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(Jem's POV)

Dill followed me into the house, closing the door behind him. We heard Scout wailing in her room, which caused Dill to wince. I sighed sadly and shook my head. My poor sister… I thought. It was only nine in the morning and she was bawling her eyes out. I grabbed a large sheet of paper and a pencil. With them, I made a list of all nine of us; the boys' names on top, the girls on the bottom. Scout had eventually calmed down and the sobs stopped. That was when she came to join Dill and I.

"How ya feelin', Scout?" Dill queried gently. She looked up at him with tear-stained cheeks and smiled softly. She seated herself in the chair next to him and mouthed out a nice, soft 'better.' I grinned and asked her if she wanted to help us. "Yeah, do ya?" he added.

"Sure," she replied in a creaky voice; she then nodded. "What're y'all doin', anyhow?"

"I dunno," Dill answered without an answer. I smirked at them. "Jem, what are we doin'?"

"We're makin' a like-list," I stated with a chuckle. "'Cause, Scout, I think Cecil may not have eyes for just you."

Her eyes were as wide as saucers at my statement. She couldn't help but be relieved. She beamed so brightly, the sun died down just a bit. It made me so happy, I could of hollered. By the looks of it, Dill was feeling the same way as I was. With a snicker, Scout took the sheet of paper and pencil. She drew a line from her name to Dill's name without hesitation. She slid them across the table my way and rested her head in her hands happily.

"Very nice," I snickered. "Now, we just make a line here…"

I trailed off as I drew a line from Nellie's name to my name. Then Scout giggled like the little girl she was. I rolled my eyes and shook my head; she got that all wrong. Dill then looked at me with a smirk and an arched brow. I growled just a small bit before I laid the pencil down.

"I know she likes me, but I don't like her in that way," I decided. "I mean…I don't think I do. She's fun ta talk to 'n all, but I don't see us as a couple, ya know?"

"So you've known 'bout her likin' ya?" Scout inquired. "I thought ya were just ignorant of the fact she liked ya, but I didn't know that ya knew 'bout it."

"Yeah, since the second day," I shrugged. "Don't matter. Now, who else likes who?"

"Well, obviously, Walter likes Jamielee," Scouted stated. "When we were walkin' home a few months ago, we met up with her halfway home and he blushed when he saw her."

I nodded and drew the lines. That was an odd one. They were a little too opposite in my opinion. Then again, opposites attract. I shrugged and looked at Little Chuck's name. He never really liked anyone in that way, did he? I asked Scout and Dill, but they shook their heads as well. So it was agreed; Little Chuck Little wanted no ball and chain. And that left the final name on the list.

"Cecil Jacobs obviously likes—"


(Jamielee's POV)

Mary, Little Chuck, Nellie, and I were playing hand games. You know, the kind of games where you slap hands and say rhymes; it's fun. They made me giggle nonstop! However, I would steal glances at Cecil and Walter, watching them speak about (more than likely) Scout. But then…they looked our way. More importantly, they looked at Mary and me. I began to wonder what they were talking about. It made me think of the first time I met Cecil Jacobs.

It was raining outside and I was only five-years-old. Naturally, I'd jump in all the puddles. That was when I bumped into someone who was about my age. His curly, red locks jumped as he hit the pavement. I threw my hands to my mouth, apologizing a million times. I then stuck one out for him to grab ahold of. He took said offer and jumped back up. He and a man who looked very much like him smiled at me.

"Hello!" I beamed. "Sorry I bumped into ya! I didn't mean ta."

"It's alright," he replied. "I'm Cecil Jacobs; this is my Pop."

"Hello," I greeted them. "My name's Jamielee Zinctin! Ma was right behind me…meh, I bet she's still a block behind."

I began to laugh, which made Cecil stare skeptically at me. Mr. Jacobs snickered and grabbed Cecil's hand. They explained that they had to leave, but if I ever needed them, I could go to their house. I thanked them and waved them off. Ma eventually caught up with me and picked me up by my armpits. She lifted me to her face and nagged about how I shouldn't go off on my own, especially in a new town.

