Three Years Without Flowers

Written By

Stef With a F

Disclaimer: Mirage Studios some of these, the folks that did the cartoon owns some more of these, but there is a few that are mine, either way I am not getting money for this, so please don't sue. I have too much bills already.

Leonardo was out on the surface for an errand, wearing the familiar trench coat get up. It was late, and pretty dark, so it was safter to roam. Or was it? The freaks of New York often roam at night as well, but Leo knew he was ready. He has been doing this for years. Rapheal would have his movies, and Michaelanglo is video games.

Leo smiled at that. There was a time he was addicted to a certain video game. One, that ultimately almost destroyed the city. Tempestra… He couldn't believe how that video game intrigued him. It felt like a challenge, a challenge he was determined to overcome. Just like Lotus, his teenaged obession. Lotus, she was one of a kind. She defeated Shredder and she defeated Leonardo, not once, but twice that first time. And when she came back that second time, it was like a dream come true. Once again Shredder screwed with her mind and this time made her believe that the Turtles stole a family heirloom of hers. She found out the truth, that she was not a descendent of Chakahachi, yet the holder of his wife's spirit. This caused Lotus to become curious about her true past, so she left. And Leonardo hasn't seen her since.

Leonardo sighed. That was three years ago. He knew the odds of seeing her again was slim, but he never forgotten her.

Leonardo walked on. He wanted to fullfill his errand as soon as possible.

"Why?" Leonardo wondered, "Why was Lotus entering his mind now?"

Just, then he heard his answer. He heard what sounded like battle. He could hear the sound of katanna's hitting each other.

Curious, Leonardo followed the direction of the sounds.

It was a sole ninja against a group of a dozen. The ninja seemed to be defeating the ninjas with realitive ease. But, still, Leonardo did not like the odds. He joined the sole ninja in battle.

After the last ninja fell, Leonardo turned to return home. He hoped he did the right thing, hopefully he fought on the right side. He still had the errand to deal with, but, now, reaching home seemed more important. He felt as if he made a huge disturbance already.

"Leonardo," said a female voice.

"Lotus," Leonardo said. "Is it really you? How are you? Where have you been?"

Tears came down her eyes.

"I have to go…" she said.

"No, please, it has been so long…" said Leonardo.

"Yes, it was great seeing you too Leonardo," she said.

With that she made a back flip and disappeared into the darkness.

"Wait, will I ever see you again?" Leonardo called out.

But there was no answer; Lotus was long gone.

Upset, Leonardo returned home without the supplies he orginally sought.

"Hey Leo!" said voice.

Leonardo jumped.

"Oh Mikey, hi, you scared me," said Leonardo.

"Did you get the stuff?" Michaelanglo asked.

Leonardo shook his head.

"No, I forgot. I'm tired okay? Talk to you later."

Michaelanglo nodded. "Goodnight Leo."

"Goodnight Mikey," Leo said with a slight smile.

Michaelanglo went back to his bedroom.

Leonardo went into his but did not sleep. He wanted answers. In the last few years, his skills in mediation have improved. It might be hard, but he was determined to find out why Lotus was in town.

To Be Continued