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I Think I'm A Clone Now

Chapter 1: Awakenings

In a dark dusty old room all was silent with the exception of small sounds of liquids, small creatures moving around in the dark as the place had been abandoned for a long time. The generators having fallen silent years ago as the still air hadn't been disturbed since that day. The dark room held long forgotten secrets and it was on this day that they were discovered again. Slowly the sounds of footsteps could be heard approaching the large secure door.

Muffled voices could hear heard as the door was slowly forced open, the door bulged inward until finally the old metal hinges finally gave out as the door broke open. Dust was cast up as the four figures started coughing from it all.

"How long has this place been here?" One of the men asked as he moved a small lantern around. The light showed the sight of a Konoha ANBU with raven mask on his face.

"It's been a long time, hell I forgot this place even existed," An annoyed female spoke up as she waved the dust out of her face. She was the only non-ANBU member of the group so far as she looked around. "It's only from looking over old reports from the old facility I used to oversee that this place was even mentioned."

"You mean back when you worked for him," The only other female spoke up with a slight acid to her voice as she refereed to that man.

The other woman turned looking annoyed at the older masked woman. "Hey a lot of people worked for him that you didn't know. Besides I left as soon as I could and I've been proving myself useful ever since I got accepted into the village. I've been helping you all find all of these places before someone else finds them."

She walked forward with her own lantern looking around. "There were all kinds of plans and experiments in the works that only two people knew about them all. Hell there's no telling how many we will actually miss. So it's best to find as many as we can."

"She's right," The final male member with a bear mask spoke up. "She's been helping us dismantled all of these bases and labs plus she's helped out. I think she's earned her right besides she was vouched for by the Hokage after she was checked out."

"I swear to god I never want someone in my head ever again," The woman muttered as she looked around. Having a Yamanaka walking through her head to check her loyalty hadn't been exactly the most pleasant experience in her young life but it could have been much worst. Looking around the place she could tell that it was old, older than a few of the other places that they had hit.

There was a lot of medical equipment here lying around. She could see tanks used for some purpose with cables running all over the place. Her mind raced as she tried to piece together what she was seeing. There didn't seem to be any notes just out in the open which might be a bad thing as she noticed a rat walk by. If they were left out they would have been shredded by those vermin for a nest long ago.

She saw chemical containers, their labels faded with age so it was hard to say what they had here. They would have to have a medical team come in for a proper cleanup and analysis later. First they had to move in deeper. The air was so stale and full of dusk that they coughed as they moved through the old facility. It was deep underground like most of the others but this place was very close to Konoha a little too close for comfort.

"Look for locked cabinets or a safe or something," She spoke out coughing slightly. "I still have no clue what this place it used for."

"I thought you said that there were reports on this place?" Raven asked her as he looked in a few drawers but only found equipment.

"They were references as well as items to be sent here," She said annoyed. "There was no mention of what the place was, you honestly think he would just label in all the reports, secret base for unethical experiments listed on them? I thought not."

"Hey there's a door back here." The other ANBU called out to the group.

They all looked to see secure double doors that seemed to be unlocked, they checked for traps just in case. Given who built this place it wasn't hard to see why there might be traps left around. Thankfully since this place was likely only known to one person, the secure door they broke through was the only real locked barrier they had to go through. When they opened the door and lit the area they saw a huge room filled with even more equipment.

"Wow, I thought the last room was something," Bear spoke up looking around. There was a lot of equipment that he couldn't even guess at what it was used for. Maybe when the recovery team showed up they could make some heads or tails out of this whole place.

"Oh god!" They heard the female ANBU cry out as they all looked. They all were shocked to see rows of tanks with deformed creatures in them. Looking at them all they seemed to be in some kind of order. They got less and less grotesque as they walked through the area. They were halfway through the rows of tanks before they noticed them starting to look more and more human. "What in the name of god was being done here?"

"I don't think god had anything to do with this," Bear whispered out feeling sick at the sight of it all. There were male and female 'people' in these tanks or they were or might have been. He wasn't sure if these were people experimented on or some other type of experiment. He paused for a moment, a few of the faces that he could make out seemed somewhat familiar but they were so deformed he couldn't be sure.

"Anyone else getting a sense of déjà vu?" Bear asked.

They all paused and looked around they were all feeling a strange sense of familiarity from the tanks as they moved forward. It wasn't until they got to the end of the room when they paused. There at the end seemed to be the machine that the whole place was about. It was huge two tanks that looked to be linked. There between them there was a tube connecting both of them as well as something that looked like there should have been a device or something inserted into the center as well but there was just a missing gap at the moment.

Looking closer they could see two figures, one in each tube floating there as they looked closer.

