first fanfiction what dint come from reading a book.

I've been reading a lot of Yamato/tai stories, and yes i fell in love with all off them. so i thought i would do my own.

hope you all enjoy.

love ya all.

jas :)


Yamato Ishida left his home town two years ago. life has been a breeze since then, well mostly. Matt has fought, scrapped, and worked to damn hard to for many of things in his life today. including, securing a place at an american collage, a year before he has to leave. becoming the lead singer of one off the hotteset bands. and staying as far away from Taichi Yagami, as physically possible.

Nothing ever come's easy.

So what can Matt expect when he is suddenly pushed back into his former life. will he fight to stay how he is, or will Tai finely brake him.

Chapter 1

"why did we have to come back again." Matt Ishida asked his father. The boy was currently slummed against the passenger seat of his dads rather large car, as his father had forbid him to drive his own. Something about not trusting Matt to actually follow him back home.

"because." his father started. "my old job offered me a better post. Also this way we're more close to T.K and your mother."
still, that wasn't a good enough reason in Matt's book.
"anyway." his father added. "I thought you would be delighted in seeing all your old friends again."

Matt let out a snort so loud his father had the sudden thought that a pig had entered the car. "I had new friends. Friends I might add, who had the same likes as me." also friends who dint screw him over, literally.

"you'll still see them." Mr Ishida reassured his oldest son. "they only live two towns over, and they can stay for weekends at a time, if that makes you feel better."

no, not really, but he would take what he could. "fine." he muttered, well resting his head on the plain of glass.
The city never changes, matt thought to himself. I wonder if he's still the same.


A week had passed and the Christmas holidays had come to an end. School was starting in the new year...
….and he was late. It was just like him to be late on his first day back at his old school.

"were are you." Matt mumbled, throwing useless objects about the room.

"hurry up Yamato." T.K shouted from the living area. "school's going to start soon."

"I know!" Matt hissed, as he stubbed his toe well searching for his book bag. Finley finding it under a pail of clothes he had yet to put away from the unpacking, he dashed to the front door where T.K was now stood, hopping from foot to foot.

Matt dint know if it was by good fortune that they had been able to get there old apartment back, or if it was sheer bad luck. And by the way things was going, he was picking the later.
Swiping the keys from the counter top, he dashed out the door and down the stairs.

"car" he shouted over to T.K

"but then you'll be late." T.K answered, confusion all over his face,

Matt huffed at his younger brother. "and that I really don't care about. Now get your scrawny butt buckled up."

both blond brothers rushed with there seat belts before Matt finely put the car in gear and pulled out at a speed what would most likely to get him arrested. Well, if he was court that is.

"do you even know how to drive this thing." T.K hissed. His fingers making a groove on the glove box.

"would an inexperienced driver have been able to pull the stunt I just did." he taunted back, his winning smile plastered on his lips.

"no! But a suicidal one could. What did I ever do to you, why do you want to kill me, I've been a good brother haven't I."

"I know how to drive, dad got me her for my 18th" Matt said well rubbing the dash, like he would an over affectionate puppy.

"ahh so you been driving for three months, takes longer then that to brake a woman in, brother. So I can safely say that if she has one of her 'mood swings' were going to die. Nice to know my death will be at the hands of the brother who says he loves me."

Matt laughed at T.K's humour. "get you knickers out of a bunch and stop winning. I'm not going to kill you, well not today that is." Matt told the younger version of himself, while spinning the wheel and making a cut in traffic what caused a few blared horns.


signing, Matt indicated well knocking it down a gear to stop for a light. "panties T.K, panties. God I cant believe out of what I just said you only picked up one word."

T.K gave matt an innocent grin before finely letting out a shrike when Matt looked his way. "keep you damn eyes on the road." T.K howled well going for the wheel. "damn, where did you get your licence. Better yet give me the name of the guy who gave it you, so I can purposely kill him for putting you on the road."

"I have road rage, Kay."

"isn't that where you shout at over car drivers."

Matt gave his younger brother a 300 watt smile. "lets just say I'm being polite, would you prefer me nasty."

"polite away, please don't let my nonsense rambling get in the way."

after that T.K went silent, apart from the odd speak hear and there. Matt would have found it funny if today wasn't the worst day of his life by far. Finely the younger of the two spoke.

