The curse of Team Kakashi.
(warning: Contains tentacle rape. So, may not be for everyone.)

Chapter sex pairings: NarutoXOC, SakuraXSasuke, SakuraXSasukeXKakashiXSai

-Chapter 1

Their mission had been long and tiring, as the team of five headed home; Kakashi leading from the back, as always, reading his icha Icha novel, with Naruto in the front, followed by Sakura, Sai and a recently rehabilitated Sasuke.
The part of the forest they were in was quiet, and serene, the wind gently blowing through the tree's, moving the leaves. It was the early spring, so the green was vibrant and new, and the sweet scent of fresh flowers wafted upon the same breeze.
It was a nice walk home, despite how achy the team was.

Sakura was walking beside Sasuke; Her feelings for him had long diminished as they grew older, and his separation from him had grown in time.
But since his capture 3 years previously, she had been fighting the slowly returning feelings, and still was at odds with herself.
While her gazes upon him had grown softer over time, she was still angry with him, and hurt from the heartbreak he had caused.

Sasuke himself was still the quiet and broody type, but since he entered therapy he had been more sharing, and not so quick to anger.
After his capture in the post-war chaos, his very imprisonment had sown the seeds of another shinobi civil war amongst the 5 shinobi nations, many wanting him for various reasons, none more, than the Raikage, and several of his men, who were close to Bee.
But, Naruto, having gained much popularity amongst the nations, including the respect of the five Kage's, spoke on the matter, and promising that killing him will not alter, or fix events of the past.
By the end of the, what seemed like endless debating, it was agreed that Sasuke would be kept under Konoha jurisdiction on the strict guideline that his sharingan be sealed. If he was to live, then his ability must be diminished.
Sasuke, upon hearing this news, was hardly thrilled, and for many months after, he angrily cursed everyone around him, including his former friends.

It was hard to imagine how it came to be; It seemed so sudden, and such a short time, before he was released from prison. But thanks to his former teams efforts, it happened.
Sasuke would have to attend therapy, and he was dismissed from the shinobi roster, so he sought work in other means. The only condition of his release being aseal, placed on the back of his neck, to simply cap his chakra level, so he could not bring up more chankra than he could when he was at the chuunin exams; Enough to fight with, but not enough for him to pose any serious danger. The only exception being when it is necessary, the cap could be lifted by a designated controller. In this case, kakashi. Whenever he found it necessary, Kakashi could lift the limit of the seal to any percentage he saw fit the situation.
But that was a modification only added three months prior to this mission.

Sakura had been there with him every step of the way, as he resettled in to the village, and while they were not together, his feelings for had grown, and he admitted he enjoyed her company. For him it was a major step, but Sakura had been playing hard to get ever since he had told her, but, in her returning feelings, she began to sympathise with him, and see how bored, he was with the small manual labour jobs he had, and it was her idea to approach her sensei, Tsunade, about the idea of the seal, and perhaps utilizing Sasuke as a supplementary team member. Perhaps not returned to active duty, but allowed to be tag along on some missions.
It was a reluctant yes, but, it was a yes.

Naruto saw this as a sign her feelings for the Uchiha had slowly returned, as she had, and still continued to look on him with some anger, not acting like the fan-girl with his she once had.
Not that he minded, he himself was glad she had found someone. He had lost his romantic interest in her after after the war, his attention slowly moving towards Hinata, after her mid battle confession. It took some time for the two to begin dating, seriously, but they spent a lot of time together, getting to know each other more deeply. Though Naruto was quite surprised at Hinata's mysterious knowledge concerning him, but when he would ask her how she knew certain things, she would simply blush and manage to change the subject.
But, they were in love, so in time it didn't matter.

Sai... well, he was still Sai, obliviously wise to the ways of the world, with his interest in social interaction growing to where he knew far more than he was able to apply in real situations; if he showed much emotion without thinking, he would have shown his frustration at not being able to apply what he has learned effectively. But, he had improved a lot, and with the help of his friends, he had improved in many ways, though he still had his moments of blunt observation. While many saw it as annoying, some had come to see it as an endearing quality that set him apart from most people.

