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"She's my wife, she works with you right?" He questions

While the team worked on finding Roger, Sara was stuck milling around the lab. Wondering into the break room, she caught her breath as she saw the files.

Gingerly reaching out she pulls the top one from the file. Taking a seat, she dives back into her past. Once again going through the same painfully twists and debilitating turns.

'It never does get better, does it?' She thinks flipping through the final folder.

Her eyes grew watery as she caught sight of the girl she used to be, and deep down still is. She traced each visible bruise, as well as each one concealed by the small outfit.

A few hours have passed since she started her adventure and she sits lost in the thoughts of her life, when a figure gazes in from beyond the glass door.

Reaching out it pushes the door open, and almost immediately finds itself wrapped in Sara's arms. Neither of them paying any mind to the people surrounding them.

"Are you okay?" Roger asks pulling out of the hug in concern

"Am I okay? You're the one who has been lost in the desert for God knows how many days." Sara exclaimed pulling him back into the hug

"Three to be exact, and since I know that I guess you're calling me a God. I think I like that, I'll be sure to put that one my resume." He says with a smirk

"Sorry to interrupt, but just to be clear, are you two married or not?" Cath questions hands on her hips

With a curious look, Sara answered, "Not, I already told you that."

Cath's eyes jump to the man beside her, whom Sara turns to with a raised eyebrow.

"Somehow I don't think pleading dehydration will help will it? I figured she'd be less inclined to take me to you if I said ex-wife, I mean it would sound a bit weird to most people." He says with a smirk

"The DNA you got just came through. The brother-in-law of one of the lawyers, Bill Heru. On top of that surveillance shows a red Chevy HHR that belongs to Heru with three other men identified men. We have warrants pending now." Grissom explains coming back from his office.

"How did you know how to keep the hair usable?" Cath asks starring at the man much to the groups amusement.

"Years of living with Sara taught me a few things. Most importantly, to throw my garbage out and make my bed before leaving my house." He says with a smile. "You must be Grissom, I think I remember seeing you around campus a few times." He says smiling at the man who had stolen Sara's heart.

"Good to finally meet you, well under these circumstances." Grissom replied with a small chuckle shaking hands with the man.

"Well it is Sara, what could we expect?" Roger's replied with a nudge to her.

Before Sara could respond, Greg's voice wafted over to them with a dreamy tone to it, "Yeah, Sara."

Instantly the trio turns to look at him. Smirks marring Sara and Roger's faces, while a subtle eye brow raise has the same affect from Grissom.

"Shouldn't you be fighting each other? I mean he's Sara's ex-husband, he's Sara's new husband, fight amongst yourselves." Greg begs gesturing wildly

"I'm good, you?" Roger shares a smirk with Grissom

"Yeah. But I think you might want to give Greg here that famous big brother speech I'm sure you've been working on for me." Grissom says with a smirk, leading the others to take seats on the couches.

"Of course, I almost forgot." Roger smiled evilly from beside Sara, "Where should I start?"