke said. "After all the planets and people she saved, the most important girl in the universe, and she died in a fire in a flat." He scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Does The Doctor and River know?"

"We came straight here."

"I'll call them." Sarah-Jane said quietly. Luke stood up suddenly, walking out of the attic and into his room. He picked up the vortex minipulator and stared at it before smiling slightly, tears streaming from his eyes and holding it close to his chest.

"The ring was for you, stupid." He whispered.

The End...

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