As soon as Kurt had embraced Blaine, Jack had noticed the already scabbing entry wound that had been left at the base of the boy's neck by the snake. He raised his gun aiming it straight Kurt's chest. "Blaine, get away from him."

Blaine kept Kurt in his arms, moving to come between the weapon and its target, "What?"

"He's a Goa'uld," Jack said solemnly.

Kurt removed himself from Blaine's arms, standing in front of him, his hands raised submissively. "Let me explain."

Renik whispered into his mind, the Tok'ra's mental voice sounding nervous, "Kurt run."

"I'm not going to do that," Kurt thought back, "I trust these people, they just don't understand." Then he said aloud, "Please just hear me out, don't shoot."

"Jack," Daniel had his Zat gun at the ready. "He's just a kid," he said, ever the voice of reason, "I can Zat him if he does anything to hurt any of us."

Damn it, Jack knew that Daniel was quite aware that he wouldn't intentionally hurt a kid, Goa'uld inside or not. He lowered his gun, but still held it so that he could shot at a moment's notice if he had to.

"Now, I don't know the complete story, so instead of just repeating what Renik says I'm going to let him explain."

"Renik?" Daniel frowned.

"He's a Tok'ra."

"Daniel?" Jack asked, turning his head to his teammate but keeping one eye on Kurt.

"I don't know," which were words Daniel rarely used, "'Tok' roughly translates to resisting and it's obvious what 'Ra' refers to. So…"

Kurt nodded eagerly, "Against Ra, yes! Please just let Renik explain. Just don't shoot," he added before dropping his head and allowing the Tok'ra to take control. Kurt could feel his eyes glow when Renik took over. He could hear Jack curse. He saw Blaine stumble back a few steps away from him, fear in his eyes; that broke Kurt's heart. "Give me back control, just for a minute," Kurt instantly felt his personality surge forward, Renik retreating to the back of his mind. "Blaine, it's okay!" Blaine just moved a few more feet away, until his back was pressed against a pillar. He said nothing, the terrified look on his face communicating more than words. Out of the corner of his eye, Kurt saw that Daniel and Jack were having what looked like a very heated argument. However there were more important things for Kurt to deal with at the moment, so he turned his full attention back to his boyfriend. "Blaine, I know this is really strange, but Renik has promised leave me as soon as he finds another host." He reached out to take Blaine's hand in his, but the shorter boy flinched away.

"Cover!" Jack exclaimed suddenly, as he and Daniel both dove behind a pillar. A group of Jaffa led by several Goa'ulds rounded the corner, the Jaffas' boots clanking on the floor. One of the Goa'ulds looked very familiar. It was Esa.

Kurt shoved Blaine out of the way, feeling a streak of red pain shot across his arm. Weapons fire reverberated around the hallway. Kurt's body smacked the ground. He barely registered Blaine pulling him further out of the way. Any fear that had been there was forgotten when Blaine had seen the staff blast hit Kurt.

Renik was desperately trying to heal his host's body. Blood coated Kurt's arm, some of it splattered on his face and neck. Even though the blast had actually just grazed him, the burn was enough to make Kurt light-headed and queasy.