"But Ma," I interrupted, "I found a friend! His name's Cecil Jacobs!"

She stopped yelling and just gaped at me. After a few moments of saying nothing, she squealed happily and danced around, grinning as if there was no tomorrow. I happily sighed at the memory, especially since we're still friends. It's true that I liked Walter for a few months, but I had gotten over it once Cecil and I started hanging out even more than usual. Plus, I was the only one he trusted with his secrets. It made me feel special. I sighed and returned to the game the four of us were playing.


(Cecil's POV)

"There's too much drama over here," I sighed unhappily. "Especially since I'm beginnin' to like more than just one girl."

Walter's eyes nearly bugged out of his head. As did mine. I didn't mean to say that out loud, but it slipped, and it was too late to take it back. I groaned angrily and looked at Walter, shaking his shoulder. My eyes were dead set on his.

"You can't tell no one," I stated, "please, Walter, please!"

"I thought ya just liked Scout," he replied. "There's another?"

"Yes, but it's just a small crush," I countered. "It ain't a huge deal."

"Well, who is it?" he whispered.

I looked toward Jamielee and Mary, making sure they weren't listening. I sighed and leaned toward Walter's ear. He was anticipating a good answer, which I would give him. Obviously, this wasn't just about Scout anymore, which would strike just about anyone as odd. I made Walter pinky-swear not to tell anyone—anyone—about it. He (reluctantly) agreed.

"It's Jamielee," I whispered. "But only a little!"


(Jem's POV)

"—Mary Cinders!" I exclaimed proudly, figuring out who Cecil Jacobs' "other woman" was as I drew the lines that connected their names together. Dill and Scout gasped and I smiled. I knew I'd figure it out.


(Walter's POV)

The next day, it was just Jem, Nellie, Scout, Dill, and I. We were at the Finch house and in the backyard. Jem stated that something very important about Cecil was going on and he needed my help. All of a sudden, I became a bit frightened, as if I were to get receive a shot. I suppressed my shudders (for the most part) and settled myself on the grass. Jem held out a chart with several names on it.

Lines connected each boy's name to a girl's (except for Chuck). I was obviously confused, having not been told what this meeting was about. Jem swore us to secrecy to keep it between the six of us, and, like an idiot, I agreed. He drew his finger to each line, telling us what they meant. Apparently, Jem had made a "like list" of us all. When he pointed out that Nellie's name was drawn to his name, she blushed a tad bit.

She looked a bit hurt that he didn't want to talk about it, but they each said nothing. Jem acted as if it were not his name that had connected with hers. Anyway, I saw that he had connected my name to Jamielee's. Was I that obvious? I hadn't even thought anyone (besides Scout) had picked up on that! I inwardly sighed, accepting that they had discovered my so-called "secret." In all honesty, my liking of her sort of dwindled, but I still stared at her whenever she was looking the other way.

"And, the reason y'all are all here is 'cause of this one," Jem stated as he pointed to Cecil's name. Was that Mary Cinders on the other end? But he told me he liked Jamielee! Then again, if Jem could figure out who I liked, why wouldn't he be able to figure out Cecil's crush? Thoughts swarmed in my head, asking myself if I should or shouldn't tell them Cecil's secret. "Is this right, Walter?"

"Uh…" I dumbly replied, "yeah, I guess."

Who knew? Maybe he liked three girls.

"Good, now we just need to get Cecil fully focused on Mary!" Scout exclaimed happily. "Then he'll get off 'a my back!"

"Yeah," I replied weakly with everyone else. I just couldn't place my finger on something, though.

Why on earth did it bother me that Cecil may like Mary?


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HERE'S WHAT YOU GUYS CAN REVIEW! Tell me who your favorite FC is and if you want to see more of just them, or more of them with someone ;D