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There was nothing he could do now. The whirlwind he'd created made his head spin and yet his heart pulsed beneath his skin in fast and wonderful beats. It throbbed with joy, love and everything else in between. Jacob grimaced at the thought of Billy's expression of utter disbelief. No one knew how this had happened but no one could question it now.

Jacob: It Happened So Fast

Jacob stared out into the sunset and replayed the past day over and over again in his head. Bella and the Cullen's had finally done it. They'd moved.

He could Still see Bella's expression, twisted in pain. Her dry sobbing was only rivaled by Nessie's tears. He closed his eyes and savored the feeling of Bella's body pressed to his. Although she was no longer the warm and fragile human he'd fallen in love with, she was still Bella. His Bella.

A soft moan escaped his lips. His breathe rushed to his lungs in fast and shallow gasps. He couldn't keep on the facade any longer. He was going to collapse, his love for Bella was too great.

He stumbled off the porch, his eyes were blurred by the faucet of tears he couldn't control. He walked aimlessly 'til he reached the edge of the woods and then out of now where he phased.

The sound of cloth tearing seam from seam was tuned out by the deep howling of a wolf in pain.

He lurched forward, his large paws pounded the sodden ground, his speed too fast to leave mark.

His senses were heightened, he whined at the human thoughts still blaring in his head.

Get out. Have to leave. Now.

His animalistic instincts quickly took over as he made his way northward. Away from his family, his brothers, but most of all, away from the memory of Bella.