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Chapter 19: Appearances and Arrangements

Beyond the range of calculable behaviors only ooman might find such not be one of expectancy. One in which all that is routine and comfortable becomes utterly unbearable. It has been few cycles since Setg'syra sat with the brittle creature in an attempt to instill a basic knowledge on yautja yehdin-yehdin combat. The first obstacle to training was her physical form; most notably the brittle bones and delicate hide. Only a few rotations into training he employed too much strength while defeating her feeble attack. She slid across the Kehrite as if carried by a clocked opponent, and tumbled colliding with a bulkhead. With the loud thud and a subsequent scream Setg'syra believed her condition to be worse than it has. Fortunately, nothing was broken and only a small bone crack was discovered on the female's ankle, some scrapes and bruises. The training needed to be stopped in order to give her time to heal. A yautja would not be put to rest at such an insignificant infirmity, but he has already misjudged the training once. There was also stubbornness to contend with and her fragile spirit he did not wish to break at the very beginning of their exercise. He relented, with yautjan medicine and Med'maru's watchful eye it was not long she could return to the sparring circle, even if reluctantly.

Setg'syra was not one to withhold his strength. He never needed to do so. Even an unblood was capable of withstanding a non-offensive strike. His power was his greatest weapon and he used it proudly, never needing to control its deliverance. It gave him trophies, distinction and females. Perhaps he would have learned to control his strength if being a teacher was an ambition he aspired to. It was not. He wanted to hunt, mate, stalk, take trophies and make bladed weapons. He has never understood how being an instructor can be of benefit. Such occupation was not in his interest. He often assisted when asked, but never took pleasure in the act, except when a young male's pride needed braking and occasionally when his strength has found audience worth exhibition. Yet, even in that a true combat with a worthy opponent was of greater value and satisfaction. Now he found himself at a task that he needed to accept. All the lessons he avoided came hurtling down with one ooman female.

She needed to train. Jo attracted too much attention and as much as he enjoyed the part when he, as the pyode amedha's protector, was allowed to pummel a male to the ground, her injury was not a beneficial concept. It implied he was unable to protect his, even if he was unsure how much ownership he actually had. It was always simpler when a possession did not speak back and disagreed. If she would have not been blooded the concept of possession was a simple one. For the first time since he guarded the ooman he realized that Dtai'moun might have predicted the simplification and the blooding was only a cruel joke on Steg'syra's part.

Without the blooding he would have mounted her a long time ago. The training would be unnecessary and the discussions futile. But, he also realized that if she would have not been blooded he would have probably injured her in a rut or even killed her. That would have been worse to his honor than having another do damage.

Now here he was deliberating the benefits and disadvantages of the mark, thinking of her unwillingness to mate, and thinking of how to control and curb brute force. For Setg'syra's it was too much thought for his likening. The small combat she did furnish gave enough excitement to rouse his senses, her scent and feel of her body tempting. He did not want to experience any more rejection. He did not want to cause anymore injury and the small spar she gave him only made him want more. He wanted to engage in a spar as if he would have with a male or take aggressively as he would have with a female, but none of the options were available. Setg'syra's shortage of composure only increased his dissatisfaction with himself and with the circumstances.

Yet, after many rotations it was apparent that not only Jo's small form and blooding mark would be a problem. She was stubbornly unwilling to listen and occasionally disrespectful. She lacked the proper motivation and was inflexible to accept a view other than her own. Not to mention, he often believed her agreeableness was a rouse. She learned slowly, and Steg'syra believed it was not due to her inability to progress in knowledge, but rather her false admission of progression. She did not believe in the successfulness of their endeavor. It was clear because she often voice how pointless all of it was. It was all too difficult to bear alone. He was tired, barley controlling the resolve he had. It was the most difficult exercise in patience he has ever experienced.

He mentioned he might need assistance, but did not want to agree without attempting to make do without. Setg'syra finally asked for help. Kai di'chak was originally surprised and did not appear pleased with such arrangement, but did not protest as much as Setg'syra believed he would. Perhaps, the brother noticed Setg'syra's slipping patients and decided to take pity. Yin'thar was ecstatic; probably, because he enjoyed lecturing others.

Yin'thar was doubtless not in the same thought now. Kneeling in the center of the sparring circle, heaving in pain and holding his precious, male parts he did not appear the great yautja of much knowledge. Setg'syra found it amusing. Mostly because the all-knowing Yin'thar has not protected his reproductive organs before entering the arena with a creature that tends to be unpredictable when cornered. He also had the high that allowed for such a strike. It was as well amusing that it was not his male pride that suffered this one time.

