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It was the day after the wedding. And I, Ignitus, the new Chronicler of this age, was most excited to see my friend after so many years. I was upset not to be able to attend, but other matters of more importance were at hand. Tens of thousands of inhabitants filled the Valley of Avalar to witness the union between Cynder & Spyro, and show great appreciation for the saviors of their world. A more joy filled & peaceful time the planet has never experienced. However, unbeknownst to all of us, there was another that was aware of this BOND...The Dark Master.

The Legend of Spyro IV: Sparx The Dragon

Chapter One: Spyro & Cynder's first Houseguest

It is a beautiful day in the Valley of Avalar. Dual waterfalls to the east and west drop into the valley from the high crescent cliff along the north end. The torrents of water flow unrestrained towards each other, colliding near the center of the valley. From there the raging river roars southerly like a full speed locomotive. This massive flow bends around the old abandoned Cheetah village to another steep waterfall. A large cave entrance sits just to the right of these falls.

Inside the cave, an entertainment system with full communication capabilities lining the back wall, and a lowered pit area to the left with a raging fire, prove this is not just a hole in the mountain but a dwelling. Not just any dwelling either, it is the new home of the greatest hero of Avalar.

Large portraits of Spyro and his new bride adorn the walls of the main living room along with many awards and medals from his service to Avalar. Moving through the cave, there is only one door attached to the main room. Through it, is a vast sleeping chamber where Spyro & Cynder are sprawled out atop a large pile of pelts and large cushions.

The young adult purple dragon has grown quite a bit, but still smaller then a guardian or even a full adult dragon. His gold horns are a foot longer, and the scales on his body are more pronounced then ever. Spyro's chest plate bulges with a more muscular upper body, and his forearms are massive too, his right arm draped across the stomach of his life long love and brand new bride, Cynder.

She has grown in height, looking more like she did when Spyro fist saw her. Her scarlet red chest and wings highlight her dark-colored body, and are the only things visible in the dark room.

However, a beam of sunlight coming through a crack in the cave is the only light inside, and as the sun slowly crosses the Valley, so too does this beam across the floor of the sleeping chamber. It hits Spyro directly in the eye, and he winces. The young dragon wakes up and yawns uncontrollably.

"Oh man...I've got to fix that!" he says to himself with exhaustion from the long wedding and even longer reception.

Spyro then looks over at his new wife and smiles. He gets up off the floor, easily so as not to wake her, then strides on all fours to the entrance of his new home. As he reaches the mouth of the cave, a smile crosses his features. A vivid picture fills his eyes and assures the young dragon he will always remember his first day of marriage.

"What a beautiful day," Spyro yelps as he stretches his paws out in front of his body like a cat.

"Yes...and it's because of you my friend that we may gaze upon a day like this!" An eerily familiar voice bellows from Spyro's right near the edge of the south falls. Spyro jumps mid-stretch, and looks over to see a dragon he doesn't quite recognize. His voice...it sounds like his old mentor, but he is blue-ish in color, not red.

"…Ignitus?" Spyro says, unconvinced at what he is seeing, possibly still sleeping or still a little drunk from the party.

However when Ignitus nods his head yes, a look of amazement fills Spyro's face.

"By the ancestors… I can't believe you're alive!" the young dragon bellows as he walks closer. Spyro begins sniffing the air and ground, still unsure. Ignitus just chuckles at his friend's reaction.

When Spyro hears that distinct laugh and can smell the scent of his old mentor, a huge smile fills his features. He rears up on his hind legs, standing a head taller then Ignitus on all fours. The blue dragon hops up slightly, himself, and the two dragons take each other in a tight embrace.

"Spyro...it is good to finally see you again after all these years," Ignitus whispers in his old friend's ear.

"I don't understand how this is possible!" Spyro replies, holding his friend tighter. "I saw you die."

"Yes...I know," Ignitus retorts and breaks the hug with his friend to look him in the eye. "I was not sure, myself, at first. I used all my power to throw you and Cynder across the belt of fire, knowing full well what that meant."

Ignitus pauses and sits down to recall the images that passed through his mind at that final moment of his life.

