Bold Italic=Flash back


"There you are!"

The blonde ran to her side and threw his arm around the pinkette's neck. Uncomfortable, she growled and shrugged his arm from around her. The blonde didn't seem to mind, only laughing at her gesture.

"You've been distancing yourself quite a bit you know, You're barely around anymore Lightning."

He would say soon stopping and joining her. "I've been, busy..helping PSICOM.." she said only speaking half the truth.

"Sure.." The male replied chalantly.

she blinked her icy hues but didn't turn to even make any eye contact with him. A brief scilence shrouded them both until Snow broke it.

"Look Light, what happened was not your fault, they did it to save us all..so you can stop bla-"

"Who said I was blaming myself for anything!" She snapped back defesively, finally glaring angerily at Snow. Her gaze softened and she stared down at the the soft and plush jade grass.

"Well it's clearly obvious Light. I'm not the only one who's seeing this. You've been disappearing for days and sometimes even weeks. You're worrying us all but mostly Serah."

Lightning rolled her eyes and scouffed in a disgusted manner. The last thing she wanted was to be lectured by this guy. "Tch, what are you all so worried about. I'm alive aren't I..wonder how you all would react if I was dead."

Snow chortled and caused the pinkette to stare at him. "What!" She asked sternly.

"It's just seems that ever since Vanille and Fang left us, You've seemed lost.."


Lightning shook her head as the familiar voice rang through her ears. She looked up to see a pale skinned male with shaggy brown hair a dark purple soldier uniform standing in front of her. "Oh, Xayne what do you want?" She asked coldly. Xayne huffed and and mumbled something incoherent then crossed his arms. "I swear, now I see why they don't let females join, I've been standing here calling you for the past five minuets, the President wants to see you! he says it's urgent!" Lightning noded, totally ignoring Xayne's smug comment and walked out the door and headed to the president's office.

As she walked through the building's long corridors, she could see and hear many of the other soldiers whispering and gossiping about her as she walked by. Most were talking about how she made it to the highest rank in the army in less then three weeks. Some called her the super soldier and others were just being completely bias with their opinions saying that she only made it because she was a female and the missions and assignments she was given weren't nearly as challenging as the ones the males received. But Lightning just toned them out. Currently her mind was else where.

"Hey Snow, it's said in some other reigon that there is this energy that lies below the reigon's surface. It's said if you can obtain the power of this "said" energy anything is possible." Lightning gazed over at the frozen Cocoon and thought about her lost friends maybe this energy was real and if it is then maybe, just maybe she could...

"Who know's Light, probably does..Then again what if it doesn't?"

"What is this..." She whispered to herself as another one of those unknown flashes came across her mind. She'd been having them more often and the people in them were of no familiarity to her. But who were they? She came back to reality and realized she was in front of the President's door. She cursed herself mentally for wandering off into lala land then entered the office.

"There you are Farron, please take a seat." The President said as he pulled a cigar to his lips to take a puff. Lightning pulled the chair from the desk and sat down crossing her legs in a laguid fashion. "What is it Sir?" The President smirked softly at the stern female he always liked how the woman always wanted to get straight to business. "Well, I'm pretty sure you are aware of the current situation that's at hand are you not?"

"Situation Sir?" She asked curiosity laced in her voice.

The President planted his elbows on the desks smooth surface and rested his chin on top of his folded hands "Did you happen to go to the last meeting that was given Ms. Farron?" He asked already knowing the answer.

"Yes I did attend but there was no discussion about this situation you speak of."

"I see." The Presidet pulled a file from the drawer containing lots of documents and momos and dropped it onto the desks surface making a loud thud. "What's this sir?" She asked as she reached for the file to skim through it. "That's the file of one of our Ex-Soldiers. Was here way before your time Farron." The woman averted her gaze from the file and back to the man in front of her. "So, what's he have to do with me?"

"Well Farron, I need your help, I've heard of your exellence in missions and I doubt you'll let me down with this one. I need you to catch this man and bring him back to me."

Lightning's eyebrows narrowed at his request. "No disrespect sir, but may I ask what is the reason that I'm going after this man?"