Kakashi hadn't changed much either, still obsessed with Icha Icha, the main change he had had in his life, was he was being pursued by Mitarashii Anko. He liked her well enough, but he had never been too keen to have a romantic relationship with anyone, so while they saw each other a lot more, going out for casual meals, or drinks, he made it clear he wasn't looking for romance.
Which she didn't mind, for the most part; especially since sometimes they would get drunk and end up spending the night together practically re-enacting what he would read in his adult books.

It was late evening, and they still had a few days of travel to go before they would be back at the village, and they had set up camp near a beautiful lake; Sai had found through the use of one of his drawing jutsu birds, that would scout out the area for them, and return to his page to recreate a map of the area.

They hadn't seen it the first time they travelled this way as it had been mid-day, and while the scene was beautiful, it was oddly quiet, which put the shinobi on edge.
The only noise was the wind blowing through the branches, there were no insects, no animals, no audible sound, just an eerie quiet.
If it hadn't have taken them so long to find a decent spot, they would have moved on, but they were all tired, and just wanted to sleep, so, they had to settle for now, and hope that any trouble that may arise they could easily deal with.

The sky was beginning to grow cloudy, the wind though, remaining just as it had before, gentle and quiet. The stars disappearing one by one behind the clouds, the moon soon following, so the only source of real light was the fire they had set up at the center of the camp.

They each took turns at guard duty, though none really slept well, as their feelings would give rise to something happening. A sense that something was out there, and growing, soon feeling something new, that made them even more tense; A strange aura had arisen around them, and after getting up, out of their bedding, they would look around, into the darkness, trying to sense where it was coming from and preparing themselves for anything.
At first it was hard to know where it was, it seemed elusive, but soon, they pinpointed it, coming from the lake they were next to, but what it was, had yet to be discovered, as the strange energy they all felt was hidden in the darkness.

A fog soon came in to sight, lit by the glow of the fire and crept across the water of the lake, and wafting across the ground, towards them.

"Keep your guards up." Kakashi said, he didn't like this one bit.

"Sensei, what if this is poison?" Sakura asked, as they tried to back away from it.

"In to the tree's." Kakashi said, as the group leapt up and in to the tree line, next to them.

The mist moved fast, and soon it was all around them. Around the base of the tree's.

"Now what?" Naruto asked.

"We wait." Kakashi said. "This may be normal fog, but whatever we're all sensing cannot be good, so we remain on guard until they make their next move. In this low light, there is nothing we can do, if we can't see anyone."

"Well, this sucks." Naruto pouted, but he was still very serious as they waited for an enemy to approach.

But as they waited, the sense of danger began to fade, and while the fog remained, it no longer gave off a sense of danger.

"We should be careful." Kakashi said. "Whoever they are have retreated, it seems."

"Hey… what is that noise?" Sai asked.

"Noise?" Naruto bliked as they all began to listen. They heard a strange voice, soft, and distant, singing.

As they listened to it more, they began to feel oddly weaker, their arms dropping to their sides, as they starting being mesmerised by the sound.
At first, they thought it was some kind of genjutsu, but all their efforts of breaking it, were useless. Was it really too powerful, or was it something more?

one by one, they fell out of the safety of the tree's, landing on the ground, before standing up.
It was clear immediately the mist wasn't a gas of anykind. It was cold and felt of moist air, around them.
When they were all down, they all stood, waiting, their minds beginning to fog over, slightly, no matter what they tried to break whatever 'spell' was being put on them, but to no avail.

As they slowly slipped further, Kakashi realised something, his feet seemed to be no longer on solid ground.

