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Love to read: The goal a writer should be to practice the ability to make anything believe whatever you want them to. It's a hard thing to do, some people suspend belief no matter what you do and that's okay. But others are quitw happy to get lost in the story even if you ask them to believe something that's completely opposite of what they normally think. I sure have had fun making people rethink their preferred couples. Ask away, I love questions.

Chapter 11

I floated on the wind, watching the landscape speed by beneath me. Twisting and turning and flowing against the current, I was so happy. I hugged myself, I raced the eagle, I dove through canyons and ruffled treetops. I alighted in grand fields of wildflowers to weave them into my air before I took to the sky once more.

I loved life and sun and Texas just had so much of it.

Checking the coordinates on my communicator, I adjusted my heading. It would not be long now.

I was so excited at being invited. I wished for him to settle in and become acquainted with his new job and his co-workers before I visited and the last two breaks he had taken he had spent in Jade City with me but now it was my turn to leave the dirty socks on the floor.

Or a thong under his pillow, I had not decided.

I was fairly certain which one he would appreciate more.

I rolled in the air again, considering the last few months.

Dick and Raven patched up their troubles as much as they could. They still had problems, but Raven made the effort to be more open about her feelings and Dick spent less time in Gotham. Raven and I made sure to have the girl talk once a week for a while so she could voice her feelings to me, and then in turn, voice them toward Dick. Things were tough, feelings had been hurt on both sides and it took them a while to sort themselves out, but it was good that they tried. Dick delayed his move to Bludhaven for six months, but they still took an apartment there so they could start cleansing it aurally so Raven could feel more at home.

Raven told me, in confidence, that her relationship with Dick had gone a lot further than what she had ever intended. There had always been a physical attraction between them, a kindred spirit almost, but the events when her father tried to use her as a portal changed things. They shared something in the depths of hell she could never quite express. The future she had never been able to look at before had been quite scary and he had understood and helped her work beyond that. They had never meant for a relationship, she had tried to keep him at arm's length because she did not wish to hurt me, but one night after they finished playing chess, he had kissed her and she had let him and allowed herself feel. She enjoyed a relationship with him and something grew she never expected. She did love him so much.

So when the time came for it to become serious, as in moving in together on their own, she grew scared. Scared of the depth of her feelings for him, scared of the future. And unable to express that properly and just happened to explode at my birthday party.

I hugged her and called her silly and said she could have trusted me with that. If anyone knew how to express themselves, it was me.

It was nice to be able to talk relationships with her, especially since I think she needed someone to put things in perspective for her.

Cyborg took a job at STARR Labs, although he remained at the Tower. There were younger Titans training there now and he took more responsibility in their training and leadership. He and Sarah were talking about her moving into the Tower with him. I love seeing how happy he is with her and she understands him so well. If any couple can be perfect, it was those two. Even the T-Car approved.

Gar and I had most quickly made up for lost time. Long make out sessions. Kisses and snuggles and dating quickly turning to more and we were both comfortable with that. After all, we had been friends for years. Even though he had moved to Texas, we still talked every day if possible and spent as much time together as we could. I looked forward to our moments.

It was most exciting to be able to introduce a boyfriend too, not just a friend. To take him dancing with Donna and myself on Friday nights. To see him dance, as gangly and awkward as it was, he made it fun and he did not care who laughed or saw. He was amazing to dance with and have fun too. Double dating at the bowling alley with Donna and Terry or Raven and Dick or Sarah and Cyborg and sometimes all three couples.

Donna likened our relationship to the song, "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows". Far too bright for first thing in the morning, as if all the sparkles and kittens and flowers and rainbows and cuteness of the world have been blended together into one multi-coloured beverage which she was forced to drink. She was teasing of course. We just laughed and agreed.

Gar had asked me to come in through the front gate to the set. He said all visitors were screened first and escorted because it was a closed set. He told me he had informed them of my arrival. Nevertheless, I still managed to scare the security guard at the fence when I landed in front of him, tussled and windblown and wild daisies in my hair.

"Greetings," I said happily as he picked himself up from the ground. "My name is Kory Anders, I am here to see Garfield Logan. I am expected."

