Kylie Bard strode into Merlotte's Bar and Grill. She looked around the restaurant spotting many familiar faces. She smiled, taking in the familiar sights and smells. She walked up to the bar and took a seat on one of the stools. "Hey, Sam." She said to the owner her stood behind the bar mixing drinks.

Sam looked up and a huge smile spread across his face. "Well hey there Kylie! How the heck are ya?"

"I'm doing well! I got my master's degree last semester and decided to come home for a little while; visiting my folks, you know." She fiddled with a pile of napkins in front of her and straightened them into a neat pile.

"Well, glad to see you back, Kylie. Can I get you anything?"

Kylie shook her head, "I just wanted to stop by and see everyone." She heard the front door of the restaurant bell chime, signaling the entrance of more customers entering. Kylie turned around and her smile spread from ear to ear at the sight of her best and oldest friend. "Hoyt!" she yelled; she jumped off of the stool and into the young man's arms.

Hoyt stepped back, a bit dumbfounded, "Kylie? Is it really you?" His arms instinctively wrapped around her. "I can't believe it's really you!" He squeezed her tight, picking her up.

Kylie closed her eyes, breathing in her best friend's familiar scent. "I've missed you!" she told him as he set her down.

"I've missed you too! What have you been up to now? Are you finished school?"

Kylie grabbed his hand and pulled him into a near bye booth with her. "I received my master's degree last semester and I've been working on campus. Also I've been working as a TA on my off days."

Hoyt smiled at her with his classic boyish grin. "That's great, Kylie. I finished a semester after high school, Mama got real depressed when I was gone though. So here I am, still workin' on the road crew." He paused, "How come you came back?" The question was thick and he stared at her intently.

Kylie adjusted herself in the booth uncomfortably, "I missed my mom and dad. Weirdly enough, I missed Bon Temp."

Hoyt looked down.

"I missed you—"


Kylie looked up at a gorgeous red head that stood in front of her.

"Hey Jess!" Hoyt stood up and greeted the girl with a kiss. "This is my old friend from high school, Kylie. Kylie, I'd like you to meet my girlfriend, Jessica."

Kylie felt her stomach turn, but smiled brightly. "It's so great to meet you!" She shook the girl's cold hand.

Jessica returned the smile, "nice to meet you too." She turned to Hoyt, "I've gotta go check on my other tables and I'll come back and get ya'll's order, alright?"

Hoyt slid back into the booth as Jessica waited on her other tables.

Kylie looked at him inquisitively, "Hoyt, is she…?"

"…a vampire? Yes." Hoyt answered shortly.

Kylie understood to back off and decided to change the subject, "So how is everyone doing? Is Jason still on the road crew with you?"

Hoyt shook his head and a sly smile played at his lips. "Nope, actually Jason's a cop now."

Kylie threw her head back in laughter, "very funny, Hoyt."

Hoyt chuckled and continued to smile, "I'm being serious."

Kylie's mouth dropped, "OUR Jason? A cop?"

As if summoned, Jason Stackhouse strutted through the doors of Merlotte's Bar and Grill. He eyed the room, clearly look for someone. He did a double take when his eyes landed on Kylie. A goofy grin came on his face as he approached his best friends. "Kylie Bard, I can honestly say I never thought I'd see you around here again." He told her.

Kylie grinned and climbed out of the booth. Jason immediately scooped her up into a bear hug. "You know I couldn't stay away from you for very long, Jason." She gave the man's waist a squeeze and got a familiar tingle up her spine as she felt the eyes of everyone woman in the bar staring at her in envy. She almost missed that feeling. Having grown up being best friends with Hoyt, and Hoyt being best friends with Jason, the three of the had become inseparable. In fact, her and Jason were each other's first. A secret she's take to the grave. She pulled away from Jason and smiled up at him, "A cop? Who'd you sleep with to get that job?"

Jason playfully pushed her into the booth before sliding in next to her. "Shut up. I actually worked really hard for this job."

Hoyt snorted.

"Shut up!" Jason snapped at his friend.

Kylie rolled her eyes and patted Jason's leg, giving it a squeeze, "relax, we're only teasing you." She told him with a wink.

Just then, Jessica appeared at the table in lightning speed. Her eyes glued to Kylie's hand on Jason's thigh. She quickly snapped her gaze to their faces. "Hi Jason!" she said in an overly perky tone.

