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Too Bad Your friend's Here

Chapter One: Realization

I tried to focus on the book I was reading but today was one of those days Edward was out hunting. My stomach churned in worry but most of all my heart ached for his return. I put the book I was trying to read down and pondered over the last week without him here. A couple days I could bear, but seven days? Come on… I hated feeling like a damsel in distress, but I couldn't hide those feelings any more than Edward could.

I got up and started to pace around the living room. The only reason he had been gone so long was because of my stupid human girl cycles, and yes I was talking about my menstrual cycle. Ahh! I just wanted to scream in frustration. This whole charade had started a couple hours before my little friend decided to ruin our alone time one night...

A week before:

The clock said 6:43 and Edward had promised to come at 7:00, just 17 minutes, I told myself, but if it wasn't for Charlie I knew he would have been here a long time ago.

"Oh well," I sighed aloud.

"Did you say something?" Charlie looked up from his newspaper, I was startled and mumbled, "Oh nothing dad..."

Comprehension dawned on him and he spoke, obviously annoyed, "Right, Edward. Huh, I don't think you have to worry about anything Bella, that kid's never been late...or early for that matter." He added more to himself than me.

I sighed. Ever since the Cullens' return, dad, has had a lot of trouble trusting Edward.

Only Edward.

Alice and the rest were perfectly fine to him but not Edward and even I had to admit he had a reason to be harder on him than the others. After all, it had been Edward's choice to leave...

I shuddered at the memory and instead focused on the time.

At last, there were only 5 minutes to go. This was the time my hands usually started to get all clammy and sweaty. Edward always made me feel this way, and now that he was back I felt an even greater amount of anxiety and excitement; Even though I loved him with all my heart I still couldn't wrap my mind around the fact that he loved me, me, of all people. There was always that possibility he would realize he was too good for me and get up and leave.

Maybe I should stop thinking these thoughts; Edward would kill me if he knew…

There were just two more minutes left and so I decided to take a look in the hallway mirror. Alice had come by earlier in order to prepare me for our date. She had knocked on the door, stomped to my room, and took charge the moment I was in sight. Humph! Even in my own house Alice was the boss.

I took a look in the mirror and my annoyance lessened. I had to give the woman props, even for a casual date she had made me look like a princess.

I took a look at the cute but expensive jeans she had bought me, Miss Me I think, the turquoise v-neck blouse, black be-dazzled sandals, and the shining straight hair surrounding my face. I looked away, embarrassed. Maybe I had dressed up a little too much…

Knock, knock.

My ears perked up and I made my way downstairs, careful not to trip. Charlie beat me to the door, "Oh no!" I thought. Charlie did this every time Edward and I went out.

He would make sure Edward never forgot my curfew and would go on and on about the most random things. He was just so frustrating.

I was behind Charlie as I gave Edward my usual pout.

"...and so you see Edward I want my girl here no later than 11:00 pm. I have enough trust in you to know you'll comply."

"Don't worry Charlie; I'll get her home soon enough."

Charlie nodded pushed me towards him and waved us off.

Once we were inside his silver Volvo I groaned in embarrassment, "Edward I'm really sorry..." He grabbed my hand and started rubbing circles around my palm, Charlie was still outside so we couldn't kiss.

He chuckled, "Bella love, he's your father. It's only natural for him to be so protective over you especially from me," he smiled sadly and pulled away from the drive way.

I hated seeing him like this. The only thing to do was to change the subject.

"Well in case you don't already know, Alice came over." I glared at him and continued, "She raided my closet and made me go to the mall!"

Edward grinned, "Oh no! The mall! And the fact that you're driving with the most lethal predator on the planet gives you absolutely no concern, does it?"

I rolled my eyes, "No, it doesn't, but shopping…shopping…you know how much I hate that."

"Bella, haven't you learned that Alice always gets her way? Plus," he traced his pointer finger around my lips, his eyes shining, "everything she makes you wear looks absolutely lovely on you." he looked at me up and down and added, "In fact, I sometimes think she's trying to dangle you in front of me like some kind of, thing."

"You mean like an animal?" I let out a loud laugh.

"Please Bella, behave," he tried to look serious but he couldn't fool me.

I smiled back and shrugged, my face began to heat up for some reason.

"Damn it," I thought.

He rested his hand on my leg, and action that almost drove me over the edge. I could feel my heart speed up and my cheeks turned even pinker. This was the first time he'd ever put his hand on my leg, not that I was complaining, but could this mean he wanted to take things a little further? I was too embarrassed at my reaction to look him in the face. There was a small pleasant silence, and then he squeezed my leg, and whispered, "That blush of yours," he ran his fingers across my cheek, "makes me crazy."

I think my heart stopped.


"Any w-way," I took a deep breath to calm my racing heart and continued, "where exactly are you taking me?"

He let go of my leg and raised both hands in exasperation.

"Finally the woman asks! Just so you know we're going to Port Angles. Remember that little Italian restaurant?"

My face lit up.

"Yep. I figured it would be…cute."

How romantic, I thought. My thoughts of rainbows and butterflies were marred as soon as I looked at the speed he was driving at. 95 miles an hour!

I freaked out.

I grabbed the wheel of the car and yelled, "Edward watch out!" He was going so fast I thought the cars next to us were actually going to hit us. I realized how absurd I had been the moment the car swerved. Edward gently pried my hands off the wheel but he was shocked.


Edward cried out, all the while holding my hand in an attempt to calm my thumping heart.

"What were you thinking?"

I was too shocked at my action to answer...The only time I acted so moody and out of control was when I got my...uh oh!

I managed to catch my breath and was about to say what I was thinking when Edward beat me to it.

"Umm, Bella dear, is it your time of month again?" He seemed a bit embarrassed.

I guess I was used to this, I mean he was a vampire and he could smell my blood, even if it was "dead" blood.

I was reluctant to answer but I managed to squeak out, "I haven't gotten it yet but I'm sure it'll come soon. I really don't know though." My cheeks were insanely red, I just knew it. This was probably the most embarrassing conversation I would ever have with him.

"Bella it's alright, you don't have to be embarrassed about this. It's normal." His voice was smooth and easy, and I felt a bit better.

I shifted in my seat and decided to answer in the most honest way possible. "Thanks Edward."

I gave him a weak smile and added with more confidence, "Let's just enjoy this night, ok?"

"Ok," he smiled in reassurance.

"But first, let's get out." I looked out of the car window and saw to my amazement that we were already parked in front of the restaurant. Wow. He did drive fast.

He was out of the car and beside my door before I could say anything else. He opened it and gently pulled me out.

I thanked him and together, we made our way inside, his arms wrapped around my waist.

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