A/N I am not from Canada, so I took some liberities. In the US crimes that involve kidnapping (especially if the cross state borders) are handled by the FBI.) I believe that these crimes are handled by detectives within the RCMP. (thanks AiP) This first chapter will introduce a couple of original characters and subsequent chapters will focus on the Flashpoint team. This is set post One Wrong Move. This is my first fanfic so please read and be kind. I hope you like it.

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It's a Second Chance

Chapter 1

Two Sides of the Same Coin

She tucked and errant strand of her strawberry blonde hair behind her ear as their car raced down the street, lights flashing and siren on. They were gonna get this guy... once and for all.

"Quick, make a left, they turned up there. They're heading into that industrial park." Anisa commanded to the muscular man driving the car. Her partner, Ryan Lambert, was focused and driving as fast as he could.

"Hey, there's the car, parked in that empty lot." Ryan yell as they pull up next to it.

"Crap, there is nobody in the car. They must have gotten away on foot." Anisa yells jumping out of the vehicle.

"Over there, they just crawled over that fence into that back yard," Ryan screams as they take chase. "Stop POLICE!"

The subjects keeps running dragging a young girl behind them. One subject opens the back door of the home and pulls the girl into the house.

"It looks like he may have other hostages in the house. I just called for back-up and they are sending SRU," said Anisa.

"I hate it when they bring in those guys, they always act like they are the only people in the world who can handle a hostage situation," he said bitterly. "You know, you and I could do their jobs, Anisa."

"I know, but we chose to be detectives for a reason, right? They are the ones with the cool pants, let's let them do their job. Here they come now."

Two men approached them. The stocky man in a ball cap extended his hand, "Sergeant Greg Parker, SRU. This is Officer Ed Lane"

"Detectives Ryan Lambert and Anisa McConnell," Ryan said extending his hand and Anisa did the same. Ryan and Anisa explained the situation to the SRU guys.

"OK, we got it from here" stated Lane dismissively. At that, Ryan started to approach Lane aggressively. "Wait a minute! We..."

Anisa quickly stepped between the two men to offset any conflict. The fact that she only stood 5'2" only made it more impressive that she was able to diffuse the situation. "Guys, we are all on the same side here. Of course SRU goes in and does what it does. We just want to be a part of it anyway we can. See, we have been following these guys for months. They are running a white slave ring and they are snatching young girls for their pipeline. They have this 11 year old girl with them who is scared to death. I was able to make contact with her before they grabbed her from their hideout and ran with her. She trusts me. Let's work together."

Lane stared at her icily. Parker stepped in and said "OK. You guys step into the truck and tell Spike, uh, Constable Scarlatti everything you can about these guys. Ed will set up the tactical entry."

Anisa and Ryan entered the command truck and saw Scarlatti staring at several monitors and typing feverishly on the keyboard. "Hey Boss," he said without even looking up.

"Detectives McConnell and Lambert, RCMP," said Ryan.

"Oh, sorry, I thought you were Sarge," he said turning to face the newcomers. "I'm Spike." he said extending his hand.

"Ryan Lambert, and this is my partner Anisa McConnell. Sergeant Parker asked us to come and tell you about the scumbags that are in that house."

Spike looked at the two detectives. The guy was about as big as Ed but bulkier with a strong jawline and the girl was almost as short as Jules with unruly strawberry blonde hair and dark blue eyes. Strange partnership he thought. Then he quickly glanced back at his monitors. "So what can you tell me about this situation?"

Ryan explained that there were two subjects in the house with a little girl they brought there. We are not sure if there was anyone in the house. The whole time, Spike is tapping away at the keys.

"Do you have a name on either of these guys?" asked Spike

"Leo Petrotov and Ivan Simanski."

More typing..."OOH these are some bad dudes," as Spike read the profiles that were now displayed on the monitors.

Anisa stepped in and said, "You don't know the half of it. You should hear what they do to these girls... unbelievable." As she described the atrocities that these men had perpetrated, Spike turned and looked at her, his face showing an expression of shock and disgust. When she had finished, he raised one eyebrow and said "Well, they are about to get their butts handed to them." Then he turned to the computers and started talking to his team through his headset.