"That man is dangerous Farron. A terrorist. What you should know is, that thousands maybe even a larger amount is out to see the fall of this company for reasons that are confidential. And that man," his finger reached and pointed to the said person's photo on the file. "Is one of the many thousand who is an endangermant to my company. I've sent out dozens of my men but they all failed. Another group has been sent out as we speak. It's only a matter of time before he strikes again. So I'm turning this mission over to you. I know you're the newest but word about your skills has gotten around fast and I believe you are the one who can bring this bastard down."

Lightning said nothing else to the man. She just gave a firm nod and stood to her feet. "Very well Sir, if that is all I'm ready to get this over with."

The President smirked and took another puff from his cigar. "Knew I could count on you Farron, be sure to check every town in Midgar. he likes to blend in with the citizens to keep a low profile."

"Alright sir."


Lightning was now on a large plain covered in nothing but jade greenery, streatching on for who knows how long. Many species roamed around wreaking havock on other wildlife. Small flocks of Chocobos running about nibbling at the green grass. Some how, this place reminded her of somewhere she'd been before but she couldn't quite put a finger on it.

It had been a year and three months since she had strangely found herself in this little city called Midgar. All she was able to remeber is waking up in an all white room and being surrounded by three or four men in white lab coats. Everything before that was unclear and foggy. The soldier sighed. While she was lost in her thoughts she unknowingly wondered off into the woods. She looked around in hopes to find where she entered but was unsucsessful she was already too far in. "Dammit.." she grumbled to herself for being so carless



Another set of gunshot went off in the distance. It sounded as if it were coming from in the back of her. Lightning pivoted off her right foot and turned facing the east and the gunshots sounded again. It probably was some soldiers the President sent out and they came across that fugitive. Without a second thought, she dashed off into the woods at full speed.


The sound of gunshots could still be heard within the woods but Lightning was having trouble finding the exact location. She started becoming more and more irritated by the second. it seemed the further in she traveled the more faint the gunshots became until she could no longer hear anything. "Great.." she huffed out of irritation. Just then her footsteps halted when she heard the bushes rustling. a gloved hand gripped her weaopn when three wolf looking beast hopped out. The three beasts growled as they made their way closer towards the female and circled her. "Tch, nice..." The words escaped her lips almost like she were calm. She pulled her weapon from the holdster and switched it into sword mode as she charged off at the beast. One of the beasts jumped at her, with a quick motion she cuts that one in half with a diagonal slash, After that she took a few swift side steps and swung her sword up the center of the second beast cutting it in half. Now she was down to the last beast. The rabid creature's attack time was perfect! But still it wasn't quick enough. The soldier still had the upper hand. She performed two back flips and landed gracefully back on the ground, just a few feet away from the beast. She rushed at the creature for the last time and stabbed it right through the throat. "Easy..." She switched the sword back to gun mode and resumed her journey through the forest, well tried. This time she heard footsteps and they were coming at a fast pace, but couldn't determine what direction they were coming from.

The Pinkette returned to her battle stance, ready to attack once again. Chances were it probably was another wolf. Lightning turned her head from right to left until she saw a figure coming into view. She drew Blaze Edge but kept it in its gunmode and aimed it at the figure as it neared her. He had short messy two-toned color hair that was made up of burgundy and black, strange sea foam green glowing eyes and wore what appeared to be a tattered soldier's uniform. wounds were visible all over his slightly muscular upper body. "That's..." She wasn't exactly sure so she waited until the figure got closer. The soldier's weapon still remained aimed at the unfamiliar male who soon came to an abrupt stop with a look of dumbstruct written across his face.

"It is, wow this was much easier then I thought, this guy must be a complete idiot. Or he's just bold."

"You're, you're not a turk!" He exclaimed. "Who in the hell are you, answer me and I maybe I won't cut you up!" His voice was demanding and rude, he obviously was irritated about something.

She stared the guy down for a few seconds before her stare shifted into a cold glare. She forced the weapon to his head and her finger pressed gently against the trigger on the gun as if she were ready to shoot. "No, I'm not a Turk, I'm ten times worse then a Turk actually, but who I am is no importance to you. " He smirked mockingly and slowly circled around her ignoring the fact he had a gun pointed at him. He slowly observed her. "Hmmm well your definitely not an ordinary broad. exactly where did you come from?". The male said as he stopped circling her and took a few steps towards her with a curious look upon his face as he observed her attire. Sleeveless black over coat with a grey turtle neck underneath, metallic black pouldrons over both shoulders bearing three white stripes, A royal blue cape attatched to the back of her uniform, short grey sleeve on her right arm, knee-high leather combat boots and a short black mini skirt with the sheath to her weapon attached to the back. Her attire was nothing he'd seen before and began to think she was in cahoots with that company just like himself but he never remembered there being any female operatives.