Jo was not aiming for the crown jewels. It just worked in her favor. She panicked stepped back tripped over her own feet, in an attempt at a dignified landing and an athletic scrabble she tried sliding between Yin's legs as if she was reaching second base. At the very same moment Yin engaged forward and politely walked into her upturned foot as her body safely made it on the other side. He shouldn't have crouched to stop her and the balls-kicking would have been avoided. If it was established by Seth or Yin as some tactical maneuver, it was quite OK with her. If however, they considered it illegal use of the foot, it was for the better. For the past weeks Seth insisted and prodded her to training and with each day she was more convinced that it was an exercise in futility. She could probably bounce a quarter of her stomach, but her human body was not designed to withstand yautjan brute force. They trained before, but not like this. She thought their previous lessons were though, but now she knew Seth was only amusing himself.

Seth insisted, prodded, feigning patience and progress. Jo had seen through the act. He was getting more irritated and tense. His muscles bunched in tight and rigid, his growling was an undertone he most likely not realized he lost control off. He was getting worked up over a vision that was a no go in execution. Jo's language and verbal disappointment only added fuel to the fire, but she had only her tongue to ease her own need to unleash. It was like poking a bear with a stick, but she was frustrated too, dammit it. She wanted to cry sometimes when pressure and exhaustion became unbearable when his voice would raise with demand and anger. One thing was for sure; feigning patients and having it were two different things. Then again, he has not ripped her head off ...yet.

When Yin joined them today it was a big relief. He was calm and approached the subject with tactics rather than physical strain. Jo did not believe it was going to deliver any better results, but at least her arms and legs were not giving up and she did not contemplate if her roommate would wake up if she smothered him in his sleep.

"Does it hurt?" Jo made a face as if sucking on a lemon.

"Most certainty" Yin exhaled slowly regulating his breathing "Why would you ask of such nonsense?"

"Males or females do not intentionally attempt to damage a male's ability to sire a pup." Seth injected from nearby. At least he thought it was a deliberate maneuver.

"Where I come from, woman take classes"

"Dishonorable creatures" muttered Yin getting to his feet and taking deep breaths.

"It's funny how your honor dictates rules that only work in your benefit and then claim then to be universal". Jo stated wrapping her arms in a no longer empathic stance "Maybe, you should think off it as an act of endurance or natural selection of future generations. Males that are capable of defending their precious bits get to procreate. Those that forget to wear a cup or think they are too manly to do so, get to experience an adult drop"

"Is that an ooman ritual?" asked Seth. He did not appear to be in favor of the motion and Yin now straightening his posture was definitely not seconding. Seth looked as if he preferred to hunt something down instead of getting wacked in the balls.

"No … but there's a thought" All in favor?

"I think not" stated Yin. Motion dismissed.

Jo noticed Kai strolling in. Her heart rate quickened. Her skin got clammy. Yin noticed immediately.

"I believe the bow is a good weapon for you. I suggested to Steg'syra that Kai di'chak should spend time teaching you. He is very good at it. His aim is accurate and he always reaches his mark with his arrow. He can make you reach yours as well"

How could he be speaking such perverted things in public? Jo wondered and then realized he wasn't. Kai wasn't even half way through the gym and she was already hearing innuendos that were not made and looking for tactical maneuvers that were not planned.

"Seth will return soon" Yin continued. Wait, what…?

"You can't leave me alone with him" Jo yelled, tense.

"He will do you no harm." Indicated Yin, as if her statement was ludicrous to even consider. That was not what Jo was worried about. They could not leave her alone with Kai. She could not trust herself being alone with Kai. She remembered how being alone with Kai has ended the last time. They cannot leave me alone with Kai…

She looked at him, as he observed the conversation or rather her comical display of another freak-out. By now Kai should be an expert at Jo's shades of irrational panic. His arms were wrapped in all-knowing manner. His right brow elated in question.

Before she realized, both Seth and Yin left.

"Shall we begin?" Kai asked

"What is that supposed to mean?" Jo bristled defensively.

"Bow" he answers unfazed.

