The curse of Team Kakashi.
(warning: Contains tentacle rape. So, may not be for everyone.)

-Chapter 3
Chapter sex pairings: kakashiXAnko, SaiXKei, SakuraXOC

Elsewhere, Kakashi and Anko were in bed, lay together. Anko snuggled up beside him, happily smiling as she held the warmth of the body beside her, and listened to his hear beat, as her head rested on his chest.

Kakashi was seemingly resting peacefully, until in a sudden movement, he began to shudder, stirring Anko from her peaceful rest.

"K-Kakashi?" she blinked, wondering what was wrong, before realising he must have been having a nightmare. It was rare to see him react like this, and she had a growing concern about what had happened on the mission he had just returned from. "Kakashi?" she called out to him again, shaking him a little, as his body began to squirm faster, before his eyes shot open, and he rapidly sat up.

"Huh?" he said, breathing heavily, wondering where he was for a moment.

"It's ok." Anko smiled, hugging him from behind, to comfort him. "You were having a bad dream."

"I'm… sorry. I didn't mean to wake you." He said.

"It's ok, lover." She smirked, kissing his neck.

"Anko… come on." He sighed, knowing she was just getting straight in to her flirtations.

"I'm just playing." She pouted. "We've been together for six months, when are you going to lighten up?"

Kakashi sighed. "Anko, we've been having sex for six months. When have we really been on a date?"

Anko blinked, not expecting to hear that as Kakashi rose from his bed, in just his shorts, and mask.
"W-well I… that is…"

"Exactly." He said, as he stood at the door of his bedroom. "We had a drunken night together, and you started coming around, and we would have sex. How have we been together? This is just so you can have sex."

Anko's eyes began to water a little. "But… But, this means more to me than sex…" she said, looking down.

Kakashi turned and saw her, surprised to see Anko looking sad, trying to hold back some tears.
"Anko?" he asked, wondering what was happening.

"I… I should go." She said, jumping out of the bed, and getting her skirt and boots from the side of the bed, since she was just in her mesh bodysuit, and beginning to get dressed.

"Anko." He sighed, as she watched her quickly dress, and leave the room, before he would follow her. "Anko…"

"No… I've been an idiot." She said, beginning to let a few tears fall, slipping down her cheek.

"Anko, no, you…" he said, grabbing her arm.

"NO." she cried out, turning to look at him. "I… I know we were having fun, that's just how I am, but… I… I… always thought we… had something." she said, more tears about to fall, but held back, as Anko bit her lip, trying not to cry, to let herself be weak and show how much those words, and this moment was hurting her.

Kakashi blinked, he never realised Anko really had such feelings for him.
Anko tried to break free of his grip, but he simply pulled her in, and wrapped his arms around her. "I'm sorry." He said.

Anko, looked surprised for a moment, but closed her eyes, and bit her lip, as she held him back. She didn't want to cry still, despite she felt happier now he had seen her feelings leak out.

"I should have made an effort to try to see what it was you wanted." Kakashi said. "I just thought you… well, wanted something else from me."

"Kakashi. I've loved you a long time." She muttered. "I just… it's hard for me to say things. I just react, I do what I want, and tend not to explain why."

"A long time?" Kakashi blinked. "Anko, I never knew you were the shy type." He teased.

Anko blinked then frowned, pulling away. "HEY, watch it mister, I'm not shy, I just… have… err…"She said, though trailing out trying to think of a good, plausible excuse that didn't make her sound so… wimpy. "…a more… traditional dating value. A guy should make the first move, and such. A lady doesn't confess her love, a man must first, and a girl reiterates."

Kakashi just looked at her with a blank stare.

"What?" she sweat dropped, obviously knowing she didn't convince him.

He just smiled to her, under his mask, and Anko chuckled a little with him, before they were back in each other's arms, holding each other.

"So… you think we're a couple, 'now'?" she asked, just to confirm.

"Yeah." Kakashi replied.

Anko smiled, as she looked up to him, and slowly inched down his mask, until his mouth was revealed, and leant in, before the two kissed.
It felt like the first kiss between the two, despite they had kissed during the throes of passion many times, in a heated way.

The kiss slowly deepened, becoming more passionate, as their tongue entered the others mouth, and began to dance around the others.