"Aren't they..." The female ANBU trailed off as she saw the two figures.

"They do look like them," Bear agreed, "But not really, are they even alive?"

The woman that led them to this place looked at the tanks and narrowed her eyes as she looked at the fluids. She also noticed several paper seals around the tanks that she couldn't even guess at what they were for. They were way above her level of understanding as she tapped the thick glass. It was then that she noticed one of the figures twitch ever so slightly at the sound.

She screamed out as she jumped back, "I think I saw one move!"

"What! You mean they're alive, how is that even possible?"

"I don't know!" The woman looked again and she closed her eyes as she pressed her palm against the glass. "I can feel chakra in them, they're alive in fact the entire tank feels alive and full of chakra. Whatever they're floating in, it's been keeping them alive but I don't know for how much longer. We're lucky we found them before whatever is in this tank ran out of juice."

"Wait you want to break them out?" Raven asked her. "We don't know what we're dealing with here."

"We can't leave them like that," the woman said.

"I think we should report this in, right now," Bear spoke up. "The Hokage needs to know about this and we need a recovery team and a medical team here. What if we take them out the wrong way and they end up dying?"

Raven thought about it for a moment, "Okay, Bear get a message back to Konoha, we need to get this done quickly."


Naruto wasn't sure what happened as she slowly opened his eyes. He blinked a few times as his eyes hurt slightly from the brightness of the room. After a moment he looked around, it was a white room that reminded him of the hospital.

"Huh? How did I get here?" He muttered as he sat up feeling sore all over. "What happened?" He rubbed his head and noticed the windows had thick curtains drawn over them. He couldn't see out of them which was a little odd because usually the windows were supposed to be open to let in light he figured. In the end he just shrugged it off. Looking around he saw what looked like a hospital room but not one he knew, then again it wasn't like he knew every room.

He noticed he was in hospital pyjamas a top and bottom.

He also noticed he wasn't the only one here there in the bed next to him was Sakura in the same kind of clothing as his own. He moved off the bed feeling like he had been on the bed for a long time as he walked over to her shaking her. "Hey Sakura-chan, wake up, wake up."

Sakura groaned as she blinked and placed a hand over her eyes. "What?" She snapped at him. "What's going on?"

"I was hoping you could tell me," Naruto told her. "I don't remember getting to the hospital do you?"

"Hospital?" Sakura looked around and noticed where they were. She groaned feeling her stiff body as she pulled back her long hair. "Why are we here, last thing I remember was...the chunin exams?"

"Hey yeah, I remember some kind of huge snake and some freaky guy." Naruto frowned. "We didn't lose did we?"

Sakura slumped, had they lost and somehow were put into the hospital? Looking around she noticed they were the only ones. "Hey, where is Sasuke-kun? Last thing I remember was that you two were out cold and...then it gets kind of hazy."

Naruto looked and didn't see Sasuke anywhere, "Maybe he wasn't hurt or is in another room?"

"Maybe," She got off the bed and nearly fell her legs were really worn out it seemed. Just how long had they been out? Her parents might be worried sick about her if she had been in the hospital for a long time she knew they had been a little nervous about her becoming a ninja after all. "I wonder if Kakashi-sensei will show up and tell us what happened."

"Well let's find out," Naruto went over to the door and opened it only to see an ANBU standing there. "Uh...hi?"

The man seemed surprised but cleared his throat, "Sorry but you two are to wait for the doctors to take a look at you."

"Why?" Naruto demanded. "What happened to us?"

"Sorry kid but I'm not at liberty to say. Please wait inside for the doctor to check you out."

Naruto frowned this was kind of strange as why would an ANBU be here? For a moment he thought that he might be in trouble and was quickly thinking how to get out of here before Iruka showed up to chew him out when he realized that he hadn't done anything wrong, at least not lately.

"Well can you at least tell me how long we've been here?" Naruto asked. "What about the chunin exams, are they over?"

There was a pause as though the man was trying to figure out what the boy was talking about. "Sorry but I can't answer that."

"What! Why not it's a simple question!" Naruto shouted out but felt Sakura's hand on the back of his shirt pulling him back.

"Sorry, we'll wait for the doctor," Sakura closed the door and then glared at Naruto. "Don't you know any better than to start trouble with an ANBU?"

Naruto pouted as he placed his arms behind his head looking away, "I just wanted some answers, you'd think he could at least answer that."

Sakura sighed, "I want answers to let's just wait for the doctor to show up and we can ask then okay?"