"you know, they all missed you."

he got a snort as a response.

"we all have, especially Tai." now that nearly made him crash the car. Matt chose to ignore both his brother and his words.

Wrong move Matt, wrong move. His conscience told him as T.K finely exploded. "you cant hind forever Matt, not like you bin doing since you got here. Sooner of later one of them are going to see your back, and I'm not hiding it from them, damn I'm not hiding you from them. There your friends."

"wrong." he snapped. "friends stand by your side through it all. The hard and the easy stuff, just like when we was in the other world. But people change T.K and the sooner you learn that, the better. You'll be less disappointed in them when it happens that way." Matt had started in a shouted but ended in a whisper as he pulled the car into T.K's school.

T.K looked at him, his eyes large as he took in his brothers words. How much pain came from Matt's voice as he spoke. Still, he wouldn't believe it.

"no Matt, the only one who has changed is you. You was given the crest of friendship and look where that got you, leaving them all behind like you did back then. Well I will always believe that my friends will come though for me." and with that he got out slamming the door and making Matt jump with the force. Damn that lad had muscle.

Putting the car back in gear he headed for his school. How was it his brother always made him feel like the size of an ant, he had been able to do it back in the digital world, and he would still do it now.

Guess that talent never goes.

Pulling up in school, Matt was a good five minutes late. Still he dint bother rushing. He pulled his guitar from the back and headed for the main doors. The idea of putting his ipod in crossed his mind, but he soon dismissed the idea as he would only have to take it back out in class.

Matt had gotten his schedule in the post the day before, and was not happy of what he would be doing is first morning back in class. Algebra.

Well atleast its the same no matter where you move to.

Stopping at the class door he knocked twice before walking in, not waiting for an invite. The class fell silent at his entrance before whispers broke out across the room. Yes Matt Ishida was back in town. Some whispered because they new him from school, other because they had seen his band on TV or whatnot. In the end it was all whispers he dint want to know about.

Plastering his most devastating smile on his face, he turned to the teacher. "please beg my pardon for my lateness Miss Heshimi, guess even I couldn't remember where my class was after two years of absence." he let out a soft laugh while scratching the back of his neck.

And she fell for it, just like that, like they all did. Her eyes softened as she took in his dishevelment appearance, apparently taking that as a sign of rushing. When really he just couldn't be bothered getting ready for school this morning.

"just don't let it happen again." she tried to warn, but her voice was too soft.

"of course." he lied, while taking a seat at the back of the class. 1) so people couldn't gawk at him. 2) so he could put his ear buds in and drown out the sound of gossip.

The class dragged, but finely the bell signalled the begging of the next. One he was actually looking forward two. He was starting collage next year, and well he wanted to branch out, so Matt had decide two years back to pick up a foreign language. As English was practically everywhere people went these days, he had chose to learn it.

And it was going good being able to insult people in a different tongue.

Matt sat down and took his books out, he was just about to put a date when his phone rang. All eyes went his way. And damn the teacher was male and wouldn't fall for his sweat smile and soft laugh, well unless he was gay.

"Mr Ishida."

"erm." Matt replied, fishing the phone out of his pocket. He was about to turn it off and apologise when he seen the caller ID.

A wicked smile curved his lips as he jumped from the chair. "sorry Sir, really gotta take this." Matt said while dashing from the class.

Finely once outside he picked up.

"please tell me I just dint wake you, dude." was the first greeting he got.

Matt smiled while gliding down the hall so the teacher couldn't find him. "nahh man, I'm in class. Well was. What time is it over there."

a huge yawn came his way before Kai finely answered. "a little over 10pm, the time zones are so fucked up, man. I just had to guess and pray you want sleeping, we all know what your like if we disturb your beauty sleep." he paused for a seconded to yawn again. "well not like you need it anyway."

"on another note" Kai spoke again, not giving Matt time to answer. His Australian drawl thick. His accent always came out more when he was tired. Kai Kabeto was one of Matt's band mates, and back up singer and guitar. He moved over here when he was 6, and therefore had been able to speak fluently in both languages his hole life, another reason Matt could speak English so well.

