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"Heeeeh?! So this is your fiance, dattebane?!"

~Uzumaki Kushina!

Commitment V


Blue eyes fluttered open to the sound of an angel's voice and the face of a goddess, mere inches from his own. Something incredibly soft was pressed against him beneath the covers and in that instant he realized with utter surety that he was completely and unequicovally naked. That, and this wasn't his room, nor this his bed. Also, there was a woman in said bed.



The memories of last night crashed down around his ears. Shizuka in the doorway. Following her to the room. Removing her shawl. Blowing out the candle. Her lips on his. Surprise leapt to the forefront of his mind only to be stubbornly quashed beneath his better judgement. Now was not the time to jump up out of bed and start screaming; all this, had come about of his own volition. And surprisingly, he regretted none of it. He'd had his first time with a woman and it had been...wonderful.

Perhaps it was the feel of her body against his, skin to skin beneath the satin sheets. Perhaps it was the curtain of ebony that was her hair tickling at the bridge of his nose. Perhaps it was-and most likely-the way she'd cooed his name just now. Whatever the case he found himself smiling, extricating an arm from the coccoon of warmth to touch her darling face.

"Hey." he murmurred, stroking her hair. "Sleep well?"

"Hmm." Shizuka smiled and nuzzled her face into his palm as she snuggled into him, her body spooning against his. "Yes. You?"

"Yeah." So many emotions were conveyed in those choice words between them. It sounded silly, but he simply didn't have to speak to know what she was thinking. She wore pure bliss like a second skin, contentment a hairsbreadth away from his face.

"Last night was...

...amazing." she finished with a pleasant purr, looking very much like a contented kitten in his arms. Unbidden, a trickle of blood wormed its way down his nose. Naruto silently swore. Damn you, Ero-Senin! Actually he wanted to thank his mentor; his actions of years past having culminated in this very moment. If Jiraiya hadn't fought that kunoichi all those years ago, if he hadn't made that promise...

Naruto shuddered to think of what might have happened. They never would have met.

"Heeeeh?" A soft voice that did NOT belong to the Kyuubi suddenly whispered in his mind. 'So this is your fiance, dattebane?' It took every fiber of his being not to start in surprise.

The hell was that?

"M' sleepy." Shizuka yawned suddenly -so godamn cute!- laying her head upon his chest. Naruto felt his member stiffen in anticipation, but he contented himself to a yawn of his own.


He had just consigned himself to sleep once more when all hell broke loose.


Naruto started awake aggain with a terrible jolt, blue eyes abulging as the door to Shizuka's room flung itself open, nearly leaping off its hinges against the shout of dismay. Shizuka herself was a great deal slower to wake, those eerie dark eyes scrunching with annoyance, then anger as she held him tighter, a lustful moan/groan escaping her lips as she nestled her still-naked body deeper into her beloved's embrace. Little did she know that she was the only thing holding him down, preventing him from fleeing the room and escaping from the rage-filled jonin towering in their doorway.

Then she noticed the Mokuton wielder towering above them.

Now, it could certainly be said that Yamato was a patient man, all things considered. He had suffered through Naruto's antics more times than a man could count; time after time he had reigned the impulsive blond out of trouble, or prevented him from doing something foolish or worse, an act he'd forever regret. Hell, he had even endured a prank or two for crying out loud! But this...THIS! One look at the mated pair told him that no regrets remained between them; they'd gone all the way last night without a second thought for the consequences.

Something on Shizuka's blissful visage told him she hadn't tried to use any manner of contraceptives, either.

Which meant there was a possibility however slim, that within the next few days, she might be carrying a child. Naruto's child. Had they any idea what this meant?! If Shizuka was pregnant-kami forbid!-then that would not only cause the elders to raise a stink back in the village, but made her potential leverage to be used against him. Naruto's heart might've been the right place, but he needed to think these things through! Whethers he liked it or not!

"Naruto," the jonin-sensei cracked his knuckles menacingly, his look of demonic doom out in full force as he beheld the two naked teenagers before him. "I certainly hope you enjoyed yourself last night - because it just might be your last! Pepare yourself for the consequences!"

"Wait a second!" the blond sputtered, not understanding. "How the hell is this my fault?!"

"Perhaps I should educate you?!"

"Oh, Yamato-san...

The jonin whirled on the new voice.

"Yes, what is it Shizuka-saaaaaah...ah...AH!"

