Hey, guys! This is the prologue to my new story. It is very different from what I've done in the past. I hope you like it! But first of all I would like to thank my new Beta TheWrtrInMe! She has been helping me and I love working with her! I am still working on Chapter 1 of this and it will hopefully be posted soon. All depends on how fast I work. I do have a job and I am in college so it is a little harder for me. I hope you enjoy and another thanks to my Beta!

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The girl threw her dirty blonde hair up into a messy bun; tapping her pen impatiently against the desk. They were late. Thirty minutes late to be exact. She hated when people were late; it made you prone to mistakes thus interfering with her plans.

The dimmed room of the Seattle office gave her an ominous feeling. With the business like table and projector, she felt like CEO. She wished they were in her territory; she felt more in control there. She'd chosen this location to set them at ease for the first meeting. They had, after all, received a message from someone they didn't know claiming she wanted 'triumph over their shared enemy.' Once they realized they all need her, she would have the control she yearned for.

Opening a non-descript manila folder she looked through the stack of documents and pictures inside. On top of the stack was a picture of five people, each face smiling. There were two girls, one blonde, one brunette; and three boys, one an adult, one chubby and awkward, one geeky and hot. Next came a picture of the brunette; Carly was the name scrawled under it. The next picture was the blonde- Sam according to the picture label. The pictures that followed were the geeky, hot boy (Freddie), the chubby awkward boy (Gibby) and the adult (Spencer), who was the brunette's brother. Underneath all the documents was a list entitled 'How to Destroy iCarly.'

She looked at her phone and sighed. 'Where are they?' she thought. Finally, she looked up as the office door opened. There was Nevel Papperman, Nora Dershlit, Missy Robinson, Chuck Chambers, Valerie and Wade Collins.

"About time," she said.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Nevel demanded sitting down at the end of the rectangle table.

The girl stood up; her rectangular, black glasses sliding down on her nose a little. "My name is Julie" she said, "-and I want to destroy iCarly."