The apartment was not always the right place to study. Ariadne was sitting in her desk trying to finish a floor plan for class. She wanted it to finish before meeting Miles at his house.

The tenet directly above her loved his music. He loved it so much he wanted all of Paris to dance along. The first time she was persuaded to go up there was one night at two a.m. She had an exam early in the morning and her bed was booming from the bass. Ariadne had enough and grew so irritated that she went up there in her bathrobe on to see Remy was having a party.

The guys dancing outside his door turned around and stood still as if they were looking at a zombie. She pushed through them to enter the apartment where there were more guys smoking and drinking. Ariadne told them nicely to turn it down, explaining that she couldn't sleep and needed to be up early. Remy apologized and the party continued without music.

Then he did it again. And again, she went up there. Then it happened again. Ariadne was so annoyed that she complained to the landlord. He promised to do something but as she presumed, he did nothing. She had to go up there seven times already. Ariadne was really losing her temper.

After slamming her laptop down, she dashed out of her seat and walked as fast as possible to the stairs. What was this idiots problem? If he kept on blasting his stupid music like some rapper, maybe the dog would flip out.

After pounding on the door three different times she heard, "Alright I'm coming!" She prepared herself to give the 'I am not amused' gesture. Remy opened up the door to introduce an aroma of tobacco and some illegal plants. "Yes?"

"This is the, what, seventh time I've come up here?" she quizzed.

"Eh… I didn't count." He replied carelessly.

"I am so goddamn tired of coming up here." She snapped. "I am trying to study, I am trying to relax. I'll tell you again to turn that music off! Not down, but off!"

"Ok." He prepared to shut the door but Ariande threw it open completely and held it down with her fist.

"That's what you say every time. 'Ok'. Let me tell you something," she began. When she had advice to give it was impossible holding her back. Her friends even bet her a hundred Euros if she didn't give any advice for a week. "There are elders here. There are families with young children here. And there are students here. You think you look so hot blasting your stupid rap music but the truth is, everyone is sick of it and you look like a tool."

Remys face didn't change while she criticized him. "The other tenets don't complain."

"Because they shouldn't have to." She snapped. "Now seriously, stop it!"

Remy sighed. He liked her as much as she liked him. "And if I don't…"

When Ariadne was there the first time, the boys brought her into the apartment to join the party. While she was there, she learned that Remy really liked to smoke anything that burns. His 'garden' turned out to be plants that were illegal in France. Plus, he had cocaine and meth.


"I'll inform the police about your little drug business." She threatened. "Hopefully you know what happens after that." Ariadne turned around proudly to head home.

Reaching back to her apartment, Ariadne responded to a text tone from her best friend.

I know parties aren't your thing, but I'm hosting one tomorrow. Be great if you came.

Beer? She texted back and sent. A message was boomeranged back.

I know their beer is not as good as ours but… yeah theres gonna be lots of it. And spin the bottle… -hint- ;)

The Canadian-born native chuckled. Jules had always been trying to get her friend to meet more guys. While she may have been datable, Ariadne was more likely to turn down a guy in order to feel safe. The only man currently in her life was Ringo and that's the way she wanted it to be.

I'll be there.

She checked her watch to see that it was about time to go. When Ringo saw her take his leash off the wall, he danced around and snorted with excitement. Why Miles wanted her to come over, she had yet to find out.

The issue with walking Ringo was that every time something interesting, like a mailbox or a street sign came up, he would stop to sniff it for ten minutes. "You can sniff all you want at Miles." She told him.

The dog walked for twenty minutes before reaching an idyllic white house. Ringo approached one of the plants bordering the fence to sniff it. Ariadne pulled him away and shortened his leash until they got on the porch.

Knocking on the door she had a feeling someone wanted to meet her. Miles came up, greeting her with a friendly smile.

"Glad you could come." He started. "I see you brought your friend." Miles bent down and slipped a treat out of his jacket pocket. Ringo chomped it up right away. The professor chuckled and scratched the dog on the head. "Please, come in."

"Why did you ask me to come over?" she questioned.

"Because we need to chat more." He closed and clicked the door locked behind her. "Care for a glass of wine?"

"Uh… sure. But what exactly do you want to talk about?" Ariadne plopped herself down on his couch, Ringo jumping next to her.