For the next hour Jo started to believe that this arrangement can actually work. Kai set up a holo range and allowed her to get acquainted with the bow's functions. She discovered that accuracy as much required was equally important to setup and visual options. When she used this weapon before she only utilized the point and shoot choice. Who knew that a simple bow can have other preferences such as heat seeking and grid line up? Not that it was going to set itself and shoot on its own, but it sure as hell made things a heck of a lot easier, if it became your weapon of choice. At the beginning she wondered, why not just use a gun instead of a bow, but advantages were not easy to ignore. For one, the bow was surprisingly nearly silent unlike laser guns that needed to power and once they started you couldn't shut them off. The power time in the new human weaponry was short, but made that muffled buzzing sound. Bullet weapons made a ruckus. A silencer fixed that issue partly, but still did not eliminate advantage number two. Arrows were simply reusable. If one hit a target the arrow could be reused after removal. The extraction part was made easier due to retractable blades that snapped back into place when ready to be loaded again. Of course if multiple targets were at the receiving end, a gun just simply could not be beat, but since Jo was not planning on going to war this was quite nifty. Not that she would decide to retire a good pistol. Within the hour Jo started to appreciate the well-designed gadgets that made the bow into an almost Kai-forgetting experience.

The training was going well until it came to target practice and apparently 'Mr. Perfect' did not like her stance and hand placement. He decided to fix that since Jo ignored the instruction, settling instead on the old-fashioned you-can't-make-me approach. It was a childish shut-up-and-let-me-enjoy-this scheme. In result Kai advanced from behind, crouched close enough to bake Jo's backside in his heat, placed one hand on her hip steadying and the other slid down her arm stabilizing her arrow hold. If he was aiming at calming the outcome was inverse. Jo stiffened, shuddered and got very hot. To manage she tried puckering her lips and exhaling. It didn't work. Kai started prattling about some bullshit about some target, but Jo could only think about how his hot breath skimmed her neckline and how his mandible would occasionally tickle her ear. Her belly swooped treacherously and she knew she had to get away before he noticed. Kai noticed. He stopped in the middle of whatever was on his tongue and she felt his locks swish over her other thigh. One more stimulant she did not need at this time.

Kai was looking at her. No, not looking, observing. Jo did not stare at him. She settled for gaping straight ahead and breathing. Breathing was good, eyes on the target. She knew he was observing her. She could practically feel his gaze like a physical touch. Then, his thumb started to turn circles on her thigh and the arrow slipped from her sweaty palms and went way off the mark. Jo swore under her breath.

Footsteps broke Jo out of her erotic stupor. Broke the frenzy not eliminated the need. She tried calming down by taking a few quick breaths and heard Kai whisper in her ear igniting some nerve endings that were starting to sooth over.

"If you do not wish for anyone to know, you should try to conceal it better." He said and with a raised mandible got to his feet. "We are done for today Setg'syra." He added then turned to face her guardian, nodded and walked slowly out of the gym. Jo followed his exit with her gaze. If he were any smugger he'd been skipping.

Then, Jo decided to face her roommate. Seth stood there with his head cocked slightly to the side. Jo gave him an encouraging yet halfhearted attempt at a smile. She was aiming at "move along, nothing to see here".

"We should go to get a midday meal" He finally said, not changing his stance.

"I think I will stay here. Practice some more" Jo answered and gestured at the arrow that missed the mark. He looked in the direction she pointed to him and then looked at her again. To make the argument more convincing Jo added "Nobody will bother me. Everyone is eating"

Seth finally nodded and left. Afterwards, Jo sent two more arrows flying, missing and deciding that she's not fooling anyone. She gave up on the exercise since she was not focusing at all, put the arrow back and left the rest as it was. No one told her how to turn anything off.

When Joanna got to the door and placed her palm on the door lock she was denied entry. She tried again and settled for a knock. Kai opened the door. At first he looked surprised to see her there, but quickly his expression and stance changed. Kai wrapped his arms in front of his torso and cocked his brow ridge. Jo stilled looked at Kai, the door, the hallway, back at Kai. She waved her hands in the air and exclaimed.

"This is not my room" She was ready to bolt as soon as her hands were down, but he grabbed her wrist and gently guided her inside. The door swished closed and she heard the beep of the lock. Before she could reconsider or consider, Kai was already on her. He crouched behind her in exactly the same position that he was in the gym. There was no bow, but his palm settled on her thigh and the other hand moved her hair aside and tangled in them. His tongue lapped at her neck, tracing its outline to her earlobe. Jo shuddered and gave a satisfactory sign. He slowly got up, growling deliciously, hungrily. Only the hand on the thigh remained, moving up with him; moving up her body, stopping at her side. Then, Kai progressed to face her, his hand never leaving her skin. He traced the palm, as he circled around, from her back, through the other side and settled it there. He removed his palm and only his heat remained on her skin.

