Title: There is Always a Way Out

Author: Lady FoxFire

Rating: M

Warning: Death, Not a Pro-Hermione or Ginny fic. Ron has a brain

Summary: Welcome to another Character X is a Veela and Harry has to marry him but with a twist. Warning: Not a happy ending

Disclaimer: Nope. Sorry I don't own the Harry Potter series. In fact I don't own all the books either. And you can forget about the movies. I mean did you see the horrible werewolf in the 3rd movies? It looked like a dog with mange not like a werewolf!

Bad Author Notes: You do what you have to do to keep your Muse happy

The line of people who came to pay their respects stretched out the Great Hall and into the Entrance Hall and every day since Harry had been laid out in the Great Hall the line seemed to grow longer and longer.

Ron stood at the top of the stairs in the Entrance Hall and watched the people who came to say their good-byes.

"Harry would have hated this," He said softly to himself.

A soft pop to the left of him indicated the arrival of a house elf.

Ron glanced briefly at the house elf to see which one it was before turning back to the line of people.

"A lot of people come to see Harry, haven't they, Dobby," Ron said.

Dobby nodded his head. "Harry Potter, sir is a great wizard. It is only right that they come to say good-bye."

"But they're not," Ron said. "They're coming to say good-bye to the Boy Who Lived to Defeat the Dark Lord, not to Harry. The papers are printing that Harry took his own life over what he had to do in the war, not over being forced to marry Malfoy."

"But that is not right," Dobby said. "Harry Potter, sir did not want to marry him. Harry Potter, sir wanted to find a witch and make with the giggles then have many babies for Dobby to take care of."

"Yeah. Harry would have liked that," Ron said with a nod of his head. "Thought it would be Ginny then Harry could have been my brother… well brother-in-law but he would be family then. Never expected Ginny would move on so quickly. Guess I don't know my own sister very well."

"Harry Potter, sir was not too surprised. Harry Potter, sir felt that Harry Potter's girl Weasley loved the Boy Who Lived more than Harry Potter, sir," Dobby replied.

"Yeah, the image is pretty hard to get past in order to see the real Harry. Even I had problems getting past it. Took me a lot of growing up so I could see the real Harry. Nearly lost his friendship a few times because of how blind I was," Ron said.

"Harry Potter, sir is a great wizard," Dobby said.

Ron made some noises of agreement as he nodded his head. "So did Harry send you to check on us? To make sure we didn't decide to follow him."

Dobby shifted his weight from one foot then to the other. "Dobby was worried about Miss Grangy and Harry Potter's Weasley."

Ron glanced down at the house elf then back at the line of people. "Right. So is Hermione still in the Library?"

"Miss Grangy is still there. Miss Grangy is looking through many books," Dobby answered. "Dobby offered to help but Miss Grangy sent Dobby to check on Harry Potter's Weasley."

Ron chuckled. "That's Hermione for you. She'll claim to need help but if you're not doing something the correct way which is her way, she'll send you off on to do something else."

Ron looked back down at Dobby. "Dobby would you or any of the other house elves know if Hermione has tried to contact the Veela Council?"

"Dobby does not know but Dobby has not heard other house elves talk about it," Dobby answered. "Dobby did hear that one boy in Gryffindor did owl the Veela Council. It was boy who likes the plants."

"Neville," Ron said absentmindedly. "Somehow I'm not surprised he would look it up. If anyone has a real chance of changing the world it would be him."

"Not Miss Grangy?" Dobby asked.

Ron shook his head. "No. Hermione is really smart but she's really dumb too. I mean when she makes up her mind about something she expects everyone to just fall in and do what she says. It doesn't matter if they don't agree or have a better idea."

"Dobby knows," Dobby said as he nodded his head. "House elves were upset when Miss Grangy try to trick house elves with clothes. Miss Grangy wouldn't listen when house elves said house elves don't want to be given clothes."

Ron nodded his head. "That's why I'm not surprised that she hasn't tried to contact the Council."

"Dobby doesn't understand. Why won't Miss Grangy contact them," Dobby asked.

"Because if she did then she'll discover a truth that is the exact opposite of what she believes it is," Ron answered. "And if that happens then she would have to face the truth that if she had taken the time and tried to help Harry," Ron nodded his head towards the line of people, "that wouldn't be happening."

Minutes passed by as Ron and Dobby watch the procession of people and magical beings enter and exit the Great Hall.

"So where is Harry planning to go?" Ron asked.

"Dobby doesn't understand. Harry Potter, sir is dead," Dobby said nervously.

Ron snorted. "One thing I know that Harry is not is stupid. I know he had a plan set up in case the Ministry tried to throw him in Azkaban for taking out the Dark Lord so I can't see him not figuring out a way to escape this whole mess. I figure he is hiding in the Chamber of Secrets waiting for a way to slip in with the crowd and make his escape if he hasn't done so. And I'm sure that Hogwarts is helping him since the castle didn't tell Dumbledore where he was at. So as a friend, I want to know where he's escaping to."

"Bora Bora," Dobby answered after a few minutes.

Ron looked at Dobby in confusion. "Bora Bora? Where in the world is that?"

"Dobby does not know but Harry Potter, sir said Bora Bora," Dobby answered.

"Bora Bora," Ron said to himself as he turned around and started walking away from then Entrance Hall. "If my mum keeps nagging me about marriage and grandchildren, I'll fake my own death and join him. I'm sure he'll find some type of adventure to go on."