"Ah... ahh..." He stared at me.

I smothered a sigh. "Is my name perhaps on your register?"

"Oh. Right." He darted into his little booth and came back out with a clipboard. "Ahh, sorry Miss Starfire, your name's not here."

"Kory Anders," I said again.

"Oh... oh. Right. Right. Sorry. Let me... I'll just make a phone call."

I sighed as he hurried off. Silly idea of Gar's really. Instead, I put my fingers to my lips and a whistled. If he was anywhere close, he would hear me and he said they were not filming today, only rehearsing so I did not have to worry about interrupting. If he was not close enough, then it did not matter and I would wait for the escort.

Apparently, he was not close, but a jeep bustled up to the gate pretty quickly, leaving a cloud of dust in its wake and a young man burst out. "Miss Starfire! My name is Fred; I'm Mr Logan's personal assistant. I'll escort you to him."

"Thank you," I said, smiling.

"May I take your bag?" he asked.

"It is fine."

Fred even held the door open for me as I settled in 'shotgun'. "I did not know Gar had a personal assistant," I mentioned as Fred started the car and turned around.

"Oh, there is a group of us assigned to all the actors," he explained. "Mr Craig gets his own personal one, but Mr Logan shares me with other actors." He hesitated. "Are you really his girlfriend?"

I raised my eyebrow and pulled my hair over my shoulder to prevent it tangling more. "Why?"

"A lot of them think he's playing a practical joke."

I smiled. "He is quite the prankster," I replied, choosing not to answer. "There would be the bet running, yes?"

Fred went red and could not look at me.

I just laughed.

We drove toward what looked to be an old Western Village, passing a long line of silver trailer homes on the way. I wondered which one belonged to Gar. The outlines of wooden houses only half built and propped up with timber made up this pretend village, only some of the houses were complete, while others were being built. A dirt main street, horses scattered up and down it. There were cameras and trucks everywhere, people all standing in a large group while people in costumes walked around the street. Horses waited by poles, people led them to and fro. There was a line of cars on the outskirt of the village and it was here that Fred pulled up.

"Are they filming?" I questioned.

"Close ups only, I believe they're almost done. I do have to ask you to be quiet."

I nodded. "Of course."

So many people stood around watching the two actors speaking. I smiled, my eyes lingering on the green horse on whom one of the actors was sitting. He had strange horns on his head, bony plates strapped on his legs, more spikes on his back. He looked like a cross between the Earthen dragon and a horse and he did not look comfortable at all. From his expression and stance he was very, very bored and resisting the urge to swat the man in a cowboy hat who rode him with his tail. Poor Gar, the indignity of following his dream. Still, he did always gush about what he did on set, I suppose there would have to be boring moments to act as a counterbalance to the awesome ones.

Fred led me through the crowd of people to a group of chairs waiting in the wings. Interesting how my presence seemed to be noticed by everyone we walked passed, whisperings and fingers pointing. "Here," Fred whispered, indicating a seat with Gar's name on it. "Can I get you a drink? Something to eat?"

I shook my head and took off my backpack to place at the base of the chair. "No, thank you."

Gar's ears twisted. Then his head came up and he swung it in my direction. Then completely turned his body toward me.

"Hey!" the actor riding him cried, tugging in the reins as Gar broke into a trot.

"Cut! Gar! Where are you going?"

Gar whinnied and pushed through the people standing beyond the view of the camera while the man on his back feebly tried to redirect him.

I smiled and waited and terribly flattered that he would come greet me immediately.

Gar nickered a greeting while the man on his back seemed to realise where he was headed as he saw me and suddenly became... overly 'cool dude' as Gar would have called him. He smiled, lifted one leg so was almost sitting side saddle and said, "Hey baby."

Without even casting the man on his back a glance, I held out my arms and Gar walked straight into them and put his head over my shoulder, his chin nudging me closer to his horse chest. He nickered again as I hugged his neck, then he nibbled on my shoulder with his teeth. "Greetings, babe," I said, kissing his cheek, then pressed mine against it.

"Aww," the man complained. "No way!"

