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NarutoVS Dragon Ball

Naruto Chapter 1: The Introduction Goku

"Naruto get your lazy, fat, butt up before I knock you all the way to Yahoi!" Sakura yelled. Naruto, lying down in his messy bed, opened his eyes and groaned, "Five more minutes Sakura-Chan!" Naruto then put his head down, and began to sleep again. Sakura focused her chakra into her hands, and pulled Naruto out of bed. Of course, not knowing her own strength (because she's a retarded, pink headed bi-Wait I can't say that, never mind I love you Sakura), she 'accidentally' threw Naruto out of his house. He exited the scene yelling "WHAT THE F-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" "Aaaaah, I love fireworks in the morning." Sakura said, gazing upon the falling, limp, injured Naruto.

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Of course, not knowing her own strength (blah blah), she 'accidentally' threw Naruto. He hit the roof of his house, and fell to the ground. "OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" Naruto demanded, obviously wide awake now. "Lady Tsunade has demanded a meeting, idiot." Sakura stressed the last word, because she knew that it bothered Naruto. "Now where do you get off calling me an idiot?" Naruto asked. "Let's not fight now, Naruto…." Sakura said, obviously tired and stressed out.

"What's wrong Sakura-Chan?" Naruto asked. "I'm so tired of her making me run so many errands since the…incident." Sakura paused before the word, as if just saying it would stir the evil presence we now know as, the Portal. You see, the Portal is a unique, huge wormhole into another dimension. The Akatsuki member Sasuke has murdered all other Akatsuki members, excluding his mentor, Madara. Madara tried to teleport a rasen-shuriken with his mangekyo sharingan, but because Naruto was in both sage and nine-tails chakra form, the power opened the Portal. Sasuke and Madara fled into the Portal, and have not been seen since.

"Let's go see Tsunade," Naruto said. Together, the two shinobi headed towards the Hokage Palace. Red with a bronze Leaf Village sign in the middle, Naruto still dreamed of ruling that palace every night. "I still haven't eaten yet…." Naruto whined. "We can eat after this crap!" Sakura snapped. "Sakura I get you're not in the mood but gosh you don't have to be so rude!" After that, the two stopped talking until they arrived at the door to the Hokage's room. "Enter!" Tsunade's voice was angry.

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