It's an unusually quiet evening in a small section of Chinatown. But inside one of the many shops and restaurants the tranquil peace is offset by a group of thugs ransacking a store with the frightened owners cowering behind the counter. "Please, why are you doing this?" the owner asks.

The leader of the group, dressed in a black biker uniform and helmet with a tinted visor steps forward. "This is a message from our master. From now on all of Chinatown is under his protection. Pass it on." He says in a deep monotone voice.

"We won't be intimidated by your kind." The other clerk says as the first attempt to hold him back.

"Well if that's the way you want it." The leader says as his men begin pouring gasoline over the store as he lights a match. "This should send an adequate message." The match is suddenly put out by a glob of webbing, as the gang turns to the door to see Spider-man and Spider-woman, the latter wearing a new red costume with yellow gloves and boots and a new mask that covers only her eyes, leaving her hair and lower face exposed.

"Didn't know there was a Star wars convention in town." Spider-man says.

"Oh oh, say 'I am your father." Spider-woman says in a comically deep voice.

"Just what I don't need. Well what are you waiting for?" The leader says as the group rush the heroes. Spider-man takes out two by grabbing them by the fronts of their shirts, tossing them in the air and webbing them to the ceiling. Spider-woman jump kicks one thug knocking him on his back as the last tries to hit her from behind with a crowbar. She quickly spins around and grabs the end of the weapon and webs it to the crook's hand.

"There you go, now I can't pull it out of your hand." She says as she begins swinging the thug by the crowbar before tossing him out the front door. "Although that's not always a good thing."

Watching the others defeated in rapid succession prompts the leader to sneak out the back to the group's van in the alleyway. Reaching it however, the crook finds that the tires have been slashed. "Looks like you've got a bit of a flat there. I wonder how that happened?" Spider-man says clinging to the side of the wall with a sharp piece of metal in his hand. As he leaps down, the leader pulls out a high-tech pistol and fires it in the hero's direction, shooting out a concussive sound blast that knocks the hero back several yards into a pile of garbage. With Spider-man temporarily out, Spider-woman emerges from the shop and pursues the villain who has now made it to the main streets as citizens move out of his way.

Suddenly the black suited thug runs into oncoming traffic, directly in front of a red convertible as the driver barely manages to skid to a stop. "Watch it you moron, you wanna get killed?"

"No I want your car." He yanks the man out of his seat and gets in. "Let's see what this baby can do." As he grips the wheel the car quickly changes from it's bright red to black with flames painted on the side as well as the tires taking on a metallic color. As he accelerates, Spider-woman lands on the hood of the car.

"I've heard of pimping your ride, but this is ridiculous."

"That's why they call me Overdrive kid." He says as the car begins to speed down the street. Spider-woman manages to hang on as the crook makes several sharp turns in an attempt to shake her off. He finally presses a button on the new control panel in the car which causes the driver and passenger side doors to open and fold out into a pair of mechanical arms that grab the heroine ad toss her into the air. She quickly rebounds and begins swinging after the car. Overdrive looks over his shoulder and sees her closing in and presses another button that activates a hidden turret in the trunk that fires explosive canisters at the heroine and, despite her best efforts and exceptional agility, one of the devices eventually hits it's mark, knocking her out of the air.

Just before she collides with the pavement, Spider-man swings down and catches her landing and laying her atop a nearby roof. A few moments later Spider-woman stands, shacking off the damage. "Thanks for the save. But he got away didn't he?"

"Yeah, don't know how but we lost him. Not even so much as a skid mark." Just then Peter's phone begins to ring, and he pulls it from a small compartment on his belt and answers. "Hello. Hey Aunt May…yeah the gang and I were just going for a drive around town, on my way home right now…Really! Oh that's great Aunt May, you deserve it. Oh okay, we'll talk more when I get home."

"What was that all about Pete." Spider-woman asks excitedly as he hangs up the phone.

"Aunt May's getting s trip to Florida this weekend. It has something to do with that cook book she published."

"That's great Petey."

"Yeah just one other thing. You think you can hold down the fort for a couple of days?"

"You can't do this. I've worked the last eight years on this project." The lead scientist of OSCORP's R&D division Edward Lansky says as he argues with the new CEO, Emily Osborn, his assistant Norah Winters, standing by silently.

"Please Edward, don't make this harder than it needs to be. We've been over this your hard light research is draining much needed funds from the companies budget. Now I've tried my hardest but the board thinks that it would be more cost effective to scrap your project and move on to more lucrative ventures." She says sitting calmly behind her desk. "Now I might be able to change their minds if you'll reconsider its use for military applications."

"No, no. I've told you before I won't have my work responsible for the slaughter of innocent lives."

"Then I'm sorry Edward but there's nothing else I can do."

"So that's it than, after what we used to have."

"Mr. Lansky please, there's no need to open old wounds." She stops for a moment then relents. "Alright, I think I can convince the board if you can give them a good showing. Have a demonstration ready by tomorrow night and we'll see what happens. And please leave the past where it belongs, Edward. That chapter in our lives is closed let's leave it at that."

"Thank you Ms. Osborn, thank you. You won't be disappointed, you'll see." Professor Lansky says as he rushes out the door excitedly with Norah following past Harry who enters the room. "You wanted to talk mom." He says as he closes the door behind the Professor.

"Yes Harry, come in. I thought we might discuss some things." She says as she stands up and looks out the large window behind her. "We weren't always there for you were we, your father and I?"

"You and dad were busy. I understand."

"No that's no excuse. Our job is to help you, be there for you. And we didn't. And now your father's gone and it's taken me this long to realize that. I don't want us to be like that anymore." She walks over to Harry and looks at him. "I've missed out on so much of your life, and I think we need to make up for lost time, if you want."

"Yeah, yeah I do." The two hug for a long time as tears run down Emily's face.

"And I'm so proud of you son. Not just in school but you and Gwen. She's a special girl Harry. Don't take her for granitite, cherish every moment you have." She says as she wipes her eyes.

"Thanks mom. Me and Gwen are going to see Peter and his Aunt off at the airport, we'll talk more later, love you." He says as he exits. Emily sits back at the desk and smiles as she looks down at a framed picture of her family.

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