"I was dead, or so I thought. For a moment I felt nothing, but could see and hear everything," He says awkwardly, knowing how strange that sounds, then looks dead into Spyro's prying purple eyes, and loosens his mood seeing his friend intently listening to his every word.

The blue dragon focuses hard on the images that became more vague as his spirit was called away.

"I watched as you and Cynder went into Malefor's lair and faced him...then into the depths of Avalar to defeat him..." Ignitus' eyes blink with a no further recollection. "...but at the last moment, I blacked out."

Ignitus pauses and looks down at himself, his eyes show that he is still not used to his new color and looks back up to his friend as he continues.

"I awoke to find myself in a strange place. It was a vast library of ancient books, and a very old dragon was waiting there for me," the old guardian says with a pride-filled tone in his voice.

"You met the Chronicler?" Spyro asks with surprise.

"MET HIM!?" Ignitus barks with a bit of anger in his voice. "Are you drunk? Open your eyes Spyro...I BECAME him!"

"What!?" the young dragon yelps, but then his tired eyes finally focus and can see the amulet around his neck.

"BY THE ANCESTORS!" Spyro bellows a little too loud, waking his wife from her slumber.

"Hey! What is going on out there!?" She cries from her room loud enough for Spyro to hear over the rushing waterfall. His face shows anguish as he hears the anger in her voice for being woken so early.

"Sorry Cynder!" her husband barks sheepishly, then valiantly pushes the blame off on his guest. "...Ahhh, you might want to wake up and see who is here to visit."

"This early in the morning!?" She says to herself. Cynder sighs, but starts her wake up routine. The long thin dragoness stretches her razor tipped wings and long legs. Slowly she rears up on her hind legs, arching her back, then reaching to the ceiling, almost touching it.

Cynder is still as slender as she was five years ago, streamlined and fast. Her dark scales are almost black in color, but show their true deep purple hue as she walks through the beam of bright sunlight. Her vibrant red chest plate & wings light up as the focused beam of light hits the polished razor-blade-tip of her tail. Cynder notices the light her blade casts and repositions her tail to focus the beam up against the ceiling.

The room illuminates with a rainbow of color from the polished metal of her tail blade and Cynder smiles to herself.

"He's not fixing that hole, not if I have anything to say about it."

The dragoness lowers her head down to a pool of fresh water that is continually fed by the river outside the cave. She takes a drink then splashes some of the cold water on her face.

As the dark dragoness continues her wake up routine, Spyro and Ignitus continue their chat.

"Five years Spyro?" Ignitus asks with shock in his voice. "What were you waiting for? I figured you would've settled down with Cynder long ago."

"I was fighting with the Skylanders," Spyro replies with a bit of anxiousness in his voice.

"For that long?" Ignitus says with surprise. "I would've figured 'Spyro the Dragon' would be allowed a bit of leniency. Maybe sit out one or two fights."

"My thoughts exactly, but sometimes things don't work out that way," Spyro retorts with a smirk.

"Yes, I can attest to that." Ignitus walks over to his friend and rests his paw upon Spyro's flank. "So how were your adventures with the Skylanders?"

"Something I would like to forget at this time," he somberly replies and lowers his head down.

Ignitus looks at his friend with curiosity. "Why would you say that, Spyro?"

"Now don't get me wrong," the purple dragon barks, raising his eyes back to look his mentor in the face. "I appreciate everything that the Skylanders did for me. I am stronger, faster, and have a better knowledge for who I am, what I am, and what I can do. I also have friends all over the universe that would come at the drop of a hat if I asked..."

Ignitus feels the pause in Spyro's thought then helps him along.

"But…?" He says to press the issue.

Spyro looks down in defeat again. "But...I was there for five years."

Ignitus looks at his friend in amazement. "Why that long Spyro?"

"I don't really know why," Spyro responds, but then gives his friend a dumb look. "Maybe because I did something I wasn't supposed to do...or perhaps I annoyed the wrong person."

"Whom, if I may ask, did you annoy?" Ignitus asks already knowing the answer.

"Of all the people to anger, I picked the worst," Spyro replies with a humorous tone in his voice.

