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My Wedding Present, Chapter 1

Author Note: This was written for the TwiKinkFest (twikinkfest dot tumblr dot com) but I was WAY late in posting due to personal crises (Yes, crises. Multiple crisis-es). I was just working on it, and it's getting super long, and I'm not even close to being finished, so I'm breaking it into two chapters, this being the first. So I guess you'd call it a two-shot. I hope to have chapter 2 posted shortly thereafter, maybe this week. Hope you like it!

Prompt: "Bella asks Edward and Jacob to fuck to her specifications, for her pleasure. I'd like a bottoming-from-the-top Edward please, and a Bella living her what-could-have-been sex life with Jake vicariously through Edward. I'd like Bella to be strictly watching and instructing, no touching (this can be her choice or a pre-requisite of the boys agreeing). Can be vamp Bella or human Bella, up to you."

Rating: M, R, 18+ only

Content Warnings: Edward/Jacob slash; detailed sexual content

Story: "My Wedding Present" Chapter 1


Edward's face was buried in my chest, mouth and tongue working my hard, aching nipple. He was completely occupied, and I was tempted to just let him continue, but I needed him to hear me.


His tongue circled slowly, warm and wet, and it felt really, really good. I lost my concentration for a moment, almost forgetting what I wanted to talk to him about. He always took his time with me, teasing and tasting until I was crazy with hunger for him. He seemed to always know exactly what I needed. Just like he was doing right then, rubbing his erection slowly between my legs, right where I was aching.

But this was important. I needed him to listen to me. I slipped my fingers into his hair and gently pulled his face up to mine.

"Baby... listen... I know what I want," I whispered as I rubbed my thumbs on the roughness of his hard, unshaven jaw.

He pulled away from me for a second or two, then slowly moved down my body with his mouth, kissing and licking my chest and stomach.

"I know what I want too," he mumbled, pushing my legs apart. "And it's right here."

He was almost there, almost right where I needed him, and I wanted so badly to just let him continue. His tongue was skilled, and he knew just where I wanted him to put it. Edward and I had a very fulfilling and creative sex life, and we were both open-minded about trying new and different things... and well-practiced in doing all the old things.

It never got old with him. I could never get enough.

I grabbed his hair a little tighter, and he liked it, hissing and moaning, shoving his hips into me. I pulled him up to me again.

"No, Edward, listen to me," I panted. "I know what I want. You know, for my wedding present."

He was aggravated with me at first, for stopping him, but then he blinked a couple of times, his hips stilling for the first time since we made it to the bed. I think he was finally processing what I was saying. He sat up a little, leaning next to me against the headboard, and brought a hand to my face, his fingertips just grazing my skin. His touch was always so amazing to me. He was soft when I wanted soft, hard when I wanted hard. He just knew. He always knew.

"Yeah?" he asked, the corner of his mouth turning up. Fuck, I loved when he did that. And he knew it. So damn sexy. "Anything you want, baby." He slid his fingers to the back of my neck and kissed me softly, his lips barely touching mine. "You know that. I told you I'd give you anything, but you -," He paused for a second, thinking through his words."You never let me."

I smiled back at him. He was caught, but I wanted to get him to completely agree to my terms before I told him exactly what my idea was. I'm sure he was thinking that I would ask for a car, or some jewelry, or a trip somewhere. He loved to spend money on me, and I never let him. He had no idea what was coming.

"Really?" I asked as innocently as I could, rubbing tiny circles into his skin. "Anything?"

"Baby," he said in his deep, buttery smooth voice, his eyes on my mouth. "Anything. Anything you want, it's yours." He leaned towards me again, but this time, his mouth went to my neck, and I was suddenly lost in lips and tongue and teeth. Jesus, he knew just what to do to distract me.

"Fuck, baby... that feels so good," I moaned.

But then I pushed his head away from me, forcing him to look at me again.

"Promise?" I asked breathlessly.

He held two fingers up in a mock Boy Scout salute and grinned.

"I promise."

"Anything, right? No matter what it is, no backing out?"

