A/N: Set after 3:12 and Auggie's last scene! Couldn't seem to keep this little set of words in my head so I figured I'd give them to you guys as a 'Thinking of You'!

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I've Got This Friend

He was too late.

With the marshmallow tip of his goddamned cane, Auggie Anderson found the first step of the small porch that led to the side door of Annie's empty house. Of course, he didn't know that it was the side door because he'd never been there before and he only knew where the entrance was because the driver gave him instructions. Why was that, anyways? Why had he never been to Annie's house? After all, they were 'besties'.

God, why couldn't things be easier.

He sat himself down on the step after folding his cane and stowing it in his messenger. He shut his eyes against the frustrated tears that coated them. Honestly he should've seen this coming – ironically enough. He'd met Eyal, knew how strong he was, how tall, how confident, intelligent, and able – Goddammit! He needed to stop doing this to himself but he just couldn't get that thought out of his head…

Maybe, just maybe if Auggie'd been the one to save her, to get her out of that prison instead of waiting helplessly behind a glass desk - but he couldn't and there was no use going there because it would only lead to destructive thoughts.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Auggie pulled out his cell, his fingers tapping slowly, thoughtfully on the smooth surface of his iPhone. He should call the car service, get away from her house, her empty house and wipe this night from his memory. Maybe that would be best because who knows where his words would've taken him. In a way he was relieved because at least this way he didn't have to hear the pity in her voice as she let him down easy. That's what she would do, of course, because she was hung up on someone else. Always was; Ben, Simon, Eyal… They all had something in common that he no longer had and never would again.

If only she'd known him before…

But she didn't.

Annie Walker knew Barcelona Auggie who couldn't go down the stairs fast enough; Eritrea Auggie who depended on someone else to get him where he needed to go; good ol' tech ops Auggie stationed behind a desk but don't move his chair, he might fall!

Absentmindedly he tapped the programmed combination of his driver into his phone and got to his feet, retrieved his cane, shook it out, and shut down all the thoughts racing through his brain.

This wasn't fair to him or to Annie and he knew it. It had been a hard year so far, that was all, and he would get through it just like he always did – a good sense of humor and a bottle of Patron in his desk drawer. As the phone rang he re-found the entryway and paused. Something stopped him.

Once again he shut his eyes and before the phone connected he cut it off and replaced it in his bag. Once again he went to the step and sat, once again he folded his cane and put it away because once again he would wait.

Because for Annie Walker, he would always wait.