Ignitus stares at his friend with a stupid expression himself.

"Let me guess...the Portal Master?"

Spyro lowers his head and simply replies, "YUP!"

"Young dragon, you still have a lot to learn," his mentor laughs with a wry smirk upon his face. After a moment, however, his smile goes away for a more serious look, and he walks over to his old friend. "But that is no reason to keep you for so long, Spyro. I have never heard..."

Ignitus' thought is interrupted as Cynder makes her way to the mouth of the cave. The new Chronicler is not in view, so she asks her husband.

"Who are you talking to out here?"

However, she is startled when her eyes happen upon a dragon she knows is dead. A fearful look fills her gaze as she gasps with shock.

"What the hell...?" She blurts.

Ignitus & Spyro just smile at her.

"It's good to see you, too, Cynder," Ignitus replies with a slight grin.

"Oh...I'm sorry," Cynder blushes from her embarrassment, she looks at her husband with complete uncertainty. "It's not often you see a ghost."

"He's not a ghost," Spyro responds laughing. "He's the new Chronicler."

Cynder's eyes open wide and she turns her head back to the blue dragon. "You have the job of keeping track of history. What happened to the other Chronicler?"

"I don't really know," Ignitus replies with a vague tone in his voice. "He passed his powers on to me, and disappeared from sight. I don't even understand why I was given this gift."

"Well, they couldn't have picked a better dragon," Spyro says to his friend, and looks him in the eye. "I just wish I had a chance to thank him for his help."

"Well, technically you just did," The blue dragon bellows, and Spyro looks at Ignitus with a puzzled expression. The young dragon's old mentor can see the confusion in Spyro's eyes and tries to make sense of his last comment.

"You see, this body is just a conduit to hold my life force. I have all of my memories as Chronicler, as well as the memories of my former lives," Ignitus tells him, smiling. "It is this vast sea of knowledge that allows me to provide the best solutions for any situation at hand."

"Maybe you could give me some of that vast knowledge," Spyro barks with an embarrassed chuckle in his voice. "I sure could use it with a certain Portal Master..."

Ignitus puts his hand on his head, and Cynder looks over at her husband.

"What happened between you and him?" Cynder asks with a concern stare. "You never did tell me about it Spyro, and I know something went wrong. You've seemed so distant since you came back!"

Spyro turns his head down, away from his wife. He knows he can not tell her the truth.

"You know how I can get sometimes, honey. We butted heads a few times. I just wanted to come home...I was gone a while." Spyro can see that Cynder is not believing a word he says, and she quickly sighs to show her disapproval in his lie, but nevertheless, the purple dragon holds his tongue.

"Listen, why don't we go inside? We can catch up while relaxing a bit; besides, Ignitus, you haven't seen the new house yet." Spyro says sheepishly, trying to change topic.

Ignitus can sense his friend is holding something back, and so does Cynder. They both let it slide, seeing he does not want to speak about it.

The three dragons enter the main room, walking over to a small fire that is crackling in the lowered area off to the left. A thick layer of furry pelts line the area where Cynder, Spyro and the new Chronicler lay down and begin their talk.

Ignitus looks around the room and can see the spoils of being the most respected inhabitant of the planet. The cave is spacious and well decorated, mostly with gifts and medals to both Spyro and the now well-respected Cynder.

However, one portrait hanging on the wall takes the Chronicler's attention, and he is suddenly aware of the lack of chatter in the room. A small gold dragonfly is missing from this conversation.

"Where is Sparx?" Ignitus asks and Cynder immediately blushes, she looks to her husband and can see the emptiness fill his expression.

Cynder turns back to the dragon that has been missing for five years to let him know the terrible news, but before she can open her muzzle…

"He died in an accident two months ago!" Spyro quietly replies, and Cynder returns her attention to him with shock. He has not been able to even talk of Sparx since that day, but in the company of the only dragon he has considered a father, the young dragon is finally able to speak. "I tried to save him, but I was too late to help...I failed him."

"You didn't fail him Spyro," Cynder yelps grasping his paw, and draping her wing over his flank to hold him tightly. "I'm sure he knows that you did everything you could to try and save him."

