Kyle: I thought it was bad to speak ill of the dead

Swordmasterz: He is a lantern he is fair game

Hal: Swordmasterz does not own green lantern

Abin Sur

Point out in the main DC universe his soul purpose is to show up and die so Hal Jordan can become Green Lantern.

Point out the fact he was a horrible father because his daughter was murdered and his son was a sociopath.

Tell him that Sinestro thought he was insane when he died

Give him a list of twenty reasons why letting Sinestro date his sister was a bad Idea.

Ask him if it is possible for his people to get sunburned.

Tell him the Red skin and the Green Lantern Uniform makes him look like a Christmas tree.

Tell him believing in fate is what lead to his death

Ask him if he had a bondage obsession

Tell him Crucifixion whent out of style after the fall of the Roman Empire. ( Look at Secret origins)

Point out the Indigo tribe was a screwed up Idea.