"S-something... strange... the... g-ground." Kakashi mumbled, and then they all realised the singing voice was coming from the ground, no, the fog, but sounded so distant, yet, coming closer and becoming louder as it did. It was then kakashi realised something more, becoming clearer what the fog was. "Th-this... mist... it's... dimensional... cloud." He said, he knew of this, the same smoke that appeared during summonings, but they were only puffs of this same smoke, that were there momentarily, he had never known there to be such a concentration, or such a constant stream; was is it really possible? That they were all now stood in the residue that is created when a breach of dimensions is created? And if so, who, or what, was creating it, and why?

The whole team were unsure of what to make of this, their heads were spinning, mesmerised by the singing, a scenario that reminded some of the old legends of sirens.
As the minutes passed, and their efforts to fight back dwindled, they all slowly grew more tired, and collapsed to knee's, the fog now risen up to their waists.
Sakura soon felt something, hidden in the fog, like an oily snake as it crept over her feet, and up her leg and thigh, and snaking around her body, she could felt a residue, and it was oddly warm, and sticky. She shivered at it, but didn't scream, hoping it would simply slither away. But it didn't.
Instead, she realised it was moving up her body, to her belly,and under her top slightly; when it go so far up, it pushed against her, and slipped down, slithering and pushing its way in to her shorts, and then... her panties!

'What's going on?' she thought as she felt it rub against her, it felt more slippery and wet now, compared to the stickiness that she still felt on her from where it slithered across her.
It wasn't scaly, like she expected, and the head, didn't fit what she considered to be snake shaped, it was more rounded.
It began to move around, wriggling against her sensitive area, and she was surprised that it was growing more sensitive as it moved. Her body began to warmup 'Why am I… f-ffeling so warm?' she would think to herself, it wasn't just in her crotch where the rubbing was happing, it was spreading from where the sticky residue was, a small breeze wafted passed her, and her eyes widened a little, as she bit her lip, the breeze felt... pleasurable, as it moved across her body, like her entire body was more sensitive to stimulation, but how? The residue? But, what snake has such a mechanism?
Sakura eventually let out a soft moan from the rubbing, she blushed, and felt herself getting wet from all the stimulation to her increasingly sensitive body.
The juice from her wet crotch began to lather across the head of this creature, and it seemed to excite whatever it was more, making it move faster, as it rubbed across her cunt, between her legs to her, covering itself in her juices, as she grew wetter and wetter from it.

"Aah…" she muttered, her face warm from blushing.

"Sakura?" Sasuke called to her, as he saw her face reddening, and hearing the slight noise. "What's wrong."

Sakura went to answer but found the words could not escape her, as she felt the snake rub across her faster and faster. Desptie how creepy it was, it was feeling so good, her sensitivity was building further, making each rub send a wave of pleasure to her mind that blanked out any other thought momentarily.
Even her hardened nipples sent pleasure as they grew more sensitive, and rubbed against the fabric as she breathed, and it was made worse as the pleasure built up, her breathing became heavier as she grew closer and closer to the edge of orgasm.
She bit her lip, trying not to moan out, not to let whatever it was it make her cum, a battle she soon lost, as her body tensed, and she drenched the 'snake' in her juices as she came.

The orgasm quickly faded, and Sakura hoped it was over now, but she knew it wasn't, when she felt it push in to her pussy.
She wanted to scream out as this 'thing' began to thrust in and out of her deeply, kissing her womb before pulling out, only to thrust back in, but she found she couldn't, she couldn't make a sound, but her natural moaning, which the others began to hear; he body couldn't move, though she tried to pull away, she was trapped in her own mind.

Soon, she felt more of these things around her, snaking up her body, around her legs, her arms. She wanted to turn to see them, she wanted to scream, jump up and shake them off and awy from her, though couldn't.
She soon realised she was being lifted up, as she felt her body rise, up and out of the mist, the strange, 'tentacle' feeling things holding her tightly as she rose up, and as she got higher, she was made to lay back in mid air, supported only by the tentacles holding her up, and getting penetrated by the thing inside of her repeatedly before as she felt her shorts get torn from her body, and it begin to move faster and harder, now without restriction.