The elder blue dragon also lies beside his former protégé, feeling terrible for his loose-lipped moment. Ignitus lowers his muzzle down to his friend.

"I'm so sorry Spyro!" Ignitus somberly whispers. "What happened?"

Cynder can see her husband's eyes begin tearing up from recalling such a painful memory. She suddenly feels helpless, but tries to comfort him by staying quiet and holding on to his paw. He has not spoken much of his brother, so she is happy to finally hear him release a little.

"It turns out we were wrong Ignitus..." Spyro yelps with a bit of a chuckle in his sadness. "He really was a hero...and he proved that at his final moment." Spyro looks dead into Ignitus' eyes as he continues telling him of his brother's sacrifice. "He selflessly chose to try and save the lives of several whelpling dragons...knowing full well that he was going to fail and was absolutely sure he would die in the process!"

Ignitus lowers his head, depressed but also with suspense. The elder dragon is afraid to ask and is upset that he does not fully know Spyro's life for the past few years.

"What if he died while failing?" Ignitus thinks to himself, but before he could stop his thought...

"Did he save the whelplings, Spyro?" Ignitus asks very apprehensively. He is shocked at himself for even saying that, feeling more like Volteer with his unstoppable muzzle. However, he is quickly relieved when he looks at his friend.

A gleam in the purple dragon's eye sends a chill down the former fire guardian's spine, and he knows the answer before it is spoken.

"Of course he did!" Spyro barks with pride. "He was MY brother!"

Cynder is beside herself seeing a smile on her husband's face, while talking about Sparx. He has even been short with her about the subject, but now she can see he is opening up to the 2 dragons that knew him the best.

"It was during a bad storm in the city of New Warfang. Five inches of rain fell in an hour, and the city was quickly flooded." Spyro grasps his wife's paw tightly, remembering that night. Cynder curls her wing against him tighter assuring him she is there.

"A small group of children were caught in the downpour… three of them were swept into a storm drain." Spyro lowers his head and takes a deep breath. He looks up to the sky and his pride filled voice cracks a few times. "Sparx held his breath for over three minutes, swimming against a strong current to unplug that drain, so the children had time to be rescued. If he didn't, all three would have drowned."

A quiet pause settles over the group, and Spyro stares at the portrait of the little dragonfly that was larger than life. A smile fills his features, believing he knows what his brother would be thinking at his last moment.

"I would bet he believed they would name a school after him!" Spyro says with laughter in his voice to break the silence, and Ignitus smiles.

However, the look Cynder gives him is a bit baffling. Her eyes show shock that he almost guessed it right.

"It's going to be more like a park, Spyro," Cynder yelps and squeezes her husband's paw softly. "Terrador wants to call it...Dragonfly Park!"

"WHAT!?" The purple hero barks with shock.

"I was going to tell you later when the plans were to be announced, but I think this is as good a time as any!" Cynder yelps with a smile. She can see the gratitude in his eyes, and Spyro lowers his head down for a moment.

"You did this?" he asks somberly.

"NO!" Cynder yelps, and Spyro looks up at her confused. "Believe it or not...this was Volteer's doing. He and Sparx grew very close, and he was as upset as you when he found out what happened."

Spyro suddenly feels bad for not expressing his emotion with Volteer that one time he asked… he never knew Sparx had made so many friends. A smile crosses his face, thinking about his best friend and imagining him flying around a park named in his honor.

"How could they be such good friends, I wonder...?" Ignitus bellows seriously, startling both Spyro & Cynder. He smiles at both of them and with a sarcastic tone finishes his thought. "…if neither could get a word in edgewise?"

All three dragons laugh simultaneously and continue to share story after story of the young dragonfly that annoyed his way into everyone's heart… even Cynder's.

Soon thereafter, Spyro & Cynder decide to give the new Chronicler the nickel tour of their new home, the entire Valley of Avalar, a gift given to them by the Cheetah Warriors, whom rightfully owned the land, and a perfect place for two powerful dragons to raise their family.

After hours of peaceful and thought-provoking conversation while strolling through the lands, the setting of the second sun tells the Chronicler it is time to leave. The 3 dragons flew easily back to the mouth of Spyro's cave as the light begins to fade from the sky.