Kai stood as if held by magnets, but not touching, looming over, taking Jo in. She craned her neck to look into his eyes. They were greedy. She got an uneasy feeling, but did not step back. Her fist clenched at her sides. Kai noticed and grabbed her wrists, placed her fist on his stomach and removed his hands. She stared at her tightened knuckles, and then looked up again into his eyes. Kai grunted permission and a small smile splayed on her face. Uuuuuu… I get to touch. She looked back to her hands and splayed them open, biting her lip. His abdominals rippled with the contact.

She moved her hands up his stomach to his pectorals as far as she could reach, marveling at the feel of his skin below her fingertips as they dipped and rose over muscle and scars. She touched admiring the dissimilarity in color. Her hands were pale, delicate and smooth. Kai's skin was spellbinding in pigment of blues and greens. The skin not as rough as she expected, but nowhere near her human sleekness. The damage done to it unveiled the harshness of a yautjan life. It was not only built for show, but to absorb injury and to dish out equal destruction. Jo explored the lively creature that preyed on the weakness of others and right now allowed her to appease her curiosity. While she was busy Kai removed her lower covering. Jo didn't protest and refused to be sidetracked by it. She smoothed her palm over the hide a few more times until Kai picked her up and placed her on the edge of a nearby table. Even then she was not at his eye level.

Jo's heart pounded as he took a step back unclipping his loincloth and allowed it to fall to the floor. He stood in front of her, fully naked, firm as a tree trunk; every inch of him in plain view. His chest moved with each inhale and exhale, steadily. His erection and every part unhidden like some alien statue of David, Kai had no place for modesty. He was the one exposed to inspection, yet managed to make her squirm internally under his scrutinizing glare. For a fleeting moment her insecurity whispered doubts. She pondered that perhaps he is rethinking. That maybe watching the creature yatutjas value so low, Kai was hesitating. Stupid self-doubt. That's what one learned when living among beings with credence of supremacy. Jo determination settled and deciding she will not allow insecurity to sip in, she reached to undo and remove her top. As she tossed the fabric away she noticed Kai small head movement before he caught himself and revealed confusion. Jo has noticed. She also remembered he has not done so the first time they were together. Guess yautjas don't do much of boob fondling. Well, if we're going to be doing this, he had better get used to it. At that thought her mind raced. Has she really considered this to be a repeated event? Before Jo got to schedule a timetable, Kai moved and broke her inconsequential musing.

Kai approached, leans in, palms grabbing the table framing her on it; His alien face only inches from hers. Was it another challenge, forcing the human to see who she is giving herself too? She feels his palm exploring her breast; Instructions unnecessary. He searches her face for a reaction and when his thumb rubs against her nipple she gasps and Kai as always attentive takes full advantage. He repeats the gesture with one hand, then the other, becomes bolder and pinches. His erection digs into her inner thigh. Jo has never been a passive lover. Her hands grab onto those pulsating locks and he starts purring. The steady, vibrating rhythm makes her want more. Her hand moves on its own volition and slides down his abdomen to stroke his cock. Delicately as if he might startle and she might scare him. He flinches, but does not move away. His purring kicks up a notch, his hands once again grip the table edge.

Jo looks at this powerful being, eyes shut breathing heavily allowing her to do this. She stares at the strange face distanced within reach. With her entire body ignited, she develops an uncontrollable need to taste his skin. Jo always loved kissing. Without lips it's not possible for Kai, but there is no reason why she can't use her mouth. Jo licks her lips, leans and latches on to Kai's lower mandible. He startles, his eyes fly open and pulls back just enough to look at her. Her hand still on his erection gives an encouraging and demanding squeeze. Jo knows she might be too bold, but it works. He grunts, dazed and hooded look is evident on his features. Transfixed he leans back in allowing her to continue. She does. At first her lips are slow and languid. Then, she licks and sucks more asserted. One hand still stocking, the other sliding through his dark locks. It's probably very disturbing that she's getting off on bending Kai to her whim.