He sighed heavily and started to look a little pissed, like I was badgering him or something.

"Yes, Bella, anything," he huffed. "Now, just tell me what you want already." He was so fucking hot when he was pissed, and it only made me want him more. His hand was absently stroking my hip while he waited for me to answer.

I looked down at my hands and played with the corner of the sheet for a moment, gathering my courage, arranging my words so they would come out in the right order.

Then, I took a deep breath and met his eyes. His beautiful, clear green eyes.

"Well. You know how much Jacob means to me, right?"

He dropped his smile at the mention of my best friend, a man he simply tolerated for my sake. He cocked an eyebrow at me, indicating that I should continue, but tread carefully.

"And you know that we got very close when you were gone for so long," I said, but quickly amended my question. "But you know we never slept together, right?"

Instantly, his demeanor changed from open-minded and willing to pissed off and territorial. He bolted straight up on the bed, nostrils flaring, jaw clenching.

"No," he said angrily, shaking his head to make sure I understood. "Absolutely not, Bella. You cannot fuck Jacob Black. No fucking way."

I should have been angry with him for pissing all over me, marking me like a fucking caveman, but I loved him so much, and he was so fucking hot right now that I just wanted to climb on top of him and show him that I was his. But I had a point to make.

"No, no, no, baby," I said soothingly, softly stroking his face to calm him. "I don't want to fuck Jacob," I said with a grin, pausing for both effect and courage. "I want you to... and I want to watch."

Edward laughed hysterically when I told him I wanted him to fuck Jacob. He thought I was kidding, that it was all some big joke.

But I remained serious, patiently waiting for him to calm, and when he finally did, I explained why I had asked for this particular gift. He listened quietly, but I think it was more out of shock than of respect for me. Either way, I took advantage of his silence and jumped into my explanation head first.

I told him how I always thought that I would lose my virginity to Jacob, that I had known him for so long, and we had always been so close. I explained that it was an experience that I always thought I would have, being with Jacob, and although I couldn't have been happier with Edward, I didn't want to go into a marriage, a life-long commitment, with any lingering doubts, no matter what they were. I didn't want to ever regret not sleeping with Jake, the doubt growing over the years from a seemingly harmless tickle into a pounding ache. When I married him, I explained to Edward, I wanted to have no regrets, and the only way I could see to achieve that was to eliminate them all before the big day. However, I knew that I was already committed to Edward, mind, body, and soul, and I knew that it would feel like cheating if I shared myself with Jake physically, so I compromised.

Besides, I had a real fondness for gay porn, and I had always wanted to see Edward fuck another man. Two birds, one stone.

I paused, waiting for his reaction, confident that I could deal with whatever feelings he had. But all he had gotten from my long, heartfelt speech was that I had wanted to fuck Jake for years. He was seething with jealously. And anger. At me.

He yelled, and paced, and pulled at his hair. He slammed his hand into the wall at one point, denting the drywall, but not punching all the way through. It would have been something he would have had to fix anyway, which would have just pissed him off more.

I let him rant, wanting him to get it all out of his system. Every now and then, he would pause, waiting for my answer to some rhetorical question, and I would just wait him out, knowing that anything I said would just further flame his rage.

Eventually, he said everything he wanted to say, or everything he could think of, and he collapsed back on the bed next to me. His eyes were shut, and he was pulling at his hair. I hated when he did that, when he tried to hurt himself. I had a momentary flash of guilt, and I almost reconsidered.

I was fully prepared to let this go if it was truly something that he couldn't do, couldn't accept. After all, the point wasn't to make my future husband miserable. I was feeling a little guilty for causing him any level of pain, but I knew that it wouldn't last. He was quick to voice his opinion and equally quick at moving past the conflict. Besides, Edward was very creative, sexually, very open-minded. We had done a lot of things together, and apart, and he had always said that he would try anything once. I knew that he would get into it once he started. I would make it good for him.

Neither of us spoke for several minutes, and it was painfully quiet in our bedroom. So when Edward started to speak, his voice tender and hoarse from yelling, the sound filled the small room.

