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Spike opened his eyes to the sun streaming in through the gaps in the curtains. His left arm was tingling with pins and needles as it stretched out across the bed supporting Anisa's head. She was spooned up against him with her back to his chest. His right arm was loosely draped over her hip. He was careful not to touch her injured ribs. He didn't want to move for fear he would wake her so he just took a deep breath inhaling her freshly shampooed scent. He gazed at her shoulder and watched her steady breathing as she slept. He could watch her sleep all day...the way her wild hair sprawled across his shoulder and pillow...the dapple of freckles on her nose...the curve of her body. 'Whoa!' He better stop right there before he found himself in a rather embarrassing condition.

Spike decided to close his eyes and think of what happened over the last couple of weeks. Against all odds, the two of them had survived and had both admitted that they loved each other. 'Now what?' he wondered.

He was roused from that thought as Anisa rolled into him and onto her back. He was able to move his left hand now and was wiggling his fingers in an attempt to wake them up. She opened her eyes sleepily.

"Buongiorno, bello" she said softly.

"Buongiorno, bella," Spike responded with a grin kissing her nose. Before he could pull back, she tilted her head and captured his lips with her own. He responded gently kissing her back. They parted and looked at each other drinking in the moment.

"I could get used to waking up like this," she murmured nuzzling his neck. He closed his eyes and smiled at the sensation.

"Me too."

"What time is it?" she asked.

"It's about 10:00AM"

"Jeeze, I haven't slept this late since college!" Spike chuckled at her response. She involuntarily started to stretch, but Spike gently stopped her just as she was raising her arms high enough to cause pain. She winced.

"Why did you refuse painkillers?" asked Spike.

Anisa tried to get comfortable, "I hate them. They make me all weepy. Ick! Pain I can deal with, tears...not so much. I won't be doing that."

"You are SO stubborn!" teased Spike rolling his eyes laying back against the bed.

Anisa carefully rolled onto her side and propped herself up on her elbow. She wasn't in too much pain., and she could handle the pain if she were prepared for it. She looked the man lying next to her. His hair was sticking up like 'morning' hair, his eyes, deep chocolate and sleepy were looking at her happily. She traced the outline of his jawline with her index finger. The corners of his mouth turned up causing his dimples to indent. Anisa began gently chewing her lower lip and noticed her heart rate quicken.

"What?" he questioned softly tucking a strand of her wild hair behind her ear.

"Thank you..." Spike looked at her quizzically raising his eyebrow. She continued, "...thank you for being there when I needed you. And not giving up on me even when you should have."

Spike touched her face, "I love you. I will always be here with you." He brought her lips to his and kissed her. He eased her down on top of him never losing touch of her lips running his hands through her hair as the kiss deepened.

Her hands began roaming down the side of his torso. 'Heavens, did he feel good.'

Spike slowly moved his hands down her back as he began kissing her jawline. She tilted her head back as his hand skimmed the edge of her shirt. He felt bare skin of her lower back and his touch sent shivers up her spine. As he slowly moved his hand up her back, he felt the bandage and the realization of her injuries set in. He stopped kissing her and said, "Baby, we gotta stop. We can't... I can't. Not yet. Not until you are healed."

Anisa looked into his eyes and saw his soul. Through her ragged breathing she said, "Mike, I...I know you are right, I'm sorry.

Spike got an evil grin on his face and said in a husky voice, "Oh, baby, don't be sorry." He wrapped her in his arms and chuckled. He held her for a moment.

"I could use some bacon, how about you? Breakfast?" he said releasing her.

Anisa giggled and rolled off of him saying, "Mmmm... Bacon...Mr. Scarlatti you say the most romantic things."

They both laughed as they slowly got out of bed. While Spike was in the shower, Anisa got dressed and called her boss, Sergeant Duncan and then Ryan. She learned that her apartment would be cleared for reentry about midday...only a couple of hours from now.

She and Spike checked out thanking the manager for the the upgrade. They found a little cafe around the corner and ordered breakfast. Spike handed her two ibuprofen tablets.

"Just take them, please. It will take the edge off." Spike looked at her pleadingly, "I hate to see you wince every time you move." She gave him a sideways grin and took the tablets with a sip of water.

The breakfast was leisurely and turned into brunch. They decided to head back to Anisa's apartment and see if they could get in. When they drove into the parking lot, Anisa's heart started to beat a little faster. She inhaled and worked to control her breathing. Spike parked and took her hand as they entered the building. They walked up to her apartment and were assaulted be the smell of cleaning supplies and glanced at each other questioningly. As Anisa opened her door, she heard the sound of children giggling and then saw Jack chasing Timmy around and Mina trying to get them to stop. The scene relaxed Anisa and made them all smile. Anisa was greeted by the children with bear hugs and shrieks. Hugging the kids, Anisa looked around her apartment and saw that it had been straightened and tidied up. Ryan and Melanie emerged from the bedroom to see what all of the commotion was about. They both had sponges in their hands. Seeing her, Mel ran over and wrapped her in an embracing and kissed the top of her head. Ryan was right behind her.

"What are you guys doing?" questioned Anisa.

"We are done" announced Mel, "All clean!" Anisa followed Melanie into the bedroom where she and Ryan had picked up the things that had been knocked to the floor and cleaned the blood stain out of the carpet.

"Wow, thanks. You didn't need to do that."

"We love you and you deserve to come home to a clean home," Melanie responded with genuine love in her voice. Anisa was overwhelmed and couldn't find the words to express her gratitude and love.

"Mrs. Cleary brought you dinner, it's in the fridge," continued Melanie as she put away the cleaning supplies and gathered her family. "We are out of here. We will talk tomorrow," announced Mel as she dragged her kids and husband out of the apartment.

The apartment was quiet and Anisa and Spike were alone. They walked to the bedroom silently each with their individual memories of the same event. Anisa reached for Spike's hand and felt it close around her fingers. She marveled at the amount of comfort was was conveyed by that simple gesture.

"I'm gonna unpack I guess," said Anisa a little shakily.

"You sure you want to do that now?" asked Spike. She nodded her head 'yes' but didn't say anything. "Do you want me to help?" Spike questioned.

"No, I'm good, Hon. It will only take a few minutes. Why don't you pick out a movie or something on TV? That's is about as much energy as I think I can expend today."

Spike kissed her chastely on the cheek and said, "OK."

After about 10 minutes, Spike decided to go and check on her, As he stood in the doorway, he saw her holding up the chain that held her late husband, Sean's, wedding band. She was staring at it as it dangled from her finger as if not remembering how to put it on.

Walking quietly into the room Spike said softly, "Here let me help you put that on." He reached for the necklace.

She turned to face him with a slight smile on her face. "Thanks honey, but I think it is time to put it into the jewelry box." She lifted the lid of the antique wooden jewelry box that had belonged to her grandmother and gently placed the chain and the ring in one of the drawers inside the box and then closed both.

"I'm ready," she said looking into Spike's eyes and seeing her love reflected there. He wrapped his arms around her and she buried her face in his chest as she held him close. They were at peace.

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