Jason immediately smacked Kylie's hand away from his leg. "Hey Jess!" He smiled coyly at her and Hoyt huffed quietly, adjusting himself in the seat across from them.

Kylie looked between the three of them and scoffed. "Are you ready to take our order now?" she asked Jessica politely.

Jessica gave the girl a slightly annoyed look, "Yes, of course, what can I get ya'll to drink?"

"How about you just get us a pitcher of beer to start?" she asked with a smile.

Jessica nodded politely and headed to the bar.

Hoyt began to scoot out of the booth, "I gotta take a leak, I'll be right back." He told his two friends and headed off to the bathroom.

Kylie immediately swatted Jason on the arm, "are you kidding me, Jason Stackhouse? I am more disappointed in you then I ever have been in our entire lives!"

Jason grabbed his arm and looked at her defensively, "OW, WOMAN! What's wrong with you?"

"Jessica? Hoyt's Jessica? Honestly? What are you doing flirting with the girl?" Her voice turned into a harsh whisper. "It's written all over your face when she looks at you. Do you know what this will do to Hoyt?"

Jason looked at her, anger in his gaze, "You think I don't know that, Kylie? You think I haven't been trying to distract myself somehow?"

Kylie stared her friend in the eyes, somewhere in that small minded head of his was the truth and she could see it. She narrowed her eyes at him a small smile on her lips, "it's hard having something you can't have isn't it."

Jason returned the smile and leaned a little closer to her, "It is…but I usually find a way of getting what I want don't I, Kylie?"

Kylie didn't have a chance to answer him as Hoyt walked back up to the table and sat down. "I cannot believe the three of us are together again, we should go do something?"

Kylie laughed at Hoyt, "Where are we supposed to go in Bon Temps, Hoyt? The only place around is where we're sitting right now."

Hoyt looked down, a blush reaching his cheeks, "Guess you're right…"

Kylie sat back and smiled at her friends while Jessica walked up from the bar and sat the pitcher on their table. "Anything else I can get you tonight?" she asked the group, her eyes lingering on Jason longer than necessary.

"Burger and fries," Kylie answered her, "for all three of us; let's really make this like the old times."

Hours had passed in the blink of an eye as the three friends caught up in each other's lives. From the outing of vampires in the world and murders in Bon Temp, to who they'd slept with and seen in the past few years they talked about everything. They stumbled out of the bar in a buzz together, laughing happily with fond memories fresh in their minds. They paused outside of the door, Sam locking it behind them as they were the last ones to leave. Hoyt paused by the door, "I think I'm going to wait for Jessica to get off of work and give her a ride home." He walked over to Kylie scooping her into a hug, "let's hang out again tomorrow, okay? I missed you, Kylie."

Kylie stepped back from the hug, smiling at her friend. "It was good to see you too, Hoyt. I'd very much like to see you again tomorrow."

Hoyt waved at Jason and headed around back to wait for Jessica.

"Wooh, boy, you still have it so bad for him." Jason poked her in the side to joke.

Kylie swatted his arm, "shut up I do not."

Jason shook his head and laughed, "You couldn't lie back then and you can't lie now."

Kylie glared at him, "I can lie plenty and you know that better than anyone."

Jason closed the space between them, "Yeah, well you can't lie to me."

Kylie looked up at him and smiled, "and your wily ways don't work on me, Jason Stackhouse."

"Then why do you always end up in my bed?" Jason's mouth landed on hers harshly.

Kylie gave into the kiss for only a second and pushed him away, making sure no one saw. "Quit it, Jason, we're not in school anymore. I'm not just going to turn to you because I can't have him."

Jason sighed, "Why not? You're single; it would help me keep my mind off of…certain people. We have nothing better to do."

Kylie shook her head, Jason would never change. He always thought with one body part and one body part only. Just then a truck drove around the building, heading towards the exit of the parking lot. Hoyt rolled down the window, Jessica in the passenger seat of the truck as he drove through the lot. "See you all tomorrow!" He yelled out the window waving he placed his hand on Jessica's knee as they drove out of Merlotte's parking lot.

Kylie watched him drive away and looked at Jason, for once; they wore the same sad look on their face. "Fuck it," she said, heading to Jason's truck, "take me home, Jason."