"Well, do us a favor, buddy, and try to come again before another five years go by," Spyro yelps with laughter as they land upon the ground.

"I'll see what I can do," Ignitus quickly replies with a chuckle of his own. "...and once more I'd like to say congratulations and good luck to the both of you!"

"Thank you Ignitus, and good luck to you in your new endeavor," Cynder says with a smile.

Spyro strides over to his wife and wraps his wing around her, pulling Cynder side by side. He leans his muzzle against hers, pecking his wife on the cheek. "I'll be in in a little while, baby… if you don't mind, I would like to talk to Ignitus for a moment!"

"Of course, honey!" Cynder replies and rubs her muzzle under his chin. "I know you boys want some alone time, but don't take too long..."

Cynder turns her head around quickly, staring deep into Spyro's purple eyes. "...We have plans for this evening, remember!?"

Spyro smiles, knowing their plans are to do nothing but stay in each other's arms all night.

Cynder sees the approving smile from her husband, and she returns her attention to Ignitus once more. "Good night Ignitus, it was nice seeing you again."

"Good night to you, too, my dear," Ignitus replies with a slight bow of his head. The young dragoness yawns and turns into the cave, slowly disappearing from sight.

Spyro sits down on his hindquarters, next to his friend, lowering to his stomach and stretching his paws out. Ignitus lies beside his friend in the same fashion, and both look up towards a small blue speck of light in the night sky.

"You know something? It was actually nice to have a conversation with you, for once, that didn't involve death, destruction, or rescuing the world." Spyro yelps with sarcasm. "I don't think we ever did that before!"

"Yes..." Ignitus laughs deeply, but notices Spyro doesn't return the laughter. "...it was very...different."

The young dragon takes a deep breath, then returns his eyes to the sky. Ignitus can feel the cold silence of anxiety inside his friend. There is something he wants to say, but just not sure of how to say it.

Ignitus is first to break the silence.

"I felt your tension all day young dragon. I will talk with the Portal Master." The former Fire Guardian bellows and Spyro's attention is immediately returned from space. "Gaven is a good friend of mine, and I am sure he was not upset with you."

"Don't be so sure." Spyro retorts quickly.

"He has told me himself that you are his most powerful and fearless Skylander!" Ignitus barks proudly.

"He DID?" Spyro is shocked. He was treated so poorly by the Portal Master. "When did he say that?"

"I may have been gone for a while, but I still hear things from time to time," Ignitus replies and Spyro lowers his head.

"So you know!" he sheepishly responds.

"KNOW WHAT!?" Ignitus yelps. The purple dragon's former mentor becomes a bit aggravated at Spyro's cryptic responses and finally just asks "What the hell happened?"

Spyro looks back to make sure his wife cannot hear him.

"Well, it was more than just an argument at the end. Things got kinda heated, you might say. I am not proud of what I did." Spyro looks back into the cave once more to make sure Cynder is not listening, then lowers his head with anguish. "I don't even know if I'm still considered a Skylander."

The young dragon places his paws on his head to cover the shame on his face.

"What did you do?" His friend asks somberly, seeing the pain in Spyro's expression.

"I burned him, Ignitus!" he says coldly with no emotion. Then the purple dragon's rage begins to surface in his voice. "I was angry with the way he was treating me. I fought for him for four long years, watching other Skylanders come and go. Some would be there for just a week, or maybe a month. Then they were sent home to their families."

Spyro stands up and begins walking from the cave, knowing his voice is going to get louder as he recalls the more annoying moments with his military service. Ignitus follows his friend as he strides over to the southern waterfall. The crashing noise of water covers a bit of his voice, and the beauty of the falls help keep his anger in check.

"I dealt with it...as the purple dragon I know this is what I was meant to do, and I've always been happy to do what I can." Spyro pauses for a moment. His head lowers again, knowing that what that means on Avalar is the complete opposite in the eyes of Gaven the Portal Master.