Both young teens went to waiting Naruto didn't like to wait as he looked around. He tried to open the curtains but found that they were actually secured to the wall. There was no way to see out of them which was really strange. He said as much to Sakura who frowned at it but figured there had to be a reason for it. Sakura decided to wait on the bed while Naruto started pacing it took a few minutes for that to get on Sakura's nerve as she told him to wait on the bed and stop being annoying.

Thankfully the door opened as a nurse and doctor walked in as they started looking them over. They did the usual check up things and then they started to draw out blood.

"Do you have to do that?" Naruto asked he hated needles as the nurse smiled at him. That caught him a little off guard as the smile was warm and there wasn't anything hidden behind it.

"Don't worry I'm good at this and it will be over in a moment," the nurse told him as she started to draw blood, Naruto flinched as she looked away.

"Naruto it's just a needle," Sakura started to say before wincing at the needle going into her arm.

"I thought you said it was just a needle Sakura-chan," Naruto grinned at her earning a irritated look from the pink haired girl.

"So I want to check a few things," the doctor said as he started writing down results. "Do you know where you are and who you are?"

"Konoha hospital?" Sakura asked looking around the room. "And I'm Sakura Haruno."

"Yeah and I'm Naruto Uzumaki!"

"Okay," he made a few notes, "What else do you remember?"

"We're on Team 7 and we were taking the chunin exams," Sakura told the doctor wondering why he was checking their memory. Had they gotten some kind of head trauma that he was checking on? She didn't feel any kind of injury on her head but then what if they had been in comas until now? That might explain a few thing like how tired her body felt if she had been in this bed for a long time.

But it didn't explain why Naruto woke up and then was the odds of two coma patients suddenly waking up in the same day didn't make much sense. The doctor kept asking strange questions like that and they kept answering as best as they could before Naruto had to start asking his own.

"Hey how about you start answering a few things yourself," the boy asked. "Is the chunin exam over? What happened to us and how come we're in here and how long? Where is Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei?"

The doctor and nurse exchanged looks before the doctor spoke up. "Well yes they are over."

"Aw man we lost didn't we?" Naruto's shoulders slumped he had been looking forward to making chunin.

"And you were...injured," The doctor continue on. "You've been here awhile, as for your sensei I can get word to him to visit you as soon as he can. Just please rest and relax for the moment as you're still recovering."

"Were we seriously injured?" Sakura asked as the doctor wasn't really telling them that much.

"Well we just want to be sure you two are okay after all," the doctor got up to leave as the nurse followed him out the door.

The two genins were wondering what was going on at the moment.

"This is weird," Naruto got off the bed and was looking at the secured curtains.

Sakura had to admit that this was all very strange, nothing made much sense to her as there was just too much information they were missing. Then she heard the tearing sound and noticed that Naruto was pulling the curtains off the wall.

"What are you doing?"

"Something fishy so I'm going out to check it out," Naruto commented as he pulled enough of the curtain to get at the window. He easily opened it, apparently someone forgot to lock the windows, which was a good thing the hospital kept doing that. It made escaping from these rooms so much easier that way.

"Naruto we're supposed to be resting like the doctor said," Sakura got off the bed and was ready to drag her idiot teammate back to the bed by force.

Naruto took one look out the window before he froze, "What the...hey this isn't Konoha!"

"What?" Sakura asked as Naruto pulled more of the curtain off and she looked out. There were forest in the distance and she could see the great wall that surrounded the village. She didn't see what the problem was at first but then she noticed something odd, she didn't recognize any of the buildings down there. The whole placed looked different, the layout, the types of buildings everything inside the wall was just different.

"Where are we?" Naruto asked her.

"I don't know." Sakura was both confused and starting to get a little scared now.

"You think we're kidnapped? Maybe by another village?" Naruto asked again.

"I...don't know," Sakura had never been to one of the other main villages but from what she remembered from pictures and descriptions this place didn't seem to fit one. Maybe they were in another city that wasn't in one of the five great elemental nations? At any rate something was really wrong here.

"I think we should look around," Naruto said getting onto the ledge of the window. "If we've been kidnapped we need to figure out where we are and how to get back."

She had to admit that it was their duty to escape. "Alright let's hurry before they come back."

Both of them walked down the side of the building quickly to try and avoid being seen. They hid behind some bushes as they looked around. It seemed like a normal average town, they could see ninja walk by in Konoha style dress. It was all confusing to them as they slowly made their way through the village. They kept to the side streets as they tried to listen in on conversations and figure things out.

But everything only added to the confusion, although the place wasn't Konoha it was built like it and it had the same 'feel' to it. Both Naruto and Sakura were wondering what had happened when they decided to try and risk going up higher to see how large the village was. They climbed the side of a building and on the roof they looked around. It was then that they spotted the one thing that only made things worse.

