"But I don't really want this baby." Emma said quietly.

"Of course you do. That's just mommy jitters talking." Mary-Margaret said.

"No, it's 'I don't want to be reminded of Graham on a daily basis jitters'"

"Then give your baby to Gold. He'll sell it with the fine china."

"I'm not giving my baby to him. I'll figure another way around. I'm just making a point."

Emma and Mary-Margaret arrived home. They walked in separate directions to their bedrooms and Emma smiled as she saw August sitting on her bed.

"Mary-Margaret is here." Emma said climbing onto the bed as well.

"I know." August said kissing her lips.

"Why don't we go to your place. I'd rather not have sex with my mother home." Emma said with a smile.

August gave Emma puppy dog eyes, and she nodded. He, who already had his shirt removed, began to remove her's.

The next day, Emma was sitting in the sheriff's office when Regina walked in.

"What are you planning to do?" She asked blatantly.

"Nice to see you too. About what?"

"The baby and Gold's deal."

"No deal. I'm not giving my child up again."

"But you said last night you don't want it."

"I didn't mean it like that, I meant, I don't want the situation. I want the baby."

"Then why didn't you say situation?" Regina asked with a raised eyebrow. "Look, it seems like an easy way to fix everything."

"Or I could stab you to death. It seems like that would fix things as well. I mean, if you're dead. No curse."

"And if I'm not a witch, I'm dead, and you're held accountable for murder. And Henry, and this other baby go to a new family."

"I don't know if you're a witch. But I certainty know you're a bitch." Emma said, turning away from Regina and facing the computer.