"I am Kory," I said to the man. "His girlfriend."

"Really? How'd a geek like him score a hottie like you?"

Gar smacked the guy with his tail.

"Okay, okay, sorry."

Gar pawed the ground and slobbered on my shoulder, then a shudder rippled through him.

"Yes, I know you cannot shift with all this on," I said. "Go, finish your scene."

He tossed his head then extended out his lips in a horsey grin.

I kissed his nose and scratched his chin. "That is all you are getting."

His tail drooped and his ears went flat.

I pushed him a little. "Shoo. More kisses later."

Gar blew air on my face, one last nibble at my shoulder then turned to trot away and I settled down in his chair to watch.

It was really very interesting to watch. One of the men called "Reset," as Gar returned to his previous position and everyone exploded with activity. Make-up artists, lighting, cameras, people to fix props, they were all working as quickly as possible. So busy, and then all of a sudden they would stop and retreat and everything would become quiet and someone would call "Action!"

And then the actors would do their lines. Again and again because something was always wrong, the director wished for different emphasis.

Not at all what I expected.

Even when they finished and people were packing up, it still took Gar a good half an hour before they extracted him from his costume and he could shift. And when he shifted back, he immediately stretched and I wondered how long he had been holding that form. Once he was done, he bounded over to me, grinning broadly. "Hey, babe, you're early. I wasn't expecting you until dark."

"I finished my class early and could not wait."

"You made my day so much brighter. I was getting bored," he said as he kissed me in greeting. Short and sweet because there were so many people watching us.

"I could see. It is really very interesting."

He laughed. "Sure. Right. You came on a close up day. It's better when we're doing action scenes. Want a tour?"

I nodded, eager.

He picked up my bag. "We'll start with my place," he said and waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

I had to laugh at that.

My life is still uncertain. I did not know where I am heading or where I would end up, but now I have someone to share with it. A companion to share the highs with, someone who lifted me up from the lows. Someone to enjoy the mundane and make life happier. Someone who's smile made everything so much better. And he is my best friend too.

The future is bright.

Author's note:


Hammer time... wait... what do you mean there's no more? This is the end?

How's that for a hammer?

... No. I'm serious. There isn't anymore. Yes, I know it was short, but as I said in the beginning, it was meant to be a one shot. I originally intended to end it at the end of Chapter 3, with Starfire taking a chance with BB, then looked at it and thought it wasn't being true to the characters. Everything else developed around being fair.

I really, really, really enjoyed writing this. It's fun to step outside your ship for a while and Star and BB are just adorable together. Yes, I realise I could explore their relationship further, see what would happen, but that wasn't the point of Uncertainty... The point of Uncertainty was to explore what Starfire might do after a relationship with Raven and Robin occurred, and to see if I could do a believable StarBB. Maybe in a sequel... I don't know, could you stand seeing more RobRae?

Thank you to everyone who gave this a chance, even though I know it was really hard for some of you to read (Kater, I'm looking at you).

Look up "Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows" and tell me that isn't BBStar.

So, what's next? Cy/Rae? Robin/Beast Boy? Starfire/Kole? Madam Rouge and Red Star? Oh oh, The Brain and Slade!

Love to read: Starfire of the comics was originally created by Perez to be a love interest for Dick Grayson to help him open up emotionally. She was created to be open about her feelings and her sexuality, yes but the underlying Tamaranian quality she held dear was love for the people around her. Old comic Starfire had a long standing monogoumas relationship with Dick that lasted years in comic timeline. Cartoon Starfire carried the emotionial side of Comic Starfire across. The new Starfire in the Outlaws from the reboot on the other hand appears to be exactly that. Wish Fulfillment sex. And its the Red Hood Starfire that holds the controversy, not the original. A lot of Starfire fans, myself included are very upset at the oversexualisation of Starfire in this new one. We don't really care who she has sex with, that's up to her, but the original Starfire was all about love, this one doesn't feel like her at all. Long, indepth rant that I won't put here.
I do not mind if you use the E'ara universe for your fanfictions, as long as I am credited for the original.

Thanks for letting me share my imagination with you!


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