~1394~ Scotland~

I slashed my sword through the sub in front of me. His black eyes flashed with hatred. As he died his eyes turned blue. Subs are humans who have sold their sold to the devil. When they die they turn back to their human selves. I used to feel remorse when I killed them for they can be saved just by being exorcised but here in the midst of such a bloody battle I didn't even give him a second thought. I moved on to the next enemy, a large man with a broadsword. He came at me, trying to gut me. Before he could slice my stomach open I blocked his strike. I grunted as my smaller sword met his larger sword with a shower of sparks. I braced my legs as he pushed down with all his strength. Had I been well rested, I could have thrown him back several meters but I had been fighting for many hours and the toll was evident. I no longer moved with swiftness and grace. The giant of a man cursed me and my ancestors, if he knew that I was born of the gods, I'm sure he would have never dared to speak such foul language. I gripped the sword tighter with my right hand, let go with my left, reached over to the sheath on my right hip and pulled out another sword. I sliced the man's chest wide open. Blood sprayed over me, coming down like rain. I felt the familiar bloodlust come over me, as my vampire half tried to take control of my body. I beat it back. I wiped the blood from my eyes and looked to the sky. The sun was finally setting, a few more hours and the armies would retreat to their camps. We could rest until tomorrow and then we shall start this madness all over again. I looked over to my right where a few people were locked in hand to hand combat. Men fell by the dozen. So much blood spilled, so much Innocence destroyed, all because of one man's lunacy. I looked up when I heard my hawk, Nitoh Mahkwi, shriek. He dived and slashed at Sub's eyes. That's my boy! He flapped his wings gaining altitude. He dived and attacked another Sub. I heard a voice in my mind asking for help. I turned and raced over to help a Master battling a demon and gang of about 10 Subs. I cut ones head off and stabbed another through the chest. Before I could continue with my rampage of carnage (I enjoy this way too much) a piercing scream split the air. I looked up and saw Akatsuki, my sister in arms, drop to her knees. Behind her holding a bloody sword was the man all of Alba hated and feared: Moray. He was the spawn of the devil. He has boyishly good looks but his heart is darker and colder than a winter night in the Highlands. He smiled at me as Akatsuki fell. My vision turned red, a wave of pure outrage washed through me. I sprinted to the hill so fast that I blurred. I slashed and hacked at all the enemies who where stupid enough to get in my way. If I could get to her I could heal and save her. As I bounded up the hill I left my body and I looked down upon a horrific scene. A field turned muddy from all the blood spilt that day. A girl running so fast she was nothing but a blur. She was drenched in blood, dressed in black from neck to toe. Her swords flashed to and fro slicing everything in their path. Her cape is flapping behind her like wings. She is an avenging angel. As she reached the top of the hill, she stabbed her swords into the ground, she kneeled and a white light shined around her. I wanted to scream, tell her to run, that it was a trap. Before I could do anything a beautiful man appeared behind her. He smiled and speared through her with his sword. He bent down whispered something in her ear, pulled out his sword, and turned around to meet another girl's sword. This girl had murderous rage clearly on her face. Moray held her back. A sub came in from behind and slit her throat. She landed heavily on her back. The other girl finally set down the person in her arms. She stumbled and fell on her back. I felt myself slipping back into her body. I looked up. A black hawk circled high above me. There was rainbow high up in the clouds. Pain racked my body I knew I didn't have enough strength to heal myself so I started sliding into death's cold embrace. I turned my head and looked over at Akatsuki turned over to look on my other side and there was Melinda. Both had already stopped breathing. A tear slipped free from my eyes. I had failed my friends and I had failed the people of this world. Without my sisters here to help me defend the Light I no longer wanted to continue living. I felt my power slipping but before I died I put every bit of energy I could gather from myself and the people around me into the sapphire inset in the necklace around my neck. The next Maiden would need every ounce of energy she could get her hands on. Then I let go and floated into the void.