"If Jacob agrees," he said almost sadly, followed by a slow, deep sigh. "I'll do it." Then he looked directly at me, a most severe expression on his face. "And if that motherfucker touches you, I'll kill him."

I walked slowly to the door of the small, red house, confident that half of my gift was all but locked in, but nervous that I would never get Jacob to agree.

Edward tolerated Jake, for my sake, but Jacob hated Edward. This would be a hard sell.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the old door.

There was no sound for several seconds, so I knocked a second time. Still no answer. I turned to leave, and I heard the sound of the doorknob turning.

"Bella! Where you been, Loca?" He bounded towards me with a huge grin, surrounding my body with his massive arms. He picked me up and spun me around before finally letting me go.

"Jake, dude! You're killing me!" I laughed and wriggled out of his arms. He threw his hands up in mock surrender, laughing.

"Okay, okay..." he chuckled.

I took a deep breath and ran my hands against my thighs, rubbing my sweaty palms against my jeans.

"I've been... you know, getting ready for the wedding. It's a lot of work."

Jake's huge grin dropped just a little at the mention of my wedding. It was a sore subject with him. He had told me that he still loved me, and he always would, no matter who I was with. I hated that I was about to use that against him, but this was something I really wanted, and I knew that I needed.

"Yeah," Jake said unenthusiastically, "I bet it is... work, I mean," he winked at me, trying to get in a dig. "So what ridiculously expensive gift is Eddie-boy getting you?" Jake didn't have near the money that Edward had, and it always bothered him that he couldn't give me things like Edward could. I always tried to explain to him that that didn't matter to me, money and material things, but he always felt unworthy because of it.

However, he just gave me the perfect opening, by bringing up the subject of my wedding present.

"Actually, I kinda wanted to talk to you about that. That's why I'm here." I nervously shuffled my feet on the muddy ground, and looked at Jake, trying to judge his reaction.

"Okay," he said. "Shoot." He leaned back against the door and crossed his arms across his chest. His T-shirt was tight, and I was once again struck by the hardness of his body, his thick muscles, his dark, smooth skin. And then I thought about what I was getting ready to ask him.

"Um... Edward isn't buying me anything. But he did agree to give me something." I knew that I was being purposely vague, but Jake seemed to wait patiently for me to explain. I don't think he really wanted to know what Edward was going to give me, but he humoured me anyway.

"Jake," I started, with a deep breath, "you and I have been so close for so long... And I always thought... I mean, I never-"

"Just spit it out, Bella. You know you can tell me anything." Sweet, patient Jake. Always willing to give me whatever I wanted, no matter what it was. I only hoped that he would give in just one more time.

"Okay," I started again. Just get it out there. The worst thing that could happen would be that he would say no, right? "We spent so much time together, I always thought that it would be you... you know, my first... but we never... we never got that far."

His expression changed, his eyes getting darker, his jaw clenching. He was thinking the exact same thing that Edward thought when I first brought it up with him, that I wanted to fuck him. Shit, I had to fix this, and quickly.

"But I'm with Edward now, and I love him, and I'm getting ready to spend the rest of my life with him... but before I do, there's something I need."

He was smiling broadly now, just relishing the moment when I asked him to sleep with me, which, of course, he would eagerly agree to.

"But I'm not asking you what you think I'm asking you, Jake," I said as gently and firmly as I could. "I'm not asking you to sleep with me. I can't do that to Edward, and I wouldn't ask him for that."

His expression changed immediately, to one I had seen so many times over our years together. It was sadness, unfulfilled want, and resigned acceptance. It broke my heart, yet again.

"So what do you want from me, Bella? Just tell me," he said softly.

"Edward has already agreed to this... well, he said if you said yes, then he'd do it," I mumbled.

"Agreed to what exactly, Bella"? He questioned me.

"To be with you..." I paused, not really knowing exactly how to say this, how to ask this of him. I seemed so much easier to ask Edward, and now I was questioning myself. "To have... sex with you... while I watch." There, I said it.

