Just a little drabble about why Lassiter has no right to complain. For Loafer, so she doesn't kill me! Enjoy!

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The voice was so soft, so sweetly whispered, but the person being whispered to, Carlton Lassiter, continued to sleep deeply.

"Carlton…" This time the whisper came with a gentle nudge.

Lassiter turned onto his side, grunting softly before settling back into sleep.

Now thoroughly annoyed, Juliet kicked Carlton's shin, causing the senior detective to yelp and jerk upright in the bed.

"Sweet lady justice, what did you do that for, O'Hara?" he demanded, not at all amused.

He was, however, shocked when Juliet lunged at him, pinning him against the mattress and straddling his hips. What was going on with her?

With a wicked smile, Juliet began kissing his neck. Her hips rocked slowly against his.

Lassiter was shocked. He had read that in the second trimester of pregnancies, women could get a little hormonal. He just wasn't expecting anything like this.

But who was he to complain?

The End!

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