Suddenly, it was the jonin's turn to blanch. Shizuka had that look in her eye, radiating an aura of female menace that would've put Sakura Haruno to shame. Actually, the pinkette probably would've gotten down on a knee and begged the Nadeshiko kunoichi to teach her the art of such intimidation. Hell, even Tsunade-sama could learn a thing or two from that! He found himself inexplicably helpless before that look in her eye, nigh but immoble as the blackette rose from her place at Naruto's side. The look in her eyes spelled doom for the poor man...one she readily inflicted!


With only a single sheet to cover her lady parts, the kunoichi somehow leapt out of her bed and sent the offending shinobi flying from their room with a single punch. His body struck the wall with a dull crunch and then beyond sending him tumbling out to the forest beyond. Needless to say, the jonin folded like a wet paper bag upon striking a tree; he wouldn't be getting up anytime soon. Naruto gawped, yet at the sime time-he'd felt oddly proud to see his girl send the offending joning flying with a single strike.

Holy shit. He blinked, realizing the thought. Shizuka-chan really IS my girl. I mean after all that...what else could she be? Still...I'm not too sure about this whole fiance/wife thing. He spared another glance at the hole his beloved had made, and contemplated. But would it really be so bad? I mean...she stood by after learning about the Kyuubi...that's definitely wife material right there! Sakura's gonna flip when she hears about this...

"I can't believe you just did that." he murmurred, glancing once more at the crack of dalyight worming its way into the room.

Shizuka sent him a smoldering glance, twinged with amusement as she turned to meet him.


"Nope." the blond would've said more but she was giving him that a very strange look. Her eyes half-lidded, mouth slightly parted, tongue flitting between her lips as those dark orbs ghosted over him. A pleasured haze overtook his thoughts almost immediately. Virgin though he might no longer be, sometimes his own libido surprised him. His mouth went dry with want

A lone eyebrow lifted in surprise, only to demur seconds thereafter.

"Gladly. Now that he's out of the way," Shizuka purred, closing the door on the opening she'd created, "Where were we?" Before he could reply she dropped the sheet. Naruto gulped audibly, his heart leaping right back into his throat as she sidled sidled up to him, the curves of her body meeting with the angle of his in such smooth symetry that he nearly wept with bliss. Sakura? Who the hell was that? In this instant he only had eyes for the raven-haired beauty warming his bed. It was as if his body had been hijacked; all reason simply ceased to be.

His hands ghosted over her pale skin, silently savoring in the shivers that his touch evoked.

"Na-Naruto!" she gasped. "Wait! I wanted to talk...about Nadeshiko...

Not this again!

"Do we have to?" He nipped at her, neck, drawing another shudder

Shizuka must've seen his pained expression, because she chose to press the issue.

"Yes. I can't just go back with you, no matter what you say...

A defiant glint entered the blonde's eye.

"Hey! I can be very persuasive' ttebayo!" he drew a hand to her inner thigh.

"Well that depends," Shizuka whispered breathlessly, exhilarated yet exhausted, eyes alight in eagerness as his hands descended to that sensitive bundle of nerves. "I'd take someone awfully nice, to convince me to do something like... OooOOOoOOooooHHhh!"

The rest of her words trailed off into a pleasured purr and there was no more talk of villages or alliance that morning.

"Sooo...are you sure this'll work?"

Naruto regarded the Falls of Truth balefully. He already had unpleasant memories of this place. In another world he would've learned to master his darker half on his own. But with Shizuka...

In the end, he needn't have feared anything.

Scarce had the two of them sat down then they stood up again. Motoi blinked, baffled.

"What happened?"

"Wow." Naruto balked. "That was...

...really easy!"

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Naruto stiffened in awe at the sight of her; this red-headed woman that had appeared to him in the seal. Beside him Shizuka looked to be in equal parts shock and surprise, not sure what to make of this newcomer. The roars of the Kyuubi still raged around them but he could not touch them, the three of them were in their own little word.

"So, you're my son's fiance 'ttebane?" she smiled mischeviously. "Good. I was afraid you'd end up with that Sakura girl."

"W-W-W-What?!" Naruto choked. "Oi, are you-


"Itai!" Naruto yelped on instinct; his eyes fluttering open to realize there hadn't been any pain.

Shizuka silently avowed to find this "Sakura" and give her a piece of her mind when this was all said and done.

Ignoring their confusion, the woman drew both of them into a big hug. "Well, just let me say this."


There was a silence. And then:


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