"But he never said a word to me Ignitus, the entire time I was there. It was like I did something wrong from the moment I arrived," The young dragon almost tearfully tells his friend. "No welcome, no nothing, not even a 'hello'. He just handed me my first assignment and opened a portal."

"I'm so sorry Spyro..." Ignitus walks over to his friend and places his paw upon Spyro's back.

"I barely even know what his voice sounds like," Spyro yelps with a forced chuckle, trying to just make himself laugh at the tense moment in his head. "It was hard to watch him strike up conversation after conversation with everyone else, but he would just stare at me…it was very awkward. Why he said I was his best… I don't get it!"

"Well he did, Spyro!" Ignitus exclaims and stares his friend dead in the eye. "The greatest Skylander he has ever had!"

"Well I guess that was longer then six months ago," Spyro says sarcastically, and Ignitus pauses for a moment. He can tell he will finally hear what has eaten at Spyro since getting there.

"Tell me what happened six months ago, Spyro?" Ignitus asks sternly, more like his father than his mentor.

"I found out Cynder was ill," Spyro replies and looks up to the former Guardian. "I asked him if I could go home and be with her… I promised I would return. He said NOTHING." Spyro begins pacing around trying to relieve his anger, but still his voice gets more agitated. "I walked around his desk and told him I was leaving."

"You know what he did?" Spyro asks rhetorically as he stops his pacing and stares at Ignitus. Then Spyro answers his own question with more anger in his voice.

"He handed me another DAMN ASSIGNMENT."

"Easy, Spyro," The blue dragon bellows to his friend, feeling his power starting to rise. "Calm down!"

"I never complained till that moment. I just did what I was told and he blew me off like I meant nothing… like Cynder meant nothing." Ignitus can see the anger building in Spyro's eyes as he turns to looks at him. "I lost it, Ignitus."

Spyro's voice and eyes fill with rage as he continues to tell his mentor what he did. "I was so ANGRY, I FILLED THE ROOM WITH FIRE. It was as bright as the Sun, and hotter then hell. I couldn't control my rage. I let loose all I had in one vicious blast, and destroyed that assignment while still in his hand."

Ignitus is in shock from his normally calm friend's outburst of rage.

"You didn't?" he replies with surprise.

"Yup, I did!" Spyro retorts then looks down recalling the next moment of his fight with the Portal Master. "...and when the smoke cleared, all I saw was his burned fist coming at me. I didn't even have a chance to duck, and I've never been hit that hard in my life."

"I can still feel it!" Spyro yelps rubbing his jaw from the phantom pain. "When I woke up some time later, he still never said a word to me. For an hour he just stared at me coldly. The silence made me feel even more nauseous than usual."

"What happened then Spyro?" The Chronicler asks when Spyro pauses for a long moment.

"He shook his head at me, looked down at his control panel, and opened a portal to the Valley of Avalar," Spyro replies with depression, then looks up at his friend with tears beginning to well up in his eyes. "Then he pointed angrily for me to leave… so I did. I've never felt so ashamed in all my life."

"I can't believe you would do that!" Ignitus yelps in shock.

"I couldn't believe it either, and I was there!" Spyro barks with another forced chuckle.

Ignitus walks over to his friend and grasps his shoulder. "Well I'm sure I talked to him before THAT little incident, or else he would have told me."

"Yeah, since you're one of the people he talks to, I guess," Spyro sarcastically blurts out.

The blue dragon gives a quick snort of laughter, but then becomes serious. "I just don't understand why he would do such a thing to you, or anyone for that matter." He replies, knowing Gaven for decades during one of the Chronicler's other lives. "I am going to go there tonight and I will talk with Gaven. I've known him years, and if he was acting that way, I want to know why."

"If you find out anything, please let me know?" Spyro asks genuinely as Ignitus begins to walk to an open area to take off. "I will not be able to rest with this on my mind."

"Nor would I," The blue dragon replies and looks back to his friend as his wings open wide. "I will get to the bottom of this."

"Thank you, Ignitus."

"No Spyro, thank you." The great dragon says with the utmost gratitude in his voice. "Good night young hero, and again, good luck to you and Cynder."

Spyro smiles at his friend as he takes off into the air. "Good night to you too… Chronicler"