a/n-Technically a sequel to Family, this was supposed to be a one-shot, but then I just kept typing and typing and typing, like I tend to do. So now it's going to be several chapters long—at this point I think about five. It can also be read as a standalone story. Enjoy!


Chapter One

In his younger days, Ron Weasley had, without a doubt, positively loathed Draco Malfoy.

Things had changed a bit following the Battle of Hogwarts and the Malfoy's defection from the Death Eaters, but not by much. For example, he wasn't about to go out and demand that Malfoy become his best friend. In fact, being more than casual acquaintances was, quite frankly, stretching it just a tad too much for Ron's liking. But there were more important things in life than wasting time thinking about an old school grudge and all that it had evolved into.

In fact, after May 2, 1998, the next time Ron actually saw Draco Malfoy was more than nineteen years later.

That isn't to say that he hadn't heard about things that Malfoy was up to over the years. In the years immediately after the war, the Malfoy name could be spotted here and there in the paper every so often. They were short stories, perhaps a paragraph or two at most; little pieces that made it clear to anyone with common sense that the Malfoy family was truly trying to clear it's name and put it's dark past behind it.

Naturally, Ron was still less than fond of the blonde ferret.

When he finally did see Malfoy again, he had actually been quite surprised to see him. They were both at King's Cross Station; both to see off their oldest (and, in Malfoy's case, only) child on the Hogwarts Express for the very first time.

Now, Ron had known that Malfoy had gotten married. He vaguely recalled Hermione mentioning it several years back—more than several, if the other man was seeing his son off to Hogwarts, he realized with a slight jolt. Merlin, he was getting old. But anyway, upon seeing Malfoy there that day, he had also remembered that Malfoy had had a son, just around the same time that Rose and Al had been born—Scorpius, his name was. To say that Ron was less than enthused about the prospect of his only daughter going to school with Draco Malfoy's son would be a severe understatement.

And of course, Al had to go and make friends with the boy after they were both sorted into the same house. When he finally got around to meeting the boy, though, Ron had to grudgingly admit that perhaps little Scorpius wasn't quite so bad. It went without saying, though, that his Rosie was still expected to beat him in all of their classes.

It was when Rose was just seventeen, fresh out of her sixth year at Hogwarts, that what Ron had always feared most came to pass.

Rose—his dear, sweet, wonderful Rosie—was dating Draco Malfoy's son. Had been dating him quite happily for the past year, in fact. They had been keeping it a secret because they had feared their parents reactions to the news of their relationship (and rightly so, in Ron's opinion). Naturally, Ron had been just a tad miffed when Rose told him, but he eventually came to begrudgingly admit that Scorpius really was a fine boy and that maybe, just maybe, Draco wasn't quite so horrible as he had been, back in their school days.

Although Ron had known Scorpius before the younger Malfoy began dating Rose, he had gotten to know him better afterwards. As time passed, he even came to care about the boy almost as a son. It would have been a shock to any and all who had known them in their Hogwarts days, but Ron even became better acquainted with Draco, their former status as arch-enemies only brought up from time to time in a joking manner.

And so, when Rose and Scorpius finally got around to getting married—after they'd been out of Hogwarts for more than five years—Ron was nothing short of pleased. If there was anyone who was a perfect match for his Rosie, it was Scorpius Malfoy.

Rose and Scorpius had been married for several years when Ron received even greater news: he was going to be a grandfather. This was a fact that delighted both he and his wife, Hermione, beyond belief. Indeed, he couldn't see any possible downside to having a grandchild. It didn't even matter to him that his grandchild would technically be a Malfoy, too. If anything, that simple fact made the whole situation even more brilliant. What better thing could there be than a Malfoy who was also a Weasley?

However, there was one thing Ron hadn't counted on. One thing that he had never even given the slightest thought to, until he was sitting in the waiting room at St. Mungo's with quite a few assorted family members, nervously awaiting the arrival of their newest member. It was something that his nieces and nephews felt the need to bring up while discussing what they thought Rose and Scorpius might name their little bundle of joy.

"Names are tricky," Dominique commented thoughtfully, "There are so many options out there, it's hard to know where to even think about starting."

"And of course we can't forget that Rose and Scorpius might delude themselves into thinking they're celebrities or something and name their baby something utterly ridiculous," Roxanne put in.

"That does make it significantly harder," Louis agreed. "Not only do we need to consider every single name known to mankind, but we also need to take into account every single possible combination of letters in the alphabet."

"And quite possibly numbers, too," Molly added in quickly. "Clearly no easy feat."

"Personally," James began rather lazily, "I think you're all over thinking this just a bit much."

Ron really couldn't agree more. Besides, his Rosie was very rational. She wouldn't name her baby something ridiculous like some of those muggle celebrities he'd heard do over the years…would she?

"Oh really?" Lily questioned her older brother. "Would you care to explain?"

"It's rather obvious, isn't it?" James asked. "They'll follow family tradition when they name the baby."

"Family tradition?" Victoire asked dubiously. "We have tradition when naming babies?" She turned to Teddy, here. "Did we know this when Dora and John were born?"

"Well…" Teddy said slowly, "They are named after people." He turned back to James. "Is that what you mean?"

"Well, no," James admitted. "Though you do have a point. A fair few of us are named after people."

"Then what were you talking about?" Albus practically demanded of his brother.

"I was talking about Scorpius' family tradition," James said, as if this was the obvious answer.

"Care to enlighten us?" Fred asked. "What, pray tell, is this Malfoy family tradition for naming children that you apparently know so much about?"

"Strictly speaking, it isn't actually a Malfoy family tradition," James stated. "I'm talking about the Black family. It doesn't matter if they're a few generations removed from the actual surname, clearly Scorpius' dad followed the tradition, and I'd be willing to bet my new broom that Scorpius will too."

"Your new broom? Really?" Dominique questioned eagerly. "I'll take you up on that one."

"Well, maybe not," James hastened to say. "We do have to take Rosie into account, after all."

"You haven't actual told us what this supposed tradition is yet, James," Lucy said, just a touch of impatience in her voice.

"Oh yes," James said quickly, "Well, the Black family is notorious for naming their children after the celestial bodies." Several of his cousins still looked confused. "The stars," He stated simply. "They name their children after the stars. And, more often than not, the constellations."

"So, just to clarify," Louis began slowly, "You're under the impression that Rose and Scorpius are going to name their new baby after a constellation?"

"Yep," James said succinctly, leaning back in his chair.

"You know…" Lily said slowly, "While, under normal circumstances, I feel as if we might point out how flawed your logic is, James, surprisingly, I think it kind of actually makes sense."

"I'm going to have to agree with Lily on this one," Hugo said. "Especially because I can totally see my sister deciding to go with tradition."

"And being named after a constellation could certainly be considered unique," Victoire said agreeably. "Which is something else I feel that Rose and Scorpius would go with when picking a baby name."

"So we're agreed then?" James asked the group of cousins at large. "We all think Rose and Scorpius will pick a constellation name for their baby?"

As all of his assembled nieces and nephews gave their assent to this idea, a feeling of utter dread swept over Ron. As much as it pained him to admit it, his nieces and nephews had a point. It was a Black family tradition. Why wouldn't Rose and Scorpius name their new baby after a constellation?

Oh sweet Merlin, his first grandchild was going to be named after a constellation.