Three Years Without Flowers

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Stef With a F

Chapter 12

Hi! I hope you are all enjoying this story. And thanks all that have given me reviews, regardless if it was here on the site or through at instant message. I know I have been taking very long for his chapter, but, well, it was a lot of work. I hope you all like…Please tell me what you think… Before I begin, I thought I could suggest that you refresh your knowledge of chapter 7…These two chapters are very connected.

"Are you alright?" Leonardo asked.

"I don't know? Am I?" answered Raph. "I mean, I don't know. I nearly got myself killed because of a love feud."

"I didn't tell you to follow me."

"Oh yeah, and we were supposed to let you get killed too?"

"You know what...?" Leo started, stepping up to his brother. He was met with a look of cold fury and thought better of starting a fight. "We will discuss this later," he informed, backing down. He needed to talk to Lotus more than he needed to rip his cocky brother's head off.

"No we're gonna discuss this NOW," Raph dared him, stepping between him and the woman. She jumped back, startled. "I am getting sick and tired of this shit," Raphael growled, jabbing his finger into Leo's chest. "We are not children anymore."

"Back off, Raph," Leo warned. He was not nearly as quick to anger as his brother, but he could only be pushed so far.

"Make me, Leo," Raph growled back.

"Hey, hey, enough already," Mike interrupted, pulling them apart before they got too intense and he COULDN'T get between them. "We're not going to solve anything by..."

"Shut up, Mike!" Raph yelled. Shocked and intimidated, Michaelangelo took a step back. Raphael turned his attention back to Leo. "I didn't listen to you back then, and I am not about to start now. I think we deserve to know why Shredder is terrorizing us after all these years."

"It is not Leonardo's fault…" interrupted Lotus.

Raph turned to her and Leonardo tensed. God help him if he touches her...

Lotus looked away, trying to avoid his stare. "Oh no," Raph half-laughed. His voice was cynical and cold. Accusative. It rang in Lotus's ears. "Look at me, bitch." She couldn't if she'd wanted to. Her downcast eyes filled with tears and blurred her vision. "What the fuck did you do to get Shredder so goddamn pissed off at you? And why the FUCK did you bring my brother into it?"

Leo grabbed Raph's shoulder and pulled him back. "Knock it off, Raph!" he ordered. "Yelling at me is one thing but you have no business..."

"Fuck you, Leo! Don't you see what she's...?"

"You have NO idea what you're talking about!" Leo yelled. It took ever ounce of self-control in his body not to just go ahead and kill his brother.

"Why are you protecting this whore when…!"

"End this now!" shouted Splinter.

Everyone spun, staring at Splinter in shock.

"Sensei…" Raph began.

"Raphael, you will not speak that way to a guest in our house," Splinter chastized, anger clouding his voice. A chill ran down Michaelangelo's spine. Splinter rarely got angry, but he was obviously VERY unhappy right now.

"But I...!" Raph tried again.

"But nothing. Leo and Lotus need to speak to one another, and there is a child that needs to sleep. If you cannot calm yourself, you will be asked to leave."

That wasn't a request. It was an order, and Raphael knew it.

Splinter turned to Leo and Lotus. "I am going back to my room. I trust you two will discuss what you must."

Splinter walked away. Then so did Lotus and Leo.

Raphael stared at the two as they entered Leonardo's room. He would drop it for now, but it was not going to be forgotten.

Don whisapered to Mike, "You know what's going on?"

"Not really, but from what I got from Lotus, there is definitely something she is not telling us. I sense that she is scared more than anything…"

"Are you alright?" Leonardo asked, closing the door behind him. "My brother has a big mouth sometimes.

"I have been better." Lotus answered. She glanced up, noticing the deep concern in his eyes, and forced a smile. "I'm okay," she assured him.

He reached up hesitantly and brushed his fingers over the side of her face. "I'm so sorry."

She pulled away from him, cutting her eyes to the floor. "What are you sorry for?" asked Lotus. "You have been great." She turned and took a few steps away from him. "I fly back into your life after three years, and what do you do?" She spun back and faced him. "You come to my rescue…After…" Her eyes filled with tears and she choked on her voice. "After all the pain I caused you."

He sat up slowly; his vision still blurred from sleep. For a moment, he just stared at the flower on the pillow. His emotions reeled from the shocking loss. He was paralyzed. She'd said she was leaving... but she didn't even say goodbye.

He closed his eyes and tried to block out the emotions and the effect they were having on his body. He felt like he was going to be sick. He knew it would happen. She'd told him she was leaving. But somehow, he had hoped... Was it WRONG for him to think he could change her mind? It was certainly painful enough...

"You left me, Lotus," Leo whispered, his heart aching at the painful memories. "Abandoned me. Why?"

She looked away. "I'm sorry."

"Just tell me why," he pleaded. She stared down at the floor. "I mean... you didn't even say good bye. You could have at LEAST told me to my face."

His words were accusative, but his voice was quiet and gentle. She felt tears sting her eyes. "It wasn't you, Leo."

"What wasn't me?"

"No you don't," growled a male voice. He held onto Lotus tightly, as she started to stir. (Deep breathing)…You're not going anywhere…"

She looked up, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand in an attempt to clear her vision. "Why I left. If it was just that... I never would've walked away from you."

"I can't think about this right now," she choked, turning away as if she could stop the painful memories by blocking him out.

But he grabbed her shoulder, stopping her. "Lotus, tell me."

"Leo, there's nothing to say," she pleaded. These wounds still hurt fiercely, and she didn't want to rip them open again. "I just needed some time. But it wasn't you. Just know that it wasn't you."

"I loved you, Lotus," he continued, oblivious to her words. "I would've given you anything and you turned your back on..."

"I DIDN'T turn my back on you, Leo!" she practically yelled. "I HAD to leave. You don't understand."

"What?" Leonardo cried. "What don't I understand? Why did you leave? Why did you ever walk out of that room without saying goodbye?"

She felt tears streaming down her face. "I didn't walk out, Leo," she choked.

I just wanted to look at the stars Leo. It was such a beautiful night. It was supossed to be so magical…

"What do you mean, you didn't walk out?" he questioned, confused.

"I didn't! I was drugged and CARRIED out. And dragged to this god-awful..."

Her voice was drowned in tears. Leo felt the air squeezed from his lungs as she collapsed to her knees, leaning against his bed. She whispered something, but he didn't hear her. He knelt in front of her, instinctively pulling her head to his chest.

She whispered again, and this time he heard her. "He raped me, Leo. Oh, god, he...

The End

And Before you all freak out on me, I am sorry this end is so evil, but this story isn't going to be finished. Just pictured this ending as one of those endings where the end is with unfinished business. If you want to know who the father is, well...I could tell you, but is the imagnation better? sigh Sorry...