Sgt. Parker tried to negotiate with the subjects to no avail. Ed and Wordy initiated entry and Sam and Jules covered the back. In a matter of 5 minutes they emerged with the two subjects in custody and an older woman who owned the home. Then Jules comes running out of the house, "Sarge, the house is empty, no sign of the girl."

"What?" Anisa screamed, jumped out of the truck and ran up to Ivan who was being held by Ed. "Where is she, you scumbag?" She hollered as she got in his face. At this the whole team was watching the two of them

Ivan just smirked at her and said in a heavy Russian accent, "Ahh, the things that I could have done with your sweet ass." Ed grabbed him and was about to throw him on the ground when Anisa took the heel of her hand and with amazing force connected with his nose sending blood spurting out. "The next time you disrespect me I will send your septum into your brain. Got it?"

Ryan was right behind her, "Where could she be? We saw them take her in there."

"I don't know, let me think...wait, I think I know where we might find her," and Anisa ran to the house followed by Ryan and the SRU team. Before entering, she said to the SRU team, "guys, you cleared the house, let us go in alone. She is scared to death and big guys with guns will only make things worse. I promise to be careful."

Spike handed her an earpiece and said "Take this so we can stay connected." As she took it, their eyes met and Spike said, "Let us know what is going on and if you need us in there. Although it seems you can take care of yourself." He said slyly with a crooked grin that showed one of his dimples. "Go careful."

"Thanks. You guys stand at the entries and let's get some paramedics on route. If I am right it should only take a couple minutes."

"Boss?" Ed questioned. Parker just nodded his.

Anisa and Ryan entered the house looking at the ceilings for a drop tile ceiling. "We are heading to the basement," Anisa announced into the earpiece. "Bingo!" The basement had a a drop tile ceiling and they began calling he name "Kimmy" and Ryan began pushing up on the tiles. "Over here, I heard something." They slid tile to the side and Ryan boosted Anisa up.

"Kimmy? It's Anisa. It's OK those bad guys are gone." The scared girl crawled into Anisa's arms. The two clung to each other for a moment. Then Anisa climbed down with Kimmy clinging to her tightly. The three of them walked out and headed straight to the paramedics where they checked Kimmy out. Sgt. Parker approached them and spoke softly to Kimmy "How are you doing, Honey? I am Sgt. Parker with the SRU. I know that you must be really scared now, but you are a very brave young lady. I want you to know that we have been in touch with your parents and they are on their way to pick you up."

Kimmy was so scared that all she could was nod her head feebly, but she would not let go of Anisa's hand which she was squeezing so hard that the woman's hand was starting to throb. She was not going to let go, though. Within a few minutes a police car pulled up and a man and a woman leaped from the vehicle and embrace their little girl. This was Anisa's opportunity to separate from the girl. Although she wanted to give her another hug, she knew that it was her parents' turn to heal their family.

Anisa walked back to the area where the SRU team and Ryan were gathered. She approached the group and said sincerely, "Thanks guys, you did a great job in there and we all get to go home tonight, especially that little girl. You really came through for us and we could never have done it without you."

The SRU team all just nodded in agreement that the teams worked well together. Anisa disengaged the earpiece and scanned the group for Spike. He was exiting the truck and she walked over to hand him the earpiece. "Thanks for all the help with this."

"No problem. Glad we could help. Although you seem pretty tough, yourself" he said taking the earpiece and flashing a wry smile, displaying some serious dimples again. She smiled back almost shyly and nodded her head. Spike thought he saw her start to blush.

They returned to the group and Ed stated that they were all going to the Goose for a drink and asked if Ryan and Anisa would like to join them. Anisa tried to beg out, she was tired and did not much feel like socializing. Ryan knew that she was going to retreat into herself. She needed to get out so he took her by the elbow and said, "Sure, we could use a drink. Meet you there." Before she could protest, he dragged to the car. "Really, Ryan? I just want to go home and take a bath."

"I know, but it is time that you branch out. Meet some people. It has been 4 years … I love ya and I won't let you turn into a shut-in," Ryan said earnestly.

"OK, OK but just one drink, OK?"Anisa responded.

"Deal." he said