"Mmm." Anko moaned out a little, in to his mouth, as her body began to grow warmer from it.

Kakashi too had begun to get warmer from their increasingly passionate embrace. His body stirred to a growing reaction towards Anko.
His hands suddenly moved around her body, stroking the sides, before grabbing her breasts, roughly massaging them as he squeezed and played.

"Ahh…" Anko moaned out, the kiss breaking.

Kakashi moved her, pulling her toward his breakfast table, where he pushed her down, bending her over the table.

"Oww." She groaned as she roughly smacked in to the table top. "What's gotten in to you?" she then smirked. He was never usually so rough, and she liked it.
But, her only answer was his hands pushing up her skirts, and tearing a hole in her mesh body suit, before ripping of her panties, to reveal her pussy.

"Mmm… yeah." Anko grinned, getting in to it, unaware that the change in Kakashi was something more than she thought.
His eyes had become glazed over, and were staring at her body, hungrily as he pulled down his shorts, revealing an erect member.
Anko moaned as she felt him kick her legs out, so she was spread open more, and then roughly penetrated right to the root of Kakashi's cock.

"Ohhh, yes." She cried out as Kakashi began to thrust in to her rapidly, and hard. "Mmm… so good."

Anko was moaning out in pleasure loudly as Kakashi fucked her hard, the table under her, shaking back and forth with a small squeak, from the force of each thrust.

Kakashi let out a few grunts as his shaft slid in and out of Anko's increasingly wet pussy.


At the same time, Kei was sat in Sai's living room, reading a magazine on art that Sai had left, lying around, while the pale-skinned man was asleep in his bed, resting from the recent mission.

She was growing a little tired herself, and was contemplating leaving, when she felt a presence. Sai had woken up and was approaching her.

"Sai?" she said, standing up to greet him. "Are you rested?"

"Yes." He said

"Are you well?"

"Almost." He said, approaching her closely. Kei seemed a little wary, something seemed off with Sai, he seemed alright, but his presence seemed different. His attention focused on her.

"Almost?" she asked, keeping her wits open.

"Yes. I require your help." He said, as he stood in front of her.

"What kind of help?" She asked.

"I require something of a sexual nature." He replied, smiling his usual grin.

"S-sexual nature?" she blinked, was that what she was feeling from him? A sexual arousal towards her?

"Yes." He said, pulling down his shorts to reveal an erection. "Please, would you assist me in relieving it?"

Kei blushed; she had never really been in too much sexual frivolity. She had curiosities, and knew a certain amount, but she never expected to see Sai just brazenly reveal his cock to her like some pervert.

"S-Sai. Listen… I… I cannot assist you with this." She said. "I… umm… I am not qualified for such a procedure."

"It is ok." He said as he moved closer, Kei backing away a little, but Sai simply closing the gap before her back was eventually against the wall.

"S-Sai!" she said, nervous. Sai just grinned as he raised a hand, placing it on her head. "W-what are you...?" She tried to ask, before she was slowly pushed down to her knees, and coming face to face with Sai's shaft.

"Please, relieve me with your mouth." He said, quite politely.

Kei blinked. "My… mouth?" she blushed, raising an eyebrow at the concept.

Sai continued to look down at her, as she looked back and forth, between his face and his cock, not sure what to do, before she slowly opened her mouth, and pulled his length into her mouth, until she began to gag, and then pulling out.

"I… I cannot do this." She exclaimed.

Sai said nothing, and with his hand on her head, moved her back on to him, his cock pushed back down her throat, then out again, before being slid back and forth over and over, the tip of his cock, hitting the back of her throat, making her gag a little each time he did it.
Kei's face heated up, she was beginning to feel embarrassed about what was happening, and the taste of Sai's cock in her mouth.
She moved her tongue a little, wrapping around his cock, and made him moan out a little. 'He liked that?' she blinked, as she continued to do it.
Sai moved her head faster, as he moaned out, and Kei tried her best as she awkwardly tried to keep pace with her inexperienced skill.
But even her inexperience was enough for Sai, as he would soon moan out, as he held his cock deep down her throat, making Kei's eyes widen and water, before she felt something thick, and warm fill her throat, causing her to choke at first, and forcing her to swallow the new liquid.
It tasted salty, and a little horrid, unused to the taste of semen, and the moment Sai removed his shaft, she coughed and spluttered the remains up, as she felt a little sick.