And he just stood there, looking at me. He looked confused, like maybe he didn't quite get it yet, what I was asking.

"You... you want me to … what?" he asked.

I knew I had to explain more, like I explained it to Edward, and then hope that he would understand why I needed this, why it was so important to me.

"I never got to have that experience with you, and I want to have it, I want to close that door before my wedding, so I don't have doubts about us my entire life. But the only way I can do that, because I will never cheat on Edward, is to have someone else do it for me, act out what I want to do, and watch." I chewed on my bottom lip nervously, waiting for him to say something. "It will be like Edward is me, and you are you."

He stared at me for a minute, then took a deep, shuddering breath.

"Let me get this straight. You want me to fuck Edward while you watch?" He sounded angry and incredulous, all at the same time.

"Yes," I said defiantly, because I had nothing to lose at this point. It was all out on the table. "That's exactly what I want for my wedding present, and Edward has agreed to it. That is, if you agree as well."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me, Bella," he laughed. "This is a joke, right? You and Eddie, laughing about me behind my back?"

"No, Jake! Jesus! How could you think I would do that?" I was pissed now. "This is not a damn joke. This is something I really, really want." Whatever I was doing here was not working, and I had to switch tactics. I knew what would work with Jake, and I hated myself again for using this against him.

I took a deep breath and stepped closer to him, placing my hand on his cheek to calm him down. My nearness, my touch, these were things he needed, he craved, and I was giving them to him willingly. He immediately calmed at my touch, his eyes searching mine, desperate and hungry.

"This is not a joke, Jacob," I whispered, staring deep into his black eyes, stroking his cheek with my thumb. "This is something I want. Something I've always wanted..." I moved my hand down to his shirt, stroking the hard planes of his chest. "It turns me on, Jake... two men... is that weird? I mean, I know men like to watch two women, right? Don't you, Jake?"

He was breathing hard now, and I could easily see the tightness in his pants. I knew that I affected him like this, and that he wanted me desperately. Getting him to talk about sex might be the best tactic to get what I wanted.

"Yeah..." he mumbled nervously. "Yeah, I like that... but..."

i stepped even closer, letting my hands wander down lower, grazing his hard stomach. He sucked in a breath.

"Bella..." he groaned.

"Jake," I said hungrily while I pulled the bottom of his T-shirt up just enough to see a sliver of skin. "I want this." I slid my fingers under the hem of his shirt, stroking him just above the waistband of his pants. "Do this for me... It'll be good, I promise... I'll make it good for you."

He was caving, I could tell. He was so hard, all he needed was the green light from me, and he would be all over me. But he held back, he always did.

"But..." he groaned as he stared at my mouth, "how can you... how will you... if you're not going to... if it's just me and... him."

He couldn't understand how he could possibly enjoy this, or how I could make it a good experience for him if I wasn't participating.

I slid my fingers just inside his waistband, and my fingers grazed the head of his cock, straining to get out of his pants, and he jumped.

"Jesus, Bella... I fucking want you so much... please, baby..." He was begging me now, I had him exactly where I wanted him. God, I was a conniving bitch.

"I know... but you know I can't... but do this for me, please... it makes me so wet just thinking about it..." I groaned. He swallowed hard and pushed his hips against my hand. "Thinking about your naked body, your hard cock, Edward's lips wrapped around it, sucking you... licking you... "

"Fuck, Bella... anything... yes... I'll do it... please... just tell me when..." He was so close to me now, I could feel his warm breath on my face. I had never seen Jake so aroused before... but of course, I had never talked so dirty to him before.

I reached up on my toes, and kissed his cheek softly.

"Thank you, Jacob... this means the world to me... I'll let you know when." And with that, I removed my hands from his body and walked away, leaving him hard and wanting.

More Author Notes: Okay, I know Bella is a conniving, cock teasing, manipulative bitch. And I'm sorry about that, but she had to get what she wanted. Which she will in the next chapter. Chapter 2 coming soon!

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