"Ahhh! AHHH!" she moaned out, loudly as she was being fucked by whatever it was in the air.
The others all gasped as they saw what was happening to Sakura. They wanted to help, but, just like her, they couldn't move.

Inside she was screaming, feeling every thrust in to her, and her juices drippin out of her as she grew wetter, and she could feel herself already getting closer to cumming; she couldn't believe she was getting raped like this.
Though she felt more dread, as she felt the tentacle cum first, releasing in to her a warm and thick substance, before pulling out, only to be replaced, by not one, but two more, that thrusted in to her just like the first, but alternating between being in and out of her.
Sakura felt more of the 'things' slipping in to her clothing, spreading more of the sticky residue across her, and tearing her clothing off, from the inside, and exposing her naked body to the cool air, the breeze now more open to rush across her, which only made her scream out in pleasure as she salivated at the sensitivity of her body, before her breasts became targets of the tentacles as they rubbed over them, spreading their oily substance further over her, and rubbing her hard, and very sensate nipples, making her moan out almost every moment; and then... she saw her first one, it was long, and ugly, dripping with a thick clear ooze, and she couldn't stop it as it pushed in to her mouth, and deep in to her throat, making her gag a little, as it moved back and forth.

The guys meanwhile, unable to move too, had no choice but to watch as their female comrade got raped by the tentacles.
They tried hard to fight their own inability to move, trying to break out, and try to help sakura, but to no avail.
She was held up, with three tentacles thrusting in to her rapidly, before a thick white substance would explode out of her pussy and mouth, before the tentacles would leave her only for new ones to enter, and resume.
But even if they couldn't help but see, their attentions were soon drawn away from her, as they felt something move over the fabric of their pants.

The feeling of their pants getting pulled at, and torn, made them afraid, as they felt something odd, something wrapping around their shafts, warming them, as a sticky residue was left behind from its body, and slowly squeezing their dicks slightly, before loosening, and then retightening, and they all felt like they were being jerked off. It was soon that they felt what were like small tongues licking at their sensitive cock heads, making them harden from the stimulation.

"Aahhh… wh-what is… h-h-happening?" Naruto moaned out.

"I… I don't know." Kakashi replied.

The boys all moaned out, trying not to, but it wasn't long though that they mentally jumped as they felt something slip on to their cocks, like something was swallowing them, and it moved all the way down to the root of their shaft; It felt warm and soft, thought tight around them with several smaller things moving like mini licking tongues, stimulating them further and faster as it moved back and forth, giving them what felt like blow jobs, sucking on them intently with incredible suction, which made them moan out, even though they tried not to.
They too soon felt, like Sakura, themselves surrounded by tentacles, and lifted in to the air.

Sakura's head was spinning, she had cum a few times already, as had the tentacles; she had swallowed, and felt large amounts of their 'cum', if that what it was, flood both her pussy and mouth, which were now dripping from their liquids, her body unable to hold the large amounts of deposits in to her, as they continued to pummel her holes, fast and roughly.
A few tears ran down her cheeks from her eyes, she could feel that this was too much for her, she wanted it to stop, in her mind she was screaming for it to, it felt so horrible to her, while at the same time, it felt so good, even when she felt a third tentacle push into her pussy, alongside the other two, stretching her cunt; having three fuck her pussy made her moan out louder, and scream in her mind, wanting it out, despite the building pleasure her body was betraying her for.
Her eyes then widened, as much to her discomfort, she felt the head of another tentacle rubbing up against her butt, slipping all over it, spreading it's ooze, before rubbing her rear hole.
She mentally shook her head, screaming 'NOOOO!' beggin it not to enter, but, she would tense up, her eyes widen, and dilate, as she felt it enter in to her ass.
It would then thrust in to her ass, in and out, her breathing deepening, and her eyes slowly rolling back in her sockets, her mind beginning to go blank as felt each hole being fucked without restraint.