Lightning answered the males questions with one of her blank stares. She lowered her weapon that she had pointed at him moments earlier and placed it back into the holdster. He seemed harmless. was this really the guy the President was after? or maybe he was just an imposter. Then again who would want to impersonate someone who has a thousand and one warrents on their head? Initially she was going to call in and report her success of the mission but was interrupted by the sounds of helicopters above. The first one didn't grab her attention as much as the second. However, the man seemed to panic. His head shot up to the sky as the sound of the helicopter was heard soaring right above them. Because they were protected by the trees the choppers stood no chance of even catching them. But then there were two more just not too far away from the previous one and it was then that he became slightly concerned.

"Dammit, this is not looking so good."

She took the man's words into concern but wasn't nearly as on edge as he was. After all it was only the Shin-Ra coming to arrest this threat. Before she had the chance to respond to him he was gone. As the helicopter drew closer she could see why. A large explosion could be heard coming from the west ends of the forest and another one was heard coming from the east. The helicopters were currently bombing out the entire forest with explosive shells.

"This can not be happening.."

What was the hell were they doing? Lightning turned and bolted off just moments before the next one had a chance to hit the ground. The explosives continued dropping and she could feel the heat from the flames against her skin. Luckily the forest exit was near otherwise this could have been a death trap for her. The fire was growing at a rapid speed but by the time the last explosive hit, Lightning was thrown out of the woods due to the impact of the explosion and onto the green plush grass. The bombings aftermath caused an enourmous fire that swallowed up what remained of the forest. Stray pieces of the flames caught up in the winds patterns and fell off on to the ground. Lightning picked herself and stood to her full height. dust, and debris lingered in the air around her. She turned in time to notice the man taking out one of the helicopters with some fire attack he conjured up and tossed at the arieal vehicle, knocking it from its place in the sky. A triumphant grin played across his lips but the male soon fell to his knees from weakness, and much to his disliking, two more Shin-Ra choppers flew in.

"Dammit, no, I can't die here!" two groups of five Shinra reinforcments poured from the chopper and surrounded the injured male with their weapons pointed at him to make sure he made no type of move. A male dressed in an all black business suit and had dark brown hair pushed back in a ponytail approached Lightning. His face held no expression but his eyes read differently. "Well done Farron, The president will be pleased with your capturing of this man. Return to head quarters and report to the president immediately, we will take it from here. He said dryly as he took a look over his shoulder at the soldiers boarding the fugitive into the chopper. "Only did what I was ordered to do sir." She answered coolly. "What's going to happen to him?"

The male turned his attention back to the stoic woman and shook his head. "I am not liable to discuss that information freely with you Ms. Farron. It's strictly confidential. But I assure you that he will be taken care of." To avoid further questioning the male turend and headed for the chopper.

"Whatever..." The female mumbled under her breath. Everything was always confidential when it came to these people. It was probably paranoia. Paranoia that if one soldier knew too much then they might try to accomplish what that "alleged" terrorist tryed to accomplish. But if that's the case then why continue to recruit outsiders? Something was not falling into place here...


"The hell!" Lightning whirled around as the gunshots sounded and turned toward the chopper. Out ran the "alleged" terrorist in a full sprint but due to his current condition he didn't get too far. The soldiers caught up to him in no time flat and escorted him back to the chopper. The unrelenting male struggled with all his might to pull from the the soldier's tight grasp but being fatigued he had no chance. "Son-of-a-" his sentence was inturrupted the moment the butt of one of the soldiers guns connected with the side of his head. "Shuddup!" One of the men spat but the man continued flapping his lips. "You Shin-Ra scum have it comming, I'm not the only one out to destroy your precious little company. I'm sure many other rebel groups are out to do just what I intended to do!" Were his last words before the chopper shut and took to the skies.

"You're nothing more then a show off Farron!" Xayne shouted rudely at his partner.