"S-Sai… is that enough?" she asked, but her eyes widened when she noticed he was still hard. "I… see." She said, assuming the answer was clear by that.
Kei wasn't sure what to do, biting her lip as she thought about her next move.
She looked to Sai, who just stared at her. His eyes seemed glazed over, but she would look to his erect cock, and think on whether to help him, or not.

Her hands clenched on the floor as she bit her lip, and closed her eyes, before her mouth slowly opened, her tongue sliding out slightly before she returned his cock, to her mouth, and she began sucking him off, once more.


Sakura, meanwhile, had awoken, at home and alone, her first thought, was to eat, since she felt so hungry. But her fridge held nothing that seemed to quench that hunger.

"So… hungry." She muttered, biting her lip as she searched for something else to eat. She could barely stomach the food she was trying to eat, so why was she so hungry?

She searched her kitchen, but nothing, cereal, bread, jams, chocolate, nothing seemed to be what she wanted, and Sakura would barely take a bite or two, before she discarded it.
Then the fruit bowl was next, and the same happened to the apple, and the orange, and when she stuck a banana in her mouth, the strangest thing happened, she felt relief.
Just having it in her mouth made her body relax.
Without even taking a bite, she leant against the wall, and slid down, sitting on the kitchen floor, her discarded food all around her.
Her tongue began to slide over the banana's surface as she licked it erotically, as her hand slowly ran down her body, and under her nightdress, her fingers inching in to her panties as she began to caress her clit, and rub across her wet cunt.
Her fingers dove in to her pussy, as she continued to suck on the banana, moving it in and out of her mouth, giving it a blowjob, as she masturbated, and moaned out, her mouth beginning to salivate, as she got more and more intense with her pleasure.
Unfortunately, her saliva began to over moisten the banana, and it slowly started to become mushy, and harder to suck.

Sakura, noticing, frowned, and tossed the banana to one side, as she removed her fingers from her pussy. Her eyes were slightly glazed, her green eye had slowly become darker and shifted a little in colour and as she looked to her hand, she noticed a few markings had appeared.

"What's… happening to me?" she said, her head hurting as flashes of her having sex with Kakashi, Sai and Sasuke popped in to her head. "Wh-what?" she nervously remarked as the memory flashed again. "When did… I did… with…" she shook her head, but she was getting a little more aroused.
She then stopped, and stood up. Sakura had realised what she needed, and left the kitchen.


Anko and Kakashi were still fucking, Anko now on her back, and on the floor, her clothes nothing but torn rags now as she and Kakashi continued to have the roughest sex they had had to date.
Even a few bruises were on her arms, where he had held her down after throwing her to the floor, and pummelled her pussy with his hard cock, over and over, as she screamed in pleasure. Scratches covered them both from where their nails had dug in as they held each other.

Anko and Kakashi were both covered in sweat; already well in to their third round of sex.

"G-GOD DAMN IT! KAKASHI! YESSSS!" she groaned out, whorishly, so turned on by the rough sex. "FUCK MY PUSSY HARDER!"

Kakashi moaned out too as he continued to thrust harder and faster in to Anko, the dark haired woman screaming out, loving every moment.

But, as she did, she would feel something, a cold mist around her, and something slips around her, like a snake, but, oily, and leaving its residue as it slid across her side.
She blinked, immediately wondering what was going on, and putting up her guard, sensing something definitely wrong.

"K-Kakashi, s-stop." She moaned out, soon feeling another 'snake' pass her, and then another. But Kakashi ignored her, not stopping, in fact, speeding up. "K-Kakashi…" she moaned out, before feeling something in her ass slipping quickly in, deeply, before pulling out and re-entering.
What was giving her anal? A question she thought, and was quickly answered when she saw a tentacle rise above her, and shoots in to her mouth as she gasped.