Jo gets more resolute, not able to control her own excitement her teeth graze the soft skin under the mandible, Kai grunts again and when she bites down, he snaps out of the trance. Just a love bite, but it springs him into action. He gives a loud growl, shows her down onto the table. Jo offers only a startled yelp. Kai grabs under her knees and pulls her to the counter edge. He steps between her legs and plunges in without a pause. Jo must have used up all the reserve of serenity because he sets a steady pace from the beginning, not allowing her to adjust. Her body catches up momentarily. Her pelvis sings to attention transforming dull pain into magnificent pleasure. Her hands go to work seizing Kai's dreadlocks. Her legs wrap around his hips to meet his rhythm. One of Kai's hand grips her hip, the other the table edge above her head. Her inner muscles clasped him inside her with every stroke. The purring, aggressive pace and intense scent of Kai undoes every pleasure circuit and she climaxes almost painfully. Kai follows not far behind.

After, Jo tells Kai that she still would like to keep their affair between them. He explains that scent is the only thing that might give them away and a bath would wash any trace of their coupling. Surprisingly he seems more acceptant of the idea that she does not want anyone to know. During the bath Kai also decides that another round before Jo leaves is a good idea. Jo does not disagree, this time around allowing a less frantic, but no less satisfying act. When Jo starts finally washing she realizes how little consideration she made to analyze the situation she found herself in. She almost laughed at the easiness with which she held herself being alone with a large yautja that not long ago gave her heart palpitations and not in the erotic manner. Not to mention the easiness with which he leaped into this bizarre arrangement. Perhaps it was too convoluted to even analyze or perhaps watching and scrutinizing her every move like a derivative equation had her gray matter working overtime and finally giving out and refusing to contemplate repercussions and anticipations. Jo had a feeling that this Kai – whatever it was – could not be as stress-free as it appeared, but she decided that she could examine it no longer; At least not now.

Speaking of appearances, Joanna wondered how long she has been gone. Dressed, dried and drained she was scurrying to get back to her room when Kai stopped her before she opened the door and handed her a small wooden box. She looked at Kai in question and then opened the case that he shoved into her hand. Inside were a bunch of round rings and a strange looking object. The object resembled a carved metal stick about ten inches long with sharp curved bones at each end. It resembled a double-edged weapon. There was also a small flip blade.

"Ohhh" Jo sniggled "You shouldn't have. Now, what is it?" Jo asked bewildered.

"H'dla-de possessions" Kai answered, but in Jo's opinion it explained nothing.

"Whosies? Whatsies?" she asked still confused

"You have bested a yautja. Those are the beads from his locks, his small blade and a remembrance of the event with his tusks. The metal has an inscription documenting your kill" Kai explained calmly.

She has killed one of their species, but instead of a trial she was getting a reward. Yes, she has killed the male in self-defense, but in was hardly a reason for a prize. She stared at the box's content. Memories of blood on her hands rushed in with revulsion. How hard she tried to forget them and just like that Kai has managed to reclaim them. It was not the nudity, strange form or touch of his body that made her remember of what he was, but this little box of wonders. Furiously she pushed the box away into his stomach.

"Take it back. I don't want it" She exclaimed sternly.

"Jo…" He began

"Don't Jo me" She interrupted "You sure know how to fuck up a good day. You will not win any favors by reminding me of things I try to forget…"

"Jo" Kai interrupted. The fact alone made her shut up. Yautjas did not interrupt often; usually only if angry. So she listened with the part of the brain still working while the rest was panicky and on the verge of tears. "It is not a gift. You take what you kill. It is your right. It is Setg'syra that should have given it and Yin'thar should have explained it. As I have proved earlier, my role is neither" Oh, great he makes it into a joke. After a short analysis, a smile almost tugged at her lip. And, it's funny, damn it – Cheeky bastard. "It is a yautja way of life. He has made a challenge and lost. He knew the risk. We are trained to hunt and prepared to face the dark warrior. Death in battle is what all should hope for."

"I am not a yautja" she responded meekly.

"Sei-i. But you thrive among us. Not accepting is an insult"

"I didn't insult you" she defended, but stopped when Kai snorted in his comical manner.

"Not me. The dead" He said matter of fact, adding a mocking head shake as if she was a slow child. All hysterics forgot, replaced by irritation at Kai's arrogance she pulled back the box. Realizing how easily he diverted her thoughts she added

"Fine, I'll take your stupid gift" Yeah that should do it. Not wanting to look like an idiot she just left.