"Shut up your complaining and help me!" The large beast roared and swung its arm out in attempt to hit the woman but missed. Lightning dodged the Behemoth's massive paw. Its other arm swiftly extended to grab Xayne but in turn he stabbed it through the shoulder blade. The beast roared as it cried out in pain, flailing its arms about in a rage. Lightning smirked and ran up a nearby wall parrying the beast's on coming attack while Xayne swipped it off its feet with a swift attack to its legs. The Behemoth howled out and fell backwads onto the ground with a loud thud, shattering the asphalt upon impact.

"I got this Farron!"

"No stay where you are!" The stubborn and reckless male charged at the beast only to be kicked back by a few yards.

"Idiot!" Lightning yelled as the beast regained its stability. She was now positioned in back of the Behemoth but the beast was too stupid to recognized it. Lightning took this time to preemptively strike it before had time to notice her.

The stoic woman dashed at full speed, pushed herself off the ground and came down piercing the rabid creature through its skull. Right then, the beast lifeless body fell limply to the ground.

Lightning climbed off the beasts back breathing heavily as the monster and the scenery around her slowly disappeared. She walked over to her injured partner who was peeling himself off the floor of the now white room.

"See where being reckless got you?" She scolded.

He stood up from the floor holding his fractured arm as he glared at the woman. "Save your lectures for someone else Farron, I don't care to hear them." He walked out the simulation room angrily mumbling something that Lightning could care less about.

"And another accomplished mission for the infamous Lightning Farron!" A baratone voice answered smugly.

"Hello to you too Sephiroth.." Lightning answered in a dead panned voice as she removed the device from over her eyes to better see the man. Sephiroth was positioned against the wall weapon in hand. Lightning never conversated to much of anyone in the entire army and neither did Sephiroth which is why they got along so well on and off of the battlefield.

"Keep this type of thing up and the world will be looking up to a new hero."

"I'm no hero Sephiroth, I do what I do to keep people safe from external threats. I garuntee you that a good population of SOLDIER operatives joined up only to be like their idol Sephiroth. At least that was the reason for half the crew I enlisted with. As far as I see you, you're just an egotistic jerk. But I accept that since your not a half bad fighter. But know this, your not the only hero you know." She said bluntly.

He smirked and moved from his place on the wall and walked to the woman keeping his eyes on her carefully. "Brilliant deduction you have there but your far off. I fight for the exact same reason as you. There is nothing wrong with having a hero complex as long as you know your limits."

She scouffed. "You have no limits."

"And you do?"


"Exactly." He slowly began to circle the woman." I'm sure there was a time in your life where you went to extraordinary lengths to save another. Did you have limits then?"

She thought for a second or two before answering. "I wouldn't know because I never had anyone in my life worth saving.." She said as she walked towards the exit of the simulation room. "However, if I did I'd do everything and everything I could to save them."

"I rest my case then." He threw her the virtual visor in which she caught in her hand."I could use a sparring partner right now."

"No problem there."

When Lightning got home the very first think she did was fall out on the couch. Sparring with Sephiroth certainly tired her out and at the same time made her body extremely sore. She may have gained the title of "the super soldier" from other operatives but she was far from it. Sephiroth on the other hand, he was in a catagory all by himself. She would never tell him that though. The exhausted woman sighed and slowly closed her eyes and slipped into a deep sleep.

"You promised.."


"And you broke it..'

Lightning opened her eyes to find herself lying on a wide open plain. The woman sat up to get a better look at her surrounding. Ahead of her, was a large crystal structure on a pillar.

'What the...'

"Yep, it's been about three years since they've been up there and two since you pulled a disappearing act on us." Said a blond male approaching her from the side.

"They. What are you talking about. And who are you?" She asked demandingly.

'You forgot us...'

A bright light illuminated from the crystal orb making Lightning cross her arms over her eyes. Suddenly her ears filled with the sound of loud cracking noise. Before she had time to look, the crystal orb broke and shattered into thousands of small fragments. That attached to her skin.

'What the...'

Just then the ground shook then crumbled from under her feet and she fell into a dark abyss.

Lightning awoke in a cold sweat and to the sound of her cell ringing. She'd been having that dream for the past two weeks now and its really been bothering her. She had tried falling asleep with less stress on her mind but not even that was working. But what bothered her the most was the people that appeared in the dream. Who were they?

Lightning clumsily reached for her phone and answered it.

"Farron speaking."

"Farron get down here immediately! The fugitive has escaped!."

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