Anko moaned out, and tried to struggle, only to find the last tentacle was wrapped around her torso, rubbing her breasts, and causing her body to heat up from the residue it spread across her skin, and betraying her by causing more juice to escape her increasingly aching pussy, before she felt Kakashi's cock joined by a tentacle.
Anko cried out as she felt her cunt stretch as the second penetration push in deeply, muffled only by the tentacle in her mouth which was moving faster, and deeper down her throat.
She had no idea what to do as she struggled on, trying to get loose, despite her body was starting to slowly crave more and more stimulation, especially since she was so close to cumming.

Harder and faster, Anko's body folding like an accordion, arching her back in the middle, as her mouth and waist were roughly thrust in to, as Kakashi moaned out, showing how close he was cumming inside of her. ; Anko continuously trying to fight it, despite her approaching orgasm.

When she did orgasm, she moaned out, her eyes rolling in to the back of her head, as her body tensed, and her back arched, before she felt the tentacles and Kakashi shoot off inside of her mouth, ass and pussy, and across her breasts.

Anko took a moment to rest, as the tentacles pulled away, as new ones moved in to take over. But, Anko only needed a moment, and she leapt from the ground, on to the table, so she was off the floor, and saw the ground covered in mist, and the tentacles rising out of it, to come for her; Kakashi just stood there, like a zombie, not moving.
Anko looked around, and saw on Kakashi's wall the sword that his father gave him, and that he carried around as a younger person.
She leapt for it, landing on the couch, before leaping for the side cupboard, and to the wall, immediately unsheathing the sword, and slicing down the tentacles as they shot out at her, one after another, or several at once.
Anko then leapt at Kakashi.

"I'm sorry." She muttered as she used the sheath to hit Kakashi square on the top of his head, knocking him out.
As he fell, to the ground, Anko prepared to stab him, a tear in her eye, but noticed the mist faded, just as the point was about to pierce his chest.

"Oh… thank god." She said, breathing out, with a sigh of relief. But, what had just happened? Where did those things come from?

Anko moved to Kakashi's wardrobe in his room, and grabbed his ninja equipment, and searching for his wire, to tie him up while he was unconscious.
Once he was secure, Anko went in search of some fresh clothing, rummaging through Kakashi's drawers.

At Sai's apartment, they had moved away from the wall, and Sai was now lay on his bed, naked.
Kei was between his legs, her upper body devoid of clothing, and her breasts out and wrapped around Sai's hard shaft, as she licked the tip. Her lower body was still fully dressed as she gave Sai a tit-job.

She couldn't believe that she was still doing this to him. Her face had the remnants of a previous shot across it. She was already developing a taste for Sai's cum and was content at sucking more, and swallowing, if that was what he liked.
But, her feeling of caution was still there; something felt strange in the air, and she was not going to let her guard down.

Her breasts meanwhile were continuously raised and lowered around Sai's cock, faster, and faster, as her tongue played with the head.
Sai was letting out moans as she did his body wriggling as she built up the pressure in him, once more.

"Sai. You really like this?" she asked.

"Yes." He said.

Kei gave a small smile, as she moved faster, making him moan out more, before he finally had to release, and shot his cum in to her mouth, and across her face, some landing on her breasts.

"Is that enough?" she asked.

"I wish to have sex with you." Sai then said, as he sat up, and grabbed Kei, pulling her up to eye level, before moving on to her back, and laying on top of her, kissing her neck, and playing with her breasts.

"Nnn… S-Sai!" she cried out, surprised, as her body began to heat up more than when she was sucking him off. She wasn't sure she wanted to go that far yet.
But as she tried to get his attention, to stop him, she felt his hands down at her crotch, rubbing it.

"AAAHHH!" she cried out, not used to being touched there. "Stop it…. Sai." She said, letting out a small moan.
But Sai continued, his hand pulling down her shorts a little, and slipping in for a direct touch, and penetrating her pussy with his fingers, starting to get her wet.

"Nnnn…. N-no…" she cried out, with some moans. It was then her sense of danger began to peak, was it Sai she was having the danger sense from? No. ; Something else around her.

Kei suddenly kicked Sai off, using her knee, just in time to see three tentacles rise up from the foot of the bed.
She gasped, in shock, not sure what they were. She clasped her left buckle, and pulled it off, revealing a seal, and quickly activated it, revealing a short katana, after the usual puff of smoke from a summoning jutsu.
She immediately sliced through the tentacles, before more shot out. She again sliced them down, and looked to Sai on the floor, surrounded by mist. He looked out of it, not moving, but, if he was connected to them, perhaps he was Key. She moved quickly, kicking Sai, sending him flying through his bedroom wall, in to the living room.
Almost instantly the tentacles left, with the mist.