The guys were moaning out as their cocks were sucked on, and more tentacle were wrapping around their bodies, spreading their ooze like oil, there clothing lay tattered on the ground just like Sakura's.
The tentacles sucking on the were moving back and forth rapidly, not thinking of pleasure, but just to get them to cum; which they already had done, once.
And when each man came, they could feel the tentacle sucking on them tighten and suck harder, drinking all they had to give, not letting one drop escape, as if milking them, before continuing on, and on.
The tentacles around them began to move around them, slipping and sliding, one tentacle, just like the one on their cocks, moved around to their rears, and as one licked at their anuses, another began to lick at their balls, further stimulating them, to make them cum more, and faster.
The boys could barely handle the stimulation from the tongues, thinking how gross it was to have it happen to them by such things. But there was nothing they could do.

Sakura screamed out as she came, the tentacles also releasing another heavy load in to her pussy, ass and mouth. As they left her wholes, the cum gushed out of her wet cunt and her ass like waterfalls as she coughed up and choked on the cum in her mouth, despite they had pulled out, she was still cumming, her orgasm this time was intense, too intense, her mind went white, as she snapped.

"m-more." She muttered, the moment she succumbed to it, control of her body returning to her, the first thing she did was grabbing two close to her, and shoving one in to her pussy as she licked the other one with a maddened moan of pleasure.
Two me tentacle shot in to her pussy rapidly making her moan out louder with a cry of "YES! MORE!"
She was begging now, to be fucked, to be penetrated further with the tentacles, to be driven to orgasm more, and as fast as possible.
Her ass and mouth were soon filled, as her breasts were sucked on by the mouth tentacles that had attached themselves to the men's cocks, while she stroked to more tentacles. Her hips bucked against the tentacles, begging for the penetration as her excitement grew, more tentacles came to her, give her multiple penetrations to each hole, and driving her further in to orgasmic madness.

With the men watching this display, which served to arouse them further, they too were getting drained and falling to the continuous stimulation, the tentacles making the whole team cum over and over, restlessly, and drinking up their fluids, getting harder and faster on them, as if the more they had the more they wanted it, and faster.

After some time, the team were exhausted, but still being drained of energy as their stamina dropped, though Naruto's was dropping slower, and while the others would eventually pass out, Naruto would still be going.

Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi and Sai, all lay unconscious on the floor while Naruto, still held, covered in sweat, and was still being made to cum.
But eventually, it wold even stop for him, and he would fall to his knee's, as he would wearily hear the singing again, so close, and he would hear it stop and then "Young human, I sense a great power in you." The voice softly spoke, as the face of a woman, her skin a pale blue her hair a light green would appear. Markings across her face, her eyes a deep red. "You intrigue me."

"W-Who… are… you?" Naruto asked, tired.

"I am Kasumi Akki." Her voice said, it was so soft, and peaceful.

"A-Are you… re-re-re…"

"I am responsible." She said, moving closer as if she was swimming through the mist, her face close to his.

"W-Why did you… do… this?" he asked.

"It is my time to feed." She said. "I feast upon your sexuality. The female, she is cursed to become like me, if I do not continue. Her body is tainted now by the seed of my body. You will all come through the mist, and in my world, you will be drained again and again until your bodies perish. That is how it has always been."

"No… we… can't die." Naruto said. "Please, let us go."

"It is too late, you are all cursed, marked by me, my body is within you all." She said, as a tentacle appeared, and she rose up, her naked upper body revealed, her breasts large, and firm. Her fingers had long finger nails, and she stroked one finger down the tentacle, lifting off some of the ooze, and showing it to Naruto. "I am in your blood."
Naruto realised what she meant, that ooze had been absorbed through his skin, all of them had.

"But… none of… us want to… die." He said. "We… have so much… left to do. P-please… is there… no way?"