They couldn't have seen it before but now with a clear line of sight they would now see the mountain range that they knew very well. There the faces of the Hokages looked back at them nothing had been changed except for one thing, there was another face on that mountain. There was an unfamiliar woman's face as the fifth head on the mountain.

"That's impossible," Sakura muttered. She was sure that was the exact same mountain it couldn't be a reproduction and yet why was there a new face on it?

Naruto just looked at it silently with wide eyes as he tried to wrap his mind around what he was seeing.

"There they are!" A voice shouted out as they turned to see a chunin ninja on another rooftop looking for them.

"Crap they must have noticed we left!" Naruto looked around the place might be different but if there was one thing he knew it was how to give the run around to older ninja in a village. "Come on Sakura-chan, this place is weird and if we let them take us we might never figure things out!"

Sakura nodded her head, in an insane world Naruto was the only one she could trust as she was trying to make sense of this world. She ran with him keeping up as they tried their best to not be caught.

While the two of them were being chased, over in the center of the village inside of the new Hokage building things were peaceful. In the Hokage's office Tsunade was looking over reports, things had been calm for awhile and she was enjoying her day. Picking up her tea she took a sip at the latest candidates for the future chunin exams that would be in Kiri in several months time.

That was of course when her day would get so very complicated when a ninja ran into the room suddenly.

"Tsunade-sama! We have trouble," the ninja gasped out as he had run here as fast as he could when he heard the news.

"What is so important that made you rush in here?" Tsunade asked him this was peace time there shouldn't have been any kind of major threat going on at least she hoped there wasn't a new threat. The village had only just finally been fully repaired and she wasn't looking forward to being known at the Hokage that had to rebuild her village three times in her career.

He took a few breaths, "I'm sorry but the hospital just informed us, they woke up and they escaped from the hospital."

"What!" Tsunade stood up behind her desk eyes wide there were only two people that this ninja could be talking about. She knew that when they had been found this was going to give her a major headache. "Wasn't there supposed to be a guard on their room?"

"They apparently sneaked out of the room somehow," the ninja bowed his head in apology.

Tsunade sighed as she sat down in her chair this was going to cause all kinds of problems. "Send out everyone we can to find them before they run into the two they shouldn't. I haven't even told them about what we found yet and I don't want to hear to brat's reaction to all of this."

Among the village both Naruto and Sakura were very confused as they made their way through the unfamiliar village. Nothing made sense, the place looked nothing like their village but there was the Hokage Mountain all the faces were there but why was there a female face on it? None of the streets looked right but yet everything had a somewhat familiar feel to it, plus all these ninja wore Konoha uniforms.

Both young teens ran on over the roofs as they tried to lose the perusing ninja.

"Ha! I used to outrun jerks like you back when I was in the academy, you'll never catch me!" Naruto yelled back.

"Naruto, now is not the time to brag!" Sakura yelled at him as they kept moving. It was hard as she was already starting to feel winded, she felt out of shape and her body slightly sluggish for some reason. Naruto took her hand as he pulled her to the right. They jumped down into a side alley as they quickly made for a sharp turn and kept taking random turns to help shake off their pursuit.

They accidentally ended up in the middle of a busy street as they ran through the crowd trying to move around all the confused people. They were trying to think of a way to hide and think things out, to try and find information about where they were and what was going on. But suddenly there was an orange and black blur as someone landed in front of them.

"What's all the noise going on here?" the tall blonde boy asked looking at them. "What's all the commotion?"

Another person landed behind the two teens this one was a female by the voice they heard. "What are you two doing running around like this and why are you dressed like that?"

Both Naruto and Sakura looked at people and froze as did the two new people. There standing in front of them was what looked like an older version of Naruto in orange and black jumpsuit they could tell from how his hair and blue eyes were a perfect match. But it was also the black whisker marks on his face that really sold it to the young genins.

They looked behind them at the female and saw that it was what looked like an older version of Sakura, as she had the same features, green eyes and pink hair only much shorter now. The older Naruto and Sakura looked at the kids and saw that they were now looking at younger versions of themselves. There was a shocked moment of silence between the four of them as a crowd started to gather in the street at the bizarre sight of the four of them.

"What the hell!" All four of them yelled out suddenly as the shock started to wear off.

Next up chapter 2: Explanations

This was an idea I had for awhile and I just wanted to get the first chapter out. Yes this will be a strange Naruto/Sakura story as this is a older Naruto/Sakura and younger Naruto/Sakura story lol. Basically you should have figured out what is going on by this point and they will be getting new names.

If only so it doesn't get so complicated by having two sets of people called Naruto and Sakura.