"you not going to get in trouble for ditching class... …. you are out of class aren't you."

"noooo, not at all, I'm having a full conversation with you while the teacher eggs me on. How stupid you think I am Kai. And dint I just tell you I was not in class."

"you know me, don't pay attention when I need sleep."

that was true, but it took a lot to get him tired. "why are you tired?"

"the woman of this family do not understand the word 'lie in' they keep getting me up at ungodly hours in the morning." Kai was on holiday in Miami, America. He had been begging for a tattoo by Miami ink for months. Matt and Kai had been sure his mum would never pay for it, but had shocked them both when she booked a holiday there. For a full back piece, he had to spend three weeks with his mother and little sister.

Matt laughed at his friends misfortune. "well that is what a holiday is about."

"no Matt, you wrong. Holiday means torture in my language man. You got no idea what I'm going though. I'm the only one who can speak English so I'm translating everything, and I mean everything. Crissi asked me what a sign post read, just cos the writing was pretty." there was no mistaking the whine in his voice.

Crissi was Kai's younger step-sister and could get fascinated easy. Also Kai's dad had passed away a couple of years back leaving Kai the only English speaker of the family. Another reason Matt wanted to learn it, so Kai wasn't on his own as much.

"I feel for you, I really do."

"me!" Kai barked. "what about you, back at your old school with people you don't want to be with. So what's the run down."

Matt smiled at his best friend. He always loved that about Kai, no matter how bad life was for himself he always made it out better then it was, so not to make people worry. "well there is one thing I really thought I had got away from when I left."

"hum, yer what's that."

"these green blazers. Gah, I mean who came up with this."

a large boisterous laugh filled Matt's ear. "dude you probably rock that look, and when I get home you gotta wear it for the guys."

"and most boys want there partners in nurse outfits." Matt joked.

"boy we ain't dating, as you keep reminding me. Well unless you changing your mind that is. But if not, that's fine. I ain't gonna push it on you. That's your choice to make and no one can take it from you, not even that all powerful being up in the sky."

"you know, you sound pissed."

"and I love how that's all you got from my little rant, thank you boy for paying me attention when I really needed it. Remind me to make you cookies when I get back, for your well planed achievement."

"dick." Matt said to Kai's sarcasm.

there was a long silence, when Kai finely spoke it was so quite Matt had to strain his hearing. "you seen him yet."

Matt took a deep breath before answering. "nah not yet... why you jealous."

the same rich laugh came again. "boy I told you a million times, you only gotta look at someone like that and I want to kill them."

yes he had, Kai had always said how much he would take care of Matt. But it was something Matt just couldn't do to the teen.

"sorry to cut it short Kai but I gotta go." Matt mumbled, not wanting to have an awkward conversation right now.

"yea I hear ya, what you gonna tell the teach."

"probably just that one of my friends got rabies or something along them lines." Matt said in an offbeat voice.

"oh I'm going to kill you when I get home." Kai said, giving a less then convincing threat. "Kay well I'm going to phone the others before I faint of exhaustion. I'll try and get you again later when schools out."

"have a good holiday Kai, come back to us in one peace."

"yer whatever. See you soon kid."

Matt walked back into class feeling a little light headed. He missed Kai, the lad had only one week left then he would be home, but the time he had had away felt more like three months then three weeks.

Soon the silly smile was whipped from his face when he seen the teacher stood at the front of the class, arms crossed and a stern look on his face.

"explain." he commanded.

Oh year, pretty smile and gentle laugh sooo want going to work right now.

Think brain, think. don't fail me now. He had always been good at coming up with fast lies, it was a talent he had along with hiding his emotions.

Right now he used both.

Strait face he spoke in English so the others wouldn't understand all that much.

"my friends been in a car accident, he's not seriously injured. But that was his mother phoning to let me know. Sorry I had to rush out but I new from the number something had happened." okies so its a little worse then rabies.

The teachers mouth fell in a little O shape. Obviously impressed with his fluent English, and also probably feeling like a bit of a twat. Yep I am so good at lying.

If he could pat himself on the back right now, without looking like a idiot, he would.

After that the teacher dismissed his apology, and that if he needed to take the lesson off he could. Matt declined as it was a lesson he actually liked.