"You are mine now." She said. "I… wish… it were not so, I feast, and stay away for some time, but… it has been so long since I have feasted… I… cannot sate my hunger now." She then looked to Naruto and leant in, her finger at his chin, and lifting his head up. "Perhaps… you have much energy, demon energy. Yes, that would sate me."

"I… I cannot give it to you." He said. "He is… a part of me."

"You have enough energy to sate me, by yourself." She said, looking hungrily at him.

"Can you… uncurse my friends?" he asked.

"No… they are cursed to be like be." She said. "I know of no way to cure it. BUT, there are those in your world that may know of ways."

"Then… you will only take me?" he asked. "My energy, alone?"

"yes." She said. "So much, I may have my fill before you die, and you may yet survive this, and go with them."

Naruto looked down. "Then… take what you need." He said.

She smirked to him as she moved closer, her chest against his. Her body felt cool against his, and as her lips touched his, he felt his body warm up and arouse.
Her hand went down, her finger wrapping around his shaft, as her hand moved up and down, stoking his hard member, and making him moan in to her mouth, as her tongue invaded his.
Naruto's mind span a little, as he thought of Hinata, he knew he was doing this to save his team, but, how could he face Hinata, if he did manage to live through it?
His last thought as he leant his demon lover on to her back in the mist, was 'forgive me Hinata.' And as he lay atop her, their mouths still joined, he entered Kasumi's cunt, and began to thrust tip to root, over and over, moaning in to her mouth.
Kasumi's long slender legs moved and wrapped around Naruto's body, making him thrust in harder, which caused a louder moan to come from him.

As the two continued to have sex, Sakura sat up. Her skin had begun to darken in place, creating patches, similar to those on Kasumi's body.
She let out a small gasp, and her eyes opened, to reveal they had turned a shade of red.
Sakura looked over at Naruto and Kasumi, and she licked her lips, hungrily as she crawled over on all fours, and when she reached him, she back to lick at Naruto's skin, across his side and back.
Kasumi quickly noticed, and several tentacles shot out of the mist and wrapped around Sakura, pulling her away.

"This is…ahhhh… mine." Kasumi snarled, moaning out a little as she broke the kiss as Naruto continued to fuck her, hard.

"But… I want more!" Sakura cried out, like she was desperate.

"Then take them." Kasumi said. "You are young in the curse, your hunger will not kill them."

The tentacles tossed Sakura in between Kakashi, Sasuke and Sai.
Sakura looked around at them, and immediately moved to Sasuke, licking his body, as he remained unconscious, and working down his torso to his shaft, and pulling it in to her mouth sucking on it, her head bobbing up and down rapidly, getting him hard.
As she did, Sasuke let out a moan, and quickly awoke to find Sakura giving him a rapid blow job.
But instead of wondering why she was, or who Naruto was with, he simply put his hands on Sakura's head, and began to move it faster on him, and deeper, so she was deep throating him, her gag noises filling their ears.

Naruto came in Kasumi, filling her with his cum, before he was forced to continue to thrust in to her.
He held her hips, as he leant in and began to suckle her breasts, making her moan out.
"oooh… yes… fill me with your lust. Your delicious lust!" she cried out in pleasure.
Naruto moved faster, and harder, their bodies moving from the force of his thrusting.

Over and over, he fucked her, and came. Sakura and Sasuke doing the same, sex, and orgasm more and more; each time getting more desperate to cum.
As Kakashi and Sai awoke, they joined in with Sakura, taking her in the ass and in her mouth, and she would moan out, and take them all desperately as her three male teammates would fuck her holes, swapping around as they came, so each had a turn in each of her holes, and filling her with their semen.

Sakura was screaming in pleasure, never wanting it to stop, as were the guys. They were at the curses mercy now, and they had no idea for how long, or if they would ever stop.

To continued…

I hope you enjoyed this chapter, if you managed to get through it :)