"Attention class" Iruka began, "Today you're going to get back your photosynthesis quiz passed back."

As each student got their quiz back, the face they made usually showed the grade they received.

Hinata's quiz came with a smiley face drawn on it.

Naruto's quiz came with a disappointed look from Iruka.

As disappointed as he was in Naruto, Iruka still decided that if one of his classmates tutored him that maybe those tutoring sessions would give Naruto a change to make some friends.

"It seems as if Naruto isn't understanding the material, is there anybody who would be willing to tutor him?"

Hinata looked around the room for an outstretched hand, but there was none.

Naruto just put his hands in his pockets, trying to look like he could care less, but his eyes said something else entirely.

That's when Hinata, for Naruto's sake, decided to say something.

"Um… Iruka-Sensei… I'd be willing to tutor Na-Naruto-Kun."

Hinata began to shrink under the questioning looks her classmates sent her.

"Thanks Hinata" Naruto called out, and sent her one of his infamous smiles.

Even without knowing it, he was always saving her with that smile.