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Hal: what took you so long

Swordmasterz: Sorry my muse personal Issues.

Hal: (Looks over writer's Shoulder He is going to kill You?

Swordmasterz: that's Why I've Come Prepared( Pulls out both a blue and green Ring)

Hal: Remember people read and Review


Tell him that Alana would be Disappointed in him

Point out Sainte Walker kicked his Ass before he got his powers

Write Razer Loves AYa all over The Interceptor wall

If Hal Asks you who put the graphite on the wall Blame Razer

Force him to sing the fun Song From Spungbob

Tell Him green would look better on him then Red

After Doing Seven dup green paint on him and then tell Hal Look Razer found his Christmas Spirit. ( Works Best in December)

Tell him his Relationship with the Interceptor A.I is not healthy

Make him take Anger Management classes.

Hid his ring so he cannot retaliate.