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Kaede carefully walked back to the village carrying a rather large wicker basket filled with herbs. Her sister, Kikyo, had sent her out to gather extra herbs once she and Inuyasha had started bickering. She was used to it. Every time Inuyasha and Kikyo would get into a spat, Kikyo would send the ten year old Kaede off to fetch herbs or clean or even sometimes check up on a sick villager. But, it never failed that when she returned the two would have made up and were playfully teasing each other.

Imagine the surprise Kaede felt when she returned and found the two with a strange woman.

Kaede stayed back for a minute to observe the strange woman. She looked to be her sister's age and even had some similar features. Kikyo had straight dark brown hair and brown eyes while Kagome had wavy black hair and cerulean eyes. Each was pretty in their own way Kaede thought. The scant outfit the girl wore seemed more out of place than the half demon in the village. A green skirt that came to mid-thigh, a green and white blouse with a bright red ribbon in front, and white socks that came up to her knees with brown loafers. If Kaede had to guess, she would assume the girl was a prostitute or maybe worked in a brothel.

Kikyo turned to look at her sister who had been standing by silently. They locked eyes and Kikyo nodded her head in the direction of the village rather than their hut. The younger girl nodded in understanding, her one visible eye darting to the strange girl one last time before she left.

Kikyo's eyes shifted down to Kagome's and for a tense few minutes they merely stared at one another. Like her sister she assumed that perhaps this girl was a common whore. The trio entered Kikyo and Kaede's shared hut where Kagome finally jerked her arm free of Inuyasha's grasp and crossed her arms to glare at the two.

"Where am I? And who are you people?" Kagome glared angrily at the two. They looked like something out of the history book. Had she landed in a warped cultural festival?

"Where do you think? Japan, duh." Of course the smart reply came from Inuyasha who received a raised eyebrow from Kikyo and a roll of the eyes from Kagome.

"Well I know that much dog boy. What is this place? A historic festival? Are you two paid so well as to treat regular guests as outcasts?"

Kikyo's lips pressed together in a thin line at the insult. How could this girl possess something so powerful that even Kikyo could sense it. Inuyasha let out a growl and flexed his claws menacingly.

"You are in Edo girl. Higurashi Kagome, I can sense the power you hold. You cannot hide yourself from me. Now tell me why you appeared from the well. Are you a fallen Goddess? Or perhaps a disguised nymph? By your dress I would assume you nothing more than a brothel worker," bit out Kikyo. Kagome's mouth fell open at the blatant remark before clicking shut tightly and narrowing her glare even further. Of course Kikyo had not meant to sound as harsh as she did, she just happened to be very blunt and her tone wasn't the lightest at the moment.

"I am most certainly not a prostitute! This is my school uniform!" said Kagome in anger. "I'm not fallen Goddess or nymph either. I'm a human girl. Nothing more and nothing less. Now can you please tell me who you are?"

With an irritated sigh Kikyo answered, "I am this village's miko Kikyo and this is my companion Inuyasha." Inuyasha grunted in acknowledgment before his head snapped in the direction of the God tree and he let out a growl.

A pulse of energy and power encased the village and surrounding area. Inuyasha's growl grew in volume and ferocity as the pulsating continued to grow faster and closer. Without warning Kagome let out a pained scream and grabbed her side in pain. She dropped to her knees as Kikyo rushed forward and Inuyasha went between looking at her and to the foreboding presence coming from the forest. As Kagome's pained screamed grew louder and the pulsating grew more intense, all Inuyasha could do was stand and hope that he could handle whatever was coming.

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