Hair as white as SNOW!

A Naruto fanfiction.

Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine, but Malli Elliku and her thoughts are mine

My life began when I was born in the middle of summer, a blistering hot day that my mother spent 10 hours in steaming hot agony and labor. The sun was boiling in the sky in the middle of the land of rivers, the water was running warm and there was so much humidity in the air, it could suffocate the whole country. Then my screams broke my mother's screams, and my mother's white haired nightmare was born.

However, my birth isn't when my story began.

If you're reading this, then my novel is at least in the hands of someone who is reading it. Hopefully you'll read this entire novel and not just throw it aside. It might not be worth much, and my life is just one story, but it's an important one. I believe so, at least.

My name is Malli Elliku, I'm 16 and 3 months. The month's part isn't really important to anyone but me, but you should know my age.

My story actually starts the day my mother's pet frog died.


"Malli, come get your toys up off the floor and clean the damn living room for once. Damn, you're useless!" My mother snarled from the kitchen, washing off the table. As per usual, my mother was angry and cursing up a storm as she tirelessly cleaned the house from top to bottom. It wasn't that we had guests, or were expecting something big to happen, but it was Tuesday. Mother cleaned on Tuesdays. I loathe Tuesdays.

"They're not toys, they're Kunai! If I'm going to become a ninja, I need to practice with Kunai." I growled from the front porch. The front door was wide open; to the rickety porch I stood on, standing my ground. I just needed to hit the tree once and I would feel accomplished. I was getting better; my aim wasn't as atrocious as before, I was just inches from just grazing the tree. Today would be the day, I would hit the tree! If I could hit the tree, I could go ask the local ninja to train me. Their only requirement was one able to hit a tree square on with a kunai and have it stick. I just had to do it once!

I readied myself, I pulled back slightly, and I was about to let it fly when my mother decided this would be the best time to scream-


My kunai whizzed and smacked right into the dirt, just barely nicking one of the in grown roots.

"Damnit!" I hissed. With the stomp of my foot, I stormed inside and stared right at my mother, "I almost had it!" I exclaimed, hands in the air.

"You're never going to be a ninja, Malli, you have no aim, no concentration and no organization. There, not pick up your toys before I step on them!" My mother snarled at me. Furrowing my brows, I huffed and stormed to the table where all my kunai laid harmlessly waiting for me to throw them.

"Maybe I should throw them at you; we'll see how bad my aim is then!" I screamed at her. I stomped towards the stairs, stopping at the bottom step. "I bet if I was aiming for you, I'd hit my mark!" I screamed again, watching my mother who scrunched up her face in a snarl.

"GOOD! HIT ME! Maybe then I wouldn't have to see this fucking mess you always seem to make. Maybe if I was dead, you'd learn to be more appreciative OF YOUR ELDERS AND RESPECT YOUR FUCKING MOTHERS WISHES!" She screamed back at me, chucking a wet, dirt covered rag in my direction. I jumped up three steps, sticking my tongue out at my mother and storming up the stairs as loudly as I could. I wanted her to hear my hatred as I turned to my room that was next to the stairs and kicked open my door. I watched Naruto, my mother's pet frog, ribbet loudly in surprise and hope fast around me and down the stairs.

"MOM, YOUR DUMB ASS FROG HAS BEEN IN MY ROOM AGAIN!" I dumped my kunai into the small box I had set up to hold all the weapons. I didn't hate frogs, actually they were nice creatures that were fun to play with, but this one was my mothers. I hated that dumb frog, because she treated the frog better than she treated me. She at least smiled at the frog and said she loved the frog. I could hear her talking to Naruto like it was her real daughter and I was the ugly brown toad in the house with no use.

I sighed and slid onto my bed, looking to the mirror on the back of my door.

My brilliantly white hair was near glowing in the sunlight, and I couldn't help but smile as I ruffled it a bit. My hair was the only thing I had gotten from my father, and I loved it so much. With the thought of my father, I looked to the only living photograph I have of both of us, in which I was sitting on a park bench, writing and he was sitting beside me, looking over it. The town journalist gave it to me to remember the moment by… No one knew that the man who was sitting beside me in that photo was my father… not even my father.

I sighed, not touching the photo frame before looking to the mirror again. That's when a large crash rang through the house, the whole house was silent.

"MALLI! MALLI!" My mother cried out and I jumped to my feet as quickly as I could. I grasped a kunai out of habit and forced myself out the door and slid down the hand rail of the stairs. I came rushing around the corner to the kitchen, expecting my mother to be fighting off some attacker. But instead, I found her crying a river down her face, unable to breathe steady as she looked to the frog on the floor.

Naruto was choking on air, panting on the floor, legs sprawled out. His brown and green skin was turning white as it began to stop breathing.

"GO GET A VET!" My mother cried out and I wasted no time rushing from the kitchen to the porch. I was flying down the stairs, stumbling as I hit the ground and nearly fell. I gained as much balance as I could, running across my yard as fast as I could. I needed to find a vet and fast. Only, I stopped for some reason.

I stopped running for a reason and turned, looking to my house. There through the front door I saw my mother sitting on the floor, crying as she held onto the frog, weeping. But it wasn't the frog she was crying out the name of.

"Jiraiya! No, you can't die! NO!" She cried out, hugging the frog. "No, you were supposed to come back…"

It felt like a bullet hit me in the chest as I fell to the ground. My knees collapsed as I fell, my eyes instantly going blurry. I could feel the tears coming hard and fast, burning my skin as I watching my mother drop the frog on the floor and curl up into a ball, bawling to her. I was about to do the same. My chest felt like someone had punched me with some knife and every time I took a breath, was twisting it.

I couldn't breathe as my hands shook and I ran my fingers through my hair and laid myself down onto the harsh, rocky dirt.

Jiraiya, the legendary sannin, died because an akatsuki member named Pain beat him in battle, letting his body fall to the depths of the sea where no one would ever find him.

Jiraiya, the toad sage and writer, was my father… and now, he will never know it.