Ten Quid

A/N: Complete Crack

Sticking their heads out of the young TARDIS, John and Rose were in the middle of a conversation. Rose could be heard saying 'You're on.'

In front of them, was a dilapidated survivor of the Time War. It reminded them both of the first Dalek they saw in Van Statten's vault. It was one of the golden hued ones that was the same height that Rose was. Oddly enough, it appeared to have fossilized stone attached here and there, all over the thing.

"EXTERMINATE!" A very weak blast hit the TARDIS shield, completely ineffective.

Grinning, John spared a sidelong glance at Rose, who was shaking her head and doing her best not to giggle. Looking back to the Dalek, John tilted his head. "Do you know Mary?"

The Dalek didn't look impressed, or impressive either for that matter. "EXTERMINATE!" Another blast bounced off of their shield.

Pouting now, John tilted his head the other way. "No... seriously now. Do you know Mary?"

Rose stifled a giggle. "You're not winnin' this one," she said quietly.

The Dalek shuffled to the side and tried again. "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" Both blasts just stopped five feet in front of them and the small stone structure that their TARDIS was imitating.

Frowning with a scowl now, John wasn't impressed either, and was becoming a bit annoyed. "Well, that was productive, now wasn't it? So, do you know Mary or not?"

The Dalek moved back a bit. "I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THIS MARY!" it's voice reverberated.

Smirk back in place for getting it to respond with something other than death threats, John prodded a bit more for information. "She had this little lamb. Cute thing, all white and fuzzy."

The eyestalk looked back and forth, then focused on John. "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB?"

John's smirk was a full on beam now. "Yes... she did." He looked at Rose with just his eyes. "Ten quid, Rose. Pay up."

Head in her hands and grumbling, Rose was frustrated. "Damn." After a second, she started cackling madly.

"Oh! Don't forget this!" John shouted at the Dalek, tossing a magnetic sonic bomb at the Dalek. It landed just under its eyestalk. A final wink at the thing, John shut the door over it's protesting 'ALERT! ALERT!'.

In the console room, Rose was laughing riotously, and holding on to John to stay upright. Grinning like a loon, John kissed her hair. After a bit, there was a boom from outside. "So! About that ten quid?"

Looking up at him from under her brow, Rose's smile was so readily apparent. "Take it out in trade?" she said cheekily, kissing him.

John took the kiss, which turned into a full blown snog, readily, he pulled back and looked at her. "Now, now, Rose Tyler. No trading your favours for money. What would your mother think?" He took the whack to the arm and grinned. "Besides, you're priceless."

Her half offended, half amused expression changed rapidly, and fell into a smoky look. "You know all the right things to say to me, John Tyler." Grinning, she kissed him again as he kicked the brake off.