"Ok… I should report this, once I secure Sai." She said.

With the even set in, Sakura was now on the streets, her growing hunger guiding her onward. She had changed in to a small red dress that ended just above mid-thigh, and was low cut.
With her arousal growing, she knew she needed something, or someone to ease her of it.
Her mind returned back a few years, the end of the war had just happened, and the five shinobi nations were in celebration, the defeat of Tobi, the end of his planes, and more personally, the capture of Sasuke.
All across the continent people were having a party, the villages throwing the largest extravaganza it had ever seen, as it celebrated the ushering in of a new peace. A peace they assumed would last for many years. But one that faltered over the following year, as old rivalries were reclaimed and new ones, as each village, without consent of their Kages, began taking credit as key to the victory.
While the peace had remained since then, it was hard to notice that pride of the main shinobi forces were at odds, and that just brought back some of the old tensions of which village is the best.
But at this time, none of that had happened yet, and everyone was happy.

A celebration was held by the close friends from the teams of Kakashi, Gai, Kurenai and Asuma. All of whom had gathered and were having a great time. The only ones missing were Naruto and Hinata.
Sakura had been drinking a little, heck, besides Lee, who was in forced sobriety everyone was above 16. One night was what they were allowed, and they were taking full advantage of it.
Of course, Sakura as she drank, and got tipsy, was talking to Ino, who was just as bad, and talking about boys.

"I… I don't think Sas'tay is, Saskey… Sasuke… is for me any more…" Sakura said, leaning against her friend.

"I… I… I think you're getting drunk, s-Sakura." Ino replied.

"N-no… I am not." She giggled, for no reason. "I'm just… I don't know… feeling great." She smiled, cuddling Ino.

"You're, drunk." Ino mocked, laughing, despite she was as bad.

"N-no. Now listen." Sakura said, trying to return to her conversation. "I… I think I love Narudo… Naruto."

"Oh, come on." Ino laughed. "Don't you… don't you think that that boat kinda sailed?"

"No… no… I mean… what's happened since the start of the war, nothing." She said. "He still loves me."

"Nuh-uh." Ino shook her head. "He… he snuck off with Hinata. They're an… An i… err…. Ite… a thingy, you know… " she said, putting the tips of her fingers together to signify 'together'.

"Wh-what?" Sakura blinked, genuinely surprised. "W-when d-did this happen?"

"I dunno." Ino giggled. "I saw 'em earlier talking all serious w-with serious looks, and then Hinata cried, and they kissed."

"K-Kissed?" Sakura blinked, then looking down, sadly. "…Crap."

"Yep, too slow on that one, forehead." Ino said, as she took another drink, only to find Sakura had gone when she looked back. "Sakura? Where… Are you under the table?" She said as she looked under, to find Tenten hugging the single leg the table stood on, smiling, red faced, and clutching a glass as she slept.

"Aww…" Ino smiled as she moved and joined her friend, cuddling up to her.

Sakura meanwhile had left her, and the building, she was feeling upset, and angry at herself. She had lost Naruto, after all this time.

"Hey, are you ok?" came a soft voice.

"huh?" a teary eyed Sakura turned around, to see a young Shinobi her age. He had short brown spiky hair, and a nice face with hazel eyes.
She looked at him, and smiled as his features looked very similar to Naruto's thanks to her drunken state, that is.
Of course, she knew it wasn't him.

"Sorry. I just… I just don't feel like partying, anymore." She said.

"Well, you look upset. Do you really want to be alone, too?" he asked.

Sakura looked down. Alone? No, she didn't want to be alone. But, who else did she have.
"No." she would say, before she bit her lip and reached out to the stranger, and took his hand. "Would you… keep me company?" she asked, giving him a cute look.
He blushed, and nodded, as the two walked off together.

It wasn't long before the two found themselves kissing as they burst through the door of his apartment, and removing items of each-others clothing as they headed for his bedroom, embracing each other passionately as they fell to the bed, naked, as the young man moved on top of her, stroking her body.

