I led a silver haired man and his two sons, daughter, and who I guessed was the older sons girlfriend. About ten miniutes after they sat down a man with a Scotish accent who appeared to be a really close friend of the silver haired man and what I guessed was the Scottsmans son and the sons girlfriend or wife. The older son who was called Tony was going on about some movie he had seen to Jimmy the man who had come in with the Scotish guy. While the younger son Timmy was discussing a computer program with the daughter a gothic looking girl Abby. The dad and the Scottish fellow Ducky talked about the silver haired mans Jethro concerns for his father. The girl I figured to be the older sons girlfriend Ziva joked with Jimmy's fiancee about Abby being angry she hadn't chosen black bridesmaid dresses. As the night went on he watched Tim and Tony blew straw wrappers at eachother and called eachother names. Timothy! Anthony! Jethro the silver haired man yelled. You know this wouldn't have happened if we had had Italian at my house. Tony said. Well last time I got food poisoning in fact I still feel bad. Ziva quipped. That was two months ago and after what we did that night it's likely that you are pregnant. Tony joked. As a matter a fact I am eight weeks. Ziva said smiling. "Thwack" the silver haired man slapped the back of the older sons head. I'm sorry I broke Rule 12 Boss. The older boy said. That's for not breaking it sooner DiNozzo. The silver haired man said smiling. It was at that moment that I realized they were co-workers I knew there were no relations when the younger man pecked the gothic girl on the lips. At the end of the evening I caught a conversation about the silver haired mans wife and daughter who had passed, the two younger mens fathers both had strained relations with their fathers, the gothic girls deceased parents, the expectant girlfriend had escaped hell, and Jimmy I wasn't sure on his story but, I knew they were in fact family not by blood but, family none the less.