Once dinner came around Matt shuffled into he music room, checking it was completely empty before sitting down and getting his guitar out.

Well I suppose one less meal wont make a difference. Matt thought to himself, he had always been as thin as a twig, no matter how much he ate.

Kai's voice entered his head, as he thought about the last time he had voice his opinion about his body to the boy. Why you bothered bout that thin figure of yours I never know. Your a rockstare mate, you get all them gals and sexy lads chasing after you. You think they say your to thin, puffff, course not. They want to do that body know matter what it looks like. Don't blame 'em, I wouldn't mind a piece. Still don't let your body get you down Yamato, you look good whatever you put on and I would beg for a body like yours. Take what you got and work it.

He chuckled to himself while tuning his instrument. Kai always made him feel better in the most stupid way, the lad spoke his mind twenty-four seven. It was something he always counted on, the one thing he could truly rely on, Kai's ever giving truths.

Smiling at the stupid memories of his best mate, Matt started strumming. He tweaked it here and there until he finely got the piece he had been working on. Once he had a note Matt thought would work, he would jot it down on paper so he could replay it again.

Matt had been going at it for a good half a hour, before he finely stopped to twist at the sudden click of the door.

A young girl stood there – well he said young, but she was only a year younger – with large eyes and awe written on her face.

"oh sorry." she mumbled. "i... erm... well I heard you playing and" she paused again to twiddle her thumbs. "I sort of ease dropped and fell though the door." the girl finished letting off a nerves laugh.

Matt dint replay, he really dint know how to. He dint like people listening to him play because they always annoyed him, asking him to play again. Really it pissed him off in many ways, especially when he was trying to make a new song.

The girl gave a slight flick of her blue hair, "I'm sorry again Mr Ishida, I really dint mean to intrude and it was very rude of me to listen to a song you haven't yet to finish." she paused to give him a small smile, before turning and stepping out the door. She stopped to look back at him. "I like the melody. A bit down, like a love song. Oh no that's wrong." she said talking to her self. "i guess it was more like a promise, you know. Like when something bad happens and you don't know how to make it better, but you want to try." she stopped to take a breath her eyes sparkling.

Matt snapped his head to the paper as he took in the notes he had written down. She was right and he hadn't even seen it, the melody was slow, but had a bounce what said things would get better.

Wow the girl new what she was talking about.

He was just about to turn and thank her, but she was gone.

Hmm strange. He thought. Oh well, she just helped me with my lyrics.

Matt would have to thank her when they next ran into each other.

Hearing the warning bell, Matt packed his things away. He had just stepped out the door when a boisterous laugh came from down the hall.

Realising that laugh anywhere, Matt jumped back into the class.

Tai came walking past, his tie pulled round his head, well blue tribal paint decorated his cheeks. All he needed was a feather and Tai would truly look the part. He was shouting gibberish well waving his hands about wildly, well Sora and Izzi laughed at his stupidit.

Matt felt stupid hiding, but right now he really dint want to talk to them. It was the reason he hadn't gone to dinner. Seeing them was just not on his list of 'things to be done today' and he was extremely ashamed of himself when he ducked away from the glass pane on the door.

Your acting like a child, scared of the school bullies.

Yer he was.

Damn, he felt utterly pathetic.

Running a hand though his golden hair, Matt snatched the door open before storming out. Making sure to slam the stupid thing, like it had personally offended him. Right then he dint care if the three turned and seen him striding down the hall, he was just so pissed with himself for the hole 'hiding from the past' act.

The three old friends never did turn at the noise.


The rest of the day passed in a blur, yet Matt was still royally pissed.

He had been taking it out on the majority of the student body, snapping and snarling at anyone how dared talk to him. He stormed past teenagers in the hallway, shoulders and elbows pushing anyone who shimmered an inch to close.

Even the teachers had seemed to leave him be, after a very 'girly' hissy fit he had had. A argument had sprouted at the beginning of a lesson, with a boy who had asked if he was in the band teenage wolves. Matt had been in such a foul mood, he had hissed a few joyous words the boys way and when the teacher pulled him about it, Matt had stood, gathered his things and left.