"My name is Taeko." He said, to her.

"Sakura." She replied. She knew this was wrong, he was a stranger, and she had always wanted to keep herself pure for Sasuke, and then, for a brief moment, Naruto. But she no longer could have them, or wanted them. She was alone, and this stranger wanted her.
She gritted her teeth and grunted as she felt him penetrate her, his cock entering slowly in to her virgin pussy, a small trickle of blood leaving as he moved slowly on top of her, thrusting in and out carefully until she got used to it.

When she did, she held on to Taeko, and began moaning out as he moved his hips, thrusting in to her repeatedly.

"Ohh… nnn…" She moaned out, one hand clutching the sheet as the other was holding on to her lovers head as she moaned out, getting closer to her first orgasm, as she bit her lip.
A tear ran down her cheek as she breathed out heavily, why wasn't it Naruto, or Sasuke? Why?
Her body began to tense up as her breath quickened, her mind started to go blank as she felt a surge of pleasure, as she finally cried out and came.
As she lay back, collapsed from her orgasm, Taeko continued a few more thrusts before pulling out and cumming across her stomach a little.

He then lay next to her, as Sakura rolled on to her side, and closed her eyes, moving in to the fetal position, as she hid her tears from Taeko, who was just lay with a pleased grin on his face.

'What have I done?' she thought to herself. 'Sasuke… Naruto… why?'

Sakura remembered that night, and the day afterwards, how she left the apartment before Taeko woke up, felt so stupid for a one night stand with a stranger.
She told only Ino what had happened, when she had been in a foul mood over the following few days.

On occasion since then, she had bumped in to Taeko, and things weren't awkward between them, he understood it was a one-night only deal, and despite the flirtations, they never dated, or did anything together, remaining acquaintances that rarely saw each other.
But, tonight, Sakura was finding herself outside of his apartment door, looking pale and famished.

She knocked, once, at first, but when there was no answer she knocked again, louder, and a few more times.

"Hang on." She would hear through the door.

When the door opened, Taeko was surprised to see Sakura stood there.

"Sakura?" he blinked, and noticing the short red dress she was wearing. "You look nice." He smirked.
Sakura smirked too, and licked her upper lip as she pushed Taeko back hard enough for him to fall to the floor, before she stepped in, and closed the door behind her, leaning against it as she eyed him up.

"Take off your clothes." She said.

"Huh?" he blinked.

"Take them off." She repeated, as she began to run her hands sensually up her thighs in an erotic fashion, her body moving in a sexy manner as she reached under her dress and began pulling down her panties.
Taeko looked on; he was shocked, but smiled as he began to remove his shirt, and boxers which he was wearing to bed.
Sakura got on hands and knees and began to crawl closer, kissing his feet when she reached them, and trailing her lips up his body, sensually, and when she reached his hips, she licked his length, making his cock harden, and twitch as she teased it with kisses and licks.
Afterwards she kissed up his abs and to his chest, sliding her body across his until their hips met, at which point she sat up on him. His cock pressed against her wet pussy.

"Wow… you must be so desperate." He smirked, feeling how wet she was.

"So… hungry." She said, as she slid on to his shaft, until she was at his root. "NNNNN!" she moaned out.

"Can I get you something?" he said, moaning out in pleasure as she rode him, her body bouncing up and down.

"You already have." She smirked as she rode him harder and faster, feeling more energised as she fucked him.

"H-hey… nnn… s-slow d-d-down…" he moaned out as she moved her hips wildly, her hips gyrating back and forth.
But she didn't hear him. Her eyes began to change again, turning from green to red, and her skin beginning to show light patches just like Kasumi had.

"Wh-whats going on?" Taeko blinked, beginning to get nervous, but as he tried to move her off of him, mist began to appear around them.

"Relax… This won't hurt." Sakura smirked, sounding darker. "In fact, you'll find this quite pleasurable." She began to move faster as tentacles appeared and held Taeko down.

To be Continued.

Kei and Anko have narrowly escaped the tentacle assault, but Sakura is on the prowl. But what of Sasuke? With the curse rising, is there anything anyone can do to help Team Kakashi?