Title: If Love Could Heal

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Tragedy

Pairings: RoLo

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own nothing. This is just a figment of our imaginations, so please, bear with me! Don't sue!

Summary: It is one thing to find out that your friend/teammate is dying… But, it's another to find out that the one woman you ever truly loved is dying, and there is nothing in the world that you can do to save her. Not even your undying love for her. ATTENTION: KEEP YOUR KLEENEX BOX HANDY!

"So what do you say in a moment like this
When you can't find the words to tell it like it is
Just bite your tongue and let your heart lead the way"

What Do You Say by Reba McEntire

Part 1: The Beginning

Chapter 1: Falling

Ororo sat there, her eyes wide, with a look of shock, but her facial expression… It was emotionless… Quite the contrary of what they'd expected from her after delivering her such horrid news, which seemed to just phase right through her. She looked at Hank, at Professor Xavier, then back at Hank, but said nothing.

After five minutes, the Professor asked her, "Ororo? Are you alright? Did you understand what Hank just told you?"

Ororo nodded softly, "Yes… I just…"

It was then Hank's turn to speak, "Ororo, I am very sorry about this," he pulled her into a hug and continued saying, "you are aware that there is treatment, even though it is on stage-"

She cut him off while pulling away from him, "Hank, you have no reason to be sorry… It's not your fault. Let's not speak of treatment yet… Please… And don't tell me how long I have to live, because I am just not ready to know yet…." She paused for a moment before continuing as she shakily stood from the chair, "And I do not wish that anyone besides the three of us know what is going on… I am not ready to tell them yet."

The Weather Goddess turned around and waited for the men to say something to confirm that they had heard her words. When they nodded affirmatively, she left the infirmary. She walked into the elevator; it took everything in her will power for her not to just breakdown and cry right then and there. She successfully managed to avoid everyone on her way to her attic bedroom.

But, when she made it there, she refused to break down, even behind the safety of her closed bedroom door. Because, if she did let her emotions get a hold of her; she knew at that moment that if she let go just this once, it'd be raining for weeks. Instead of thinking about her current situation, she decided upon grading some exams she'd been outing off for some time now. But after two papers, the headache that had begun very small was getting bigger by the second, she dropped the pen she'd been holding, and looked up at her hands; they were trembling furiously.

Ororo sighed softly as a tear slide down her mocha colored skin. Thoughts went back to that morning's horrid events, and she shuddered slightly, as heart wrenching sobs began to overwhelm her petite form. She sucked in a deep, troubling breath, and let it out in form of a sigh. Deciding that taking a flight would be the best thing to do at that moment, Ororo stripped of all her clothing, before opening her balcony door. Outside, the trees of the forest swayed back and forth irately, the sky above her cried heavily as well; thunder sounded in the sky loudly, after the challenge that the lighting had proposed.

She took in another deep breath and relaxed her tense muscles a bit. She closed her eyes and called for her wind to come and lift her off the wet balcony and into the dangerous skies. As she took flight, she called for her winds to take her higher, and higher; soon enough she became part of the mourning sky. After nearly twenty minutes of flying, the headache, she had thought to have diminished to nothing, returned. This time with much more intensity and fury.

Ororo tried to keep her head clear, and maybe the headache would leave, but then she began to feel very dizzy, and lost control of her winds, and concentration on keeping herself up. Putting her hands on her temples, she massaged them to take the pain away; but, she became alarmed when she felt a strange but real feeling of vertigo, take place in the pit of her stomach. Much to her dislike, the ground was becoming closer by the second, and something inside her told her that she wouldn't be surviving the fall from 20feet up in the sky.

The Weather Goddess appealed to the winds to carry her to a safe landing, but they seemed to disobey as if Ororo never had a connection with the heavens. She screwed her eyes shut tightly and waited for the impact that could possibly kill her, but it never came… Suddenly, everything just went dark.

Author's Note: And here I thought I was completely done with this fandom forever. This story is one of the biggest projects I've ever worked on and it is most definitely my favorite one. In the beginning of every chapter there are song lyrics that go with the chapter. Feel more than welcome to look up said songs.

The story is separated into three parts, and each part contains five chapters. I started writing this April of 2009 and have yet to finish it. However, I do have eight chapters written out and I've given myself two months to finish writing this. Long story short, this may be my last X-Men story ever. I hope you guys enjoy the ride. Please read and review. –Depending on your reviews that will tell me if to post the next chapter or not.

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