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The horrid smell of copper perfumed the area and blood coated every surface of the small clearing. Trees, ripped out of the Earth from their roots, were tossed into their kin as if nothing but a pebble across water. The ground was stained dark and the once lively green grass that thrived there was reduced to small crushed splotches. Limp bodies were strewn about carelessly and few were struggling to take what last breathes they could. The heavens mourned at the horrendous scene as small droplets began to fall from the sky and loud wails of thunder filled the air.

In the middle of the clearing lay one Kagome Higurashi, time-traveling miko. Her once pristine white top was nearly nonexistent, luckily saving a portion of her modesty. Her skirt was torn and stained and her feet were only clad in her muddied and bloodied socks. Grasped tightly in one hand was a bow and in the other a small, pink, glowing sphere. Her deep blue eyes gently closed as the first droplets of rain hit her face.

She knew that she would die and that the Shikon-No-Tama would be left in her cold hand unguarded. She only hoped that whoever found it and her, would have a pure soul and would protect the jewel better than she did. Her chest seized up painfully and she let out a harsh cough, small droplets of blood dotting the edge of her mouth.

Her eyes opened a fraction as the sound of crunching leaves over powered the light rain. She weakly moved the hand holding the jewel to her chest in a last effort to protect the sacred item.


The person scoffed, in a hollow sort of way, and Kagome could only assume it was either because of her wheezy voice or maybe even the fact that she was dying. The dim light from the hidden sun was blocked from her as the person came to stand before her, looking down on her.

"I am not Inuyasha."

Kagome closed her eyes and clutched the jewel tighter in her hand. Her life was fading and what was left of her life was only minutes. She heard the rustling of fabric from the person beside her.

"Miko," maybe she did know this person, if she was correctly matching the voice to a face, "If you could start over, with nothing but the complete jewel, would you?"

Kagome coughed in an attempt at laughter. Would she go back if she could? Would she go back to the day she turned fifteen, the day Mistress Centipede dragged her into the well and started her adventure? The day she met Inuyasha, the love of her life, Sango, her best friend and sister, Miroku, her brother, Shippo, her adopted son, and Kirara, her companion. A small smile tugged at her lips. She wouldn't go back. She wouldn't give up everything that had come to be.

She paused as she opened her mouth to reply. Her eyes opened fractionally and eyes slid to the bodies around her. The same people she had come to consider as her second family lay sprawled around her lifelessly. They had fought with their last breath to protect that damnable jewel and their loved ones. They fought for peace, for themselves, their loved ones, and people they didn't even know.

Kagome's mouth slid closed as her eyes welled up with tears. All of her friends and loved ones in this era were gone. The bad guys and the good. Maybe, maybe if she had never came to the feudal era then such pain never would have occurred. Maybe someone else would have freed Inuyasha or he would have stayed sealed long enough for her to unseal him in the future. Maybe Sango and her family would have lived. Miroku could have lived. Shippo could have lived. Kirara could have lived. Kouga could have lived. Everyone.

Tears leaked from Kagome's eyes as her mind was overwhelmed in grief and self-blame. In her mournful state and so close to death all she could think to do was blame herself. And what was left of the optimistic part of her, that was screaming at her that all had not been in vain and what good she had done, was ignored.

The person leaned forward and Kagome looked up at the person's face. Recognition flashed through her eyes before she furrowed her eyebrows. The person's cold amber eyes seemed to search her own before he finally grunted in acceptance and tossed a lock of his silver hair behind him.

"Yes, yes I would," whispered Kagome with her last breath. And with that the person before her unsheathed his sword and sliced through her battered body. A brilliant flash of light flashed around Kagome's body before it faded revealing an empty space.


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