Hm'um, dads definitely going to be getting a phone call about today. Matt thought, well walking to his car.

Just then his phone rang.

"Speak of the devil and he will come."he muttered to himself, fishing for the damn contraption. It was a saying Kai often used, especially when someone popped in they had been talking about.

Well the teachers dint waist time phoning dad.

"I'm not doing it because you made me move, okay." was how Matt answered when picking up.

"hu, what you on bout kid."

"Kai?" He asked shocked, before cursing upon dropping the car keys on the floor.

"who you expecting, the tooth fairy." Kai answered, mirth lacing his words. "so what you not doing cos of the move."

"er... nothing." Matt changed the subject before Kai could answer. "thought you was about to faint."

it worked, the boy dint even hesitate when answering. "well this amazing thing 'appened. The little lass on the corner shop thinks I'm 21, sooo I bin drinking jack since I phoned you, bit hyper now man." and it was then Matt heard the slur of words. "what ya doooo in?" Kai asked, in a childish sing song voice.

"ah, well I'm juggling the guitar, book bag and trying to open the fricken car."

"that sounds crap... so have I got rabies."

Matt laughed at the random change of subject. "nope." he confirmed. "but you have been in a car accident, nothing serious so don't worry."

"so it was only a broken toe then." Kai said well heaving a large sign. "it makes me feel so pathetic crying ova a toe."

Matt raised a brow while fiddling with his keys. "Kai, it dint really happen."

"oh right, so it dint." Matt had to shake his head at his best mate, the lad defiantly had a few screws lose. "so I bin thinking."

"that's dangerous." He joked.

"Shut it." Kai mused back, there was a pause well Matt listened to a slurping. He new that lad was knocking back the alcohol. "you dint sound to cleaver when answering, I'm taking an educated guess here when I say you seen 'im."

sometimes, Matt hated how Kai new him so well. Taking his time to answer, Matt opened the back door of his car and placed his bag and guitar in there. Apparently he took to long.

"what 'appened."

"nothing." he answered to quickly.

"right." Kai drawled out. "well then, that either means you don't want to tell me. Or nout really did 'appen." Kai paused for a moment, and when he spoke again he sounded extremely sober. "you wonna talk 'bout it Yamato"

Matt let out a long sign well resting his head on the roof of the car. He new that to anyone looking at him, he would look like a wanker, bent awkwardly over the car, as he was far to tall to just rest his head there without nearly doubling over. Still he needed to lean on something, yes it had affected him seeing Tai, even if it was for a split second. And he hated himself for that weakness, he wanted to be strong, not weak. He wanted to be able to bump into the lad and give him the cold shoulder, not stomp around like a hormonal teenager.


Matt froze.

God no, please not now. And this is what happens when you take your time getting in the fucking car.

Shit, shit, shit.

"oi kid." Kai cried down the phone. "you there man? come on answer me I'm getting worried."

Matt switched to English before answering. "speak of the devil and he will come."

silence greeted him on the other end, finely Kai answered in a semi slow tone. "today's not your lucky day."

"you got no idea." he replied back in his natural tongue. "don't worry about it Kai, just a itch what needs scratching. that's all."

"starching! Why you wonna do that, its hardly gonna hurt the bloke. I say punch the twat in the nose."

Matt couldn't hold back his bark of laughter as he slowly turned to face his living nightmare. "I hope I get the chance, really need a good stress reliever..."

Yamato Ishida wasn't lost for words often, and neither did he trail off from a conversation well getting distracted.

Now was the only expectation.

Taichi Yagami stood not five feet from him. And he look good, real fucking good.

Matt's raging hormones stood to attention at the sight of his ex-lover, his mind had gone white with shock, but one thing did come.

Thank god I've got the control.

The control not to grab Tai by the collar, throw him in the car and do him till they was both sated. Because oh boy! Did he ever.

The lad was absolutely stunning. The green blazer Matt hated so much, only made the younger boy look yummy enough to eat. It went with his tanned complex so much that Matt suddenly felt very pale. He had always been jealous of Tai's natural tan, and how it was the same shade all over.

Stop thinking about it!

To late. He could already see that olive skin on every inch of Tai's body in his minds eye. Even in his most privet areas.

