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It was official, thought Rory, as he ran along behind the Doctor and Donna, he really needed to take more exercise.

He was slower than the pregnant lady.

He wasn't about to mention it to her, though.

Donna had parked the TARDIS on the correct floor and they ran inside. Rory shut the doors behind him.

"Are we safe in here?," he asked.

"'Course we are, why wouldn't we be?," asked the Doctor.

"Because it's made of wood!"

"You're still not following this," said the Doctor shaking his head.

"Okay, genius," said Donna, checking on Zara who had fallen asleep in the baby seat, "what are you going to do?"

"We need something to do to everyone what Rory has done, we need to find a way to block the higher reasoning capacities of every human on Earth. Think! What makes people stupid?"

"Are you serious now?," asked Donna.

"How are we supposed to think of a way to make everyone on Earth stupid?," asked Rory.

"How should I know? You two are the experts here! Oh, and try to be quick because if you don't you two are the only non-enslaved members of the human race."

"Oh, no pressure then," said Rory.

"What's that supposed to mean?," asked Donna. "Am I supposed to shack up with him? Because I'm not."

"What? Why would I suggest that?"

"How should I know?"

The Doctor sighed. "Just think of an image, something that interrupts all rational thought..."

"Amy?," asked Rory.

"Yeah, but that's not going to work for everyone. Think!" He looked at the TARDIS monitor. "And you might want to think quickly because the slave ships are almost here."

"Fine," groaned Donna, "things that make you stupid. I don't know... Daft Martians?"

"Donna! I'm not asking for the world here, just something to distract people for a minute, maybe two or three, if we can just interrupt the signal it'll collapse with the destruction I've already done to the transmitter."

"So, you need a two minute distraction?," asked Rory.

"Yeah, basically."

Rory swallowed. "Don't suppose YouTube would work?"

"YouTube!," shouted Donna. "You can be on there for hours before you ever realized what's happening!"

Rhys was surprised to find himself walking next to Jack in the street with thousands of strangers when he came to, they were both staring at a video of a kitten falling over being projected in the sky.

"What the hell's going on?," Rhys asked Jack.

"No idea," Jack laughed.

"How's it going?," the Doctor shouted to Donna.

Donna stood in the TARDIS doorway hovering somewhere over London, looking out over the hundreds of thousands of people walking below.

"Not quite everybody! Have you got that one with the gerbil?," she asked.

"The one with the gerbil?"

"Yeah," said Rory, "with the Doctor Evil music."

The Doctor groaned. "Time was I took down empires, now I'm searching for the gerbil video with the Doctor Evil music... Tell you what, I'm just going to put stupid into the search engine and play it on a loop."

The Doctor walked over to join Rory and Donna in the doorway. The slave ships were flying off. The Doctor looked up at what video was playing next.

"So, the baby bites his older brother? And the parents are just there recording it?," he asked. "That is stupid."

"Why has your ship got a giant projector?," asked Rory. "And how's it doing it around the world?"

"Oh, she's full of surprises," said the Doctor.

"Your ship's a she?," asked Rory.

"Of course it is," said Donna. "He loves women who boss him about."

Rory paced frantically around the sitting room of the Smith House. The Doctor sat on the sofa with another slice of banana cake as the party guests started coming back in.

"Seriously, Doctor, how many times are you going to play the gerbil video?," asked Jack.

"A few more hours, just until I'm sure the aliens are gone," said the Doctor.

Jack sat down next to the Doctor. "Who were they?"

"Not sure still..." he took a bite of banana cake thoughtfully. "They said they were fleeing something called the Silence. Ever heard of it?"

"No," said Jack, "not that I can remember."

"Funny thing is, though, Pearsall, before he killed himself he said 'Silence will fall.'"

"Silence will fall? What is that supposed to mean?"

"No idea..."

"That's helpful," said Jack. "I'll keep my ears open and maybe talk to some of my sources at the Rift, but tonight, I've got a date."

The Doctor looked up to see Martha and Amy chatting as they came back in.

"So," said Amy, "are you going to kill us or retcon us or can Captain Jack and I go out?"

The Doctor looked at Rory looking forlorn. Why didn't he just tell her?

"I think we can let you go safely..." said the Doctor. "That is, if you want to."

"What do you mean if I want to?," asked Amy.

"Ever wanted to see the universe?"

"What? You mean like outer space?"

"No, I mean like time and space, anywhere, everywhere, any place that was, any place that ever will be. Interested?"

"Um, let's see, yeah," said Amy. "Assuming you're not mad."

"He is mad," snorted Jack.

"Rory, how about you?," asked the Doctor.

Rory looked up like this was a total surprise. "Me? In space? I can't go."

"Sure you can," said the Doctor.

"Yeah, why not?," asked Amy.