"There are manners we need to discuss too private for the classroom." Miles came back from the bar with two half-filled glasses of red wine.

"I thought we discussed everything."

The professor sat down on the cushion across from her, his fingers twiddling over the coffee table.

"Not everything." He seemed a bit insecure. "We've discussed the whole mission and the problems with other companies and a bit about the nightmare after effects. Only a bit though about that… There's much more to explain."

"Such as?"

"Well," the old man cleared his throat. "After everyone's first time, they experience brief moments of terror due to the side effects of the sedatives."

"But the sedative we used was different." She reminded him.

"So the effects could be worse." He stated. "Some have gotten visions, others have seen gruesome sights that actually weren't there. Others had premonitions that misfortune would happen. Rarely, others had nightmares that wouldn't go away."

"You're telling me this now?" Ariadne stood up strait, her ears shifting forwards. "Why didn't Cobb or Arthur tell me?"

"Because these effects last for less than a week and are hard to predict." He attempted to reassure her. "Ninety nine percent of the time these effects are harmless on the persons health."

"What about the one percent?" she interrogated. "What happens to them?"

Miles shrugged and sipped his wine. "I'm actually not sure. I haven't heard of any cases. That's how uncommon they are."

Ariadne was processing the information through her mind like a machine reading bubble tests. A few dots weren't colored in. "But with the sedative we used… instead of waking up, you'd go to Limbo so there's a chance these conditions could be stronger… wait a minute." The last word hesitated to step off her tongue. "What about Limbo?"

"No one has ever been to Limbo their first time." He stated. Ariadne froze. Didn't Cobb tell him? He would have to in order to explain how he completed the project! She thought Cobb would want to tell Miles something like that.

Ariadnes eyes looked into her wine glass. She felt like a teenager confessing pregnancy as she was about to say it.

"I did."

Her words were barley audible. Awkwardly, the architect took some wine to avoid eye contact.

"Come again?" he asked. "I couldn't hear you well."

Ariadne sighed. There went nothing. "I went there. And I never plan on going back."

Miles could feel his hear beating the wrong way. "You? With Cobb?"

Ariadne nodded. "I thought he told you." Ariadne shook her head at Cobbs inability to speak up sometimes. "It was the only way he could go home."

Miles leaned forward, fire igniting in his eyes. "Why on earth would he take you there?"

"It was my idea." Ariadne placed a palm on her forehead. "Mal shot Fischer so if we gave up, Cobb would go to jail. I told him we could find Fischer in Limbo if we went there. So after some arguing, we did and he showed me his fantasy land."

"Then what happened?"

"We went up to his 'house' and found Mal. Fischer was there too. I got Fischer, kicked myself awake and Cobb stayed to find Saito."

She could feel Miles on the inside go from white to pink to red. "I am going to Los Angeles to have a word with him!"

"Stop!" Ariadne snapped. "Could Limbo possibly make these after effects worse?" She had to know the answer before Miles left to kick Cobbs ass.

He didn't know what to say. He felt his Einstein brain spinning inside his skull like a globe. "In my professional opinion, yes… I can't say how much worse though."

Ariadne felt her nerves freezing up like icicles. Was that one nightmare only the beginning?

"Hang on a moment." Miles got up, still angry with his son-in-law three thousand miles away. "Don't panic Ariadne. You'll be just fine."

Ariadne looked to Ringo for relief, who was still next to her only lying on his back. "Do you get bad dreams?" she asked him, despite the fact that he couldn't answer. Just dreams about steak and squirrels maybe.

"There is a research lab in this country of people who are studying these after effects." Miles reentered the living room with a business card. "If something is wrong, and I mean terribly wrong, call Jude Masterson. He is a doctor and researcher who can bring help in a flash." He handed her the small card with a number.

Ariadne shook her head. "I won't need this."

"Keep it." he ordered. "In case you need it. You'll regret not having it.

She sighed and accepted the card. "Thanks. I have to go home now to study… Thanks for telling me."

Ariadne stood up, Ringo jumping down and trotting after her.

"You should be thankful that at least you know now." Miles finished. "We're not told these things sooner because we can't catch them sooner. You'll be glad to know at least."

She sighed and stepped out of the house without saying goodbye.

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