Oh now you've gone and done it Matt. He scolded himself. Lets just hope he don't see you standing to attention.

The younger lads hair had been cut, not enough for it to stop defying gravity, but his spikes were shorter then he remembered. It made him look older, more mature. Dark chocolate brown eyes looked his way, shining with happiness. They was surrounded my sinfully full lashes, what just made them look all the more smoky and sexy, in Matt's opinion.

Full rosy lips was parted slightly, begging for him to just lean in and capture them for himself. To lick and nibble them till both sets were red raw.

Matt licked suddenly dray lips as Tai gasped and placed a hand over his own mouth, long pianist fingers touched his lips shakily, like he had guess what Matt wanted to do.

Yamato did not remember Tai ever looking so damn good in his life. When he had left the lad was only 15, still with his gangly teenage body. Now, now he looked like a sex god.

He was taller, just a inch or two shorter then Matt – not including the hair – his body had thinned out a little, making him only slightly more bulky then himself, but damn did it suit him. His cheek bones were sharper, jaw squarer, mouth fuller.

Tai was just so damn captivating. If they hadn't had such a bad past Matt would definitely let his control brake. God how he wanted to pin that body down and lick every place his tongue could reach.

"Matt! Matt! OI, Yamato! Kid answer me!" Kai screamed down the ear piece, bringing Matt out of his trance.

"hmm, oh sorry. Ermm... gotta go Kai, get some sleep." he ended the call, only slight hearing the shouts from the other end, but choosing to ignore them.

"Tai." he stammered out. "I... what. Oufff"

Tai had launched himself at Matt, crushing him in a bear hug. Matt practically melted at the close proximity, Tai smelt of wood chips, and something what was all teenage boy.

He smells like home. Matt thought.

No! he had to stop this. His body was already painfully hard, and he couldn't allow himself to think of this. This monster was not home.

Grabbing his control with both hands he pushed the tanned boy off him.

"what you doing!" Matt snarled. hating that he couldn't get a full sentence out.


"its Matt." he snapped, cutting the younger lad off. "only friends call me Yamato."

the hurt look on Tai's face was enough to make Matt feel like he had kicked a puppy. Still the other lad hid it after a second or two. Tai ran a hand though his coco hair. "I deserve that."

"damn right you do."

he chose to ignore Matt's foul mood. "yam- er.. Matt, its so good to see you again." Tai let out a nervous laugh, scratching the back of his neck. "I dint know if it was you or not who slammed that music door before." so he had turned round. "god man, you look. Wow, I mean look at you." Matt actually got a frill as Tai's eyes travelled down his body, practically stripping him with his eyes. Before that ever wicked smirk played at the corner of his mouth. "ha, you look like a propa rockstar."

Matt let out a irritated huff before going to open his car door, Tai stopped him.

"you not going to stop for a chat, you been gone two years."

"I know how long I've been gone Tai, I'm not an invalid. As for staying to chat." he paused to throw Tai a repulsed look, what caused the other boy to step back like Matt had actually punched him. "you should be happy you got this much out of me, without me aiming a very precise kick at your groin."

Tai filched while cupping himself, expecting Matt to actually kick him. "Yama please, I just want-"

"I don't care what you want Tai. For once I'm thinking of myself, and I want you away from me."

"Yama -"

"its MATT"

"Matt, please. You cant ignore me forever."

The older boy smirked a chilling smile. "oh I don't have to Tai, just till the end of the year then I'm gone again. Leaving for good this time, not just two towns over. No, try the other side of the world."

"Matt." Tai said in a strained whisper.

"what!" he howled back, flinging the car door open.

"just hear me out, please."

shaking his head Matt climbed into the car. "you blew your chance Tai, you blew it when you fucked me over. Nothing you say will ever mean a thing to me again."

"Matt, come on. Please." Tai begged, tears gathering in then brown orbs.

but Matt just climbed in his car, slamming the door behind him. Tai still stood at the window, looking broken and lost. Starting the engine, he placed the car in gear then slowly lowered the window a few inches.

"just encase you dint get the message when I left, here it is. Bye Taichi, I hope betraying me was worth it, because you lost the only true fried out there." with that he pulled out of the parking lot and shot down the street towards T.K's school.