"I have work," said Rory.

"So? I've got a time machine."

"He's got a time machine..." Amy turned back. "You have a time machine?"

"Did you miss the whole speech about any place that ever was? I thought it was sort of good."

"Yeah, I heard it, but it just sounds different when you say 'I've got a time machine.'"

"Rory, a word," said the Doctor.

The Doctor steered Rory to the kitchen.

"Here's the thing, Rory, you can stay here, go to work, take two weeks holiday a year and live your ordinary life and I can almost guarantee you that you are never going to work up the courage to tell your best friend you love her. Come with me and I guarantee you, you're going to get brave."

"How do you know that?," asked Rory.

"Because you lot always do."

"So?," asked Amy, poking her head in the kitchen. "Are you coming, Rory?"

Rory turned and looked at Amy. "Yeah, I'm coming."

Martha poked her head in. "Doctor, does Donna know you invited guests?"

"Oh, right," said the Doctor. "Suppose it's my turn to be brave then."

After the Earth was saved, Donna had roused Zara to feed her a little dinner and start her on her nighttime routine. They had a good one, she thought, sometimes interrupted by the need to save a galaxy. Dinner, bath and two stories. Usually one was in High Gallifreyan and Donna tried to follow along- luckily the TARDIS had picture books-, but tonight both were in English since the Doctor was busy tying up loose ends from saving the world. Just her and Zara, she could sense the new baby inside of her sleeping contentedly as she gave Zara her latest lullaby stylings of Lady Gaga. Finally, it was time to put Zara in her cot.

"There's my one year old girl," she cooed softly. "You had a very exciting day today, didn't you? Then again, most of your days are pretty exciting. You're going to sleep well, aren't you?"


"You already got two." Donna looked up to see the Doctor in the doorway.

He walked in and leaned over the cot railing to take Zara's hand. "Pretty girl. Did you have a good birthday?"

Zara nodded sleepily.

"Tired, aren't you?" He rubbed her cheek. "Just close your eyes then, alright?"

Zara closed her eyes and the TARDIS hummed soothingly. The Doctor took Donna's hand and led her back through the door to their bedroom.

"So," said the Doctor, "I've got something to ask."

"Yeah?," asked Donna sitting on the bed. "Last time you had something to ask, I ended up having dreams about the TARDIS throwing pregnancy tests at me."

"It's about Amy and Rory."

"Oh, no," said Donna, "we don't need younger, sexier gingers running around here."

"She's not sexier," said the Doctor. "Look, Rory is in love with her."

"Well, duh!"

"Of course, she thinks they're just mates. Reckon you know anything about that?"

Donna rolled her eyes at him playfully. "It always starts out like that then before you know it you're getting married because an alien court said you had to."

"He just needs to screw up the courage to tell her and I figure travelling through time and space is a good way to build character in a lad." He paused. "Besides, we need help. You can't go running after me in your current condition. Just temporary guests."

"Not saying I disagree," said Donna, "but is that all this is about? You aren't the least bit curious why someone is trying to push us together?"

Donna smirked at the Doctor's silence. He looked up at her smirk.

"Okay, well, aren't you?"

"I am. Just not curious enough to risk having my husband next to a girl in a ridiculously short skirt.

"I said you were sexier."

"Is that so?," asked Donna.

"Want me to tell you how?"

Donna looked at him, he was definitely staring at her chest. She looked at him sternly.

"If she starts making lovey dovey eyes at you, I am dropping her off wherever the TARDIS lands. It may not even land first."

Donna and the Doctor walked into the console room. Amy and Rory were there standing next to the pile of Zara's presents.

Amy held a plastic container. "I brought the rest of the banana cake."

"So," began the Doctor, "normally we go through all of time and space and go on forever, but Donna's having a baby in a couple of months and we have an understanding."

"The understanding being I'm not giving birth in a space cave," said Donna.

"So, there's going to be a slight break then, not my usual thing, but we can have adventures for a little while, can't we?"

"Are there rules or something?," asked Rory.

"Rules... well, don't wander off for starters," said the Doctor.

"Make sure he doesn't get himself killed for seconds," said Donna. "Oh, and call your families and tell them something because he'll never remind you..."

"Yeah, best to listen to Donna about that sort of thing..." The Doctor turned to the console. "So, Amy, want to see how she works?"

"She?," asked Amy.

"Yeah," said Rory, "the ship's a girl."

"Anyway," said the Doctor, "allons-y!'

"What?," asked Amy.

"Hang on," said Rory.

Amy fell back as the TARDIS moved, Rory caught her. The Doctor grinned.

"Welcome aboard!"

So, I hope this isn't confusing, but I'm going to continue the series of Doctor/Donna/Amy/Rory adventures and look for the next one to be titled "Planet of the Gingers."