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Carly rubbed her tired eyes as she looked down at all the newspapers in front of her. The past few days, she has been searching for her mother. Her Aunt Maggie told them something not even her dad knew; her mother went to college here in Florence at University of Florence. This information pushed Carly's search further. She went to UF and tried to find out as much information as she could. All they could tell her was that Maria Davis (eventually Shay) was an English major and received her bachelor's degree in 1977. They told Carly they couldn't give her anymore information but she could use the campus library, which was where Carly has been for the past two days. She searched through old newspaper articles for anything about her mother's past. She contemplated asking Freddie for help but he had been busy with his Julie search. She managed to scrape by herself surprisingly. She found her mother had been in a sorority and received summa cum laude when she graduated. There were several articles about her mother and her sorority sister, Claire Robbins, and their community service. That led Carly to ask her dad about Claire. Claire turned out to be her mother's maid of honor at the wedding. Carly had found Claire's address and was planning to visit her tomorrow. Right now, she was looking for her mother's obituary.

"Miss Shay."

Carly looked up to see one of the librarians. "Hi, Miss Jones. Is it time to close already?" She asked. She had been her so many times during the last two days, the librarians where on a name base with her.

"I'm afraid so. Your brother is waiting for you," Miss Jones said.

Carly nodded, stood up, and stretched. She carefully gathered all the newspapers and handed them to Miss Jones who put them up for her tomorrow. She gathered her bag then left, waving to Miss Jones. Spencer was outside the library.

"What did you find today, buttercup?" He asked as they walked off campus.

"I found Claire Robbins address. She still lives here. Can we visit her tomorrow?" Carly asked.

"Whatever you want. Guess what I found today."

"How Mom died?" Carly guessed.

"Not yet. Can't get it out of Dad. Wouldn't tell me when I was 13 or when I'm 31 but I'll get it out of him eventually. No, Aunt Maggie told me that Mom and Dad met at her graduation. Dad was trying to recruit for the Air Force. They started dating and got married a year later then had me."

"My theory was right," Carly smiled as they got to Spencer's rental car. "One mystery to solve, a billion more to go."

Freddie has been searching for two and a half days straight and couldn't find anything on this Julie girl. Her life seemed to have been erased. Her Splashface was deleted, her twitter deleted. Nothing. It's like she didn't exist online.

"Freddie, we're at the pool. Are you really still looking?" Sam asked.

Freddie looked up to see his girlfriend standing in front of him. "This girl doesn't exist online! Do you know how impossible that is? It's like she knows what I was going to do and just deleted her online life!" Freddie said.

"You're stressing yourself out. I already have to listen to Carly's reports on what she finds at the library every day," Sam said sitting at his feet and taking his laptop out of hands. "Take a break. Let's go out. All of us. We need to get Carly and Spencer out of the library and you away from the computer. This is supposed to be a vacation!"


"No, we're going. Now. Get up," Sam said putting the laptop under her arm and standing up.

Freddie sighed, stood up, and followed Sam to her and Carly's room where Sam was taking away Carly's bag.

"Sam! Stop! I have to go visit Claire Robbins today and I need that bag," Carly said struggling with Sam.

"No, we're going out. You've been cooped up in the library for the past two days while Spencer has been on the phone. I realize you want to find out about your mom but if you're stressed, you won't be able to find out everything. We're all going out and enjoying this vacation, at least for today." Sam said going up to Spencer and taking the phone away from him. "Now, all of you get dressed. We're going to the movies." Sam grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom to change.

A half an hour later, the gang was piled up in Spencer's rental car on their way to the town's only movie theater, The Premiere. As soon as Spencer parked the car, Sam jumped out.

"Come on, guys," She yelled walking up to the ticket line.

Gibby jumped out, quickly following Sam. Carly sighed as she, Freddie, and Spencer climbed out and lined up with Gibby and Sam.

"Five tickets to The Revengers," Sam said giving the ticket lady a credit card.

"Hey, that's mine!" Spencer cried.

"Thanks!" Sam said grabbing the tickets, credit card, and going inside.

"She stole my credit card!" Spencer told Carly. Carly shook her head and went inside. "Freddie, your girlfriend stole my credit card."

"I'll handle it, Spence," Freddie said going inside, up to Sam who was waiting by a bench. "Sam."

"Hi, baby. Buy me snacks?" She said innocently.

"Sam, give Spencer his credit card back."

"Fine." Sam gave Freddie the card who gave it to Spencer behind him. "Can I have snacks now?"

"Let's go."

Spencer shook his head as Sam and Freddie walked over to the counter. He turned to Gibby who was texting on his PearPhone. "Who are you texting, Gibbster?"

"My super fan, Kylie. She won't leave me alone," Gibby said putting his phone up.

"Just stop texting her," Carly said.

"I did."

"Good for you."

"Cause I invited her to the movies with us."

Spencer and Carly shook their heads.

"Carmen, get that line over there," The manager demanded.

The Latina nodded and went to the other side where Sam and Freddie were waiting. She looked at them, shocked. Oh crap, she thought, Julie is not going to be happy. Wait, I have an idea. She put on a smiled then went up to them. "How may I help you?"

Freddie looked at Sam who started looking at the menu.

"Oh, wait. I thought I recognized you two. You're from iCarly. You're Sam and Freddie!" Carmen cried then turned to April, a huge iCarly fan that worked with her. "April, it's Sam and Freddie from iCarly."

The black haired girl turned around and stifled a scream. "Sam! Freddie! Oh my God. Oh my God." April came over, shaking in the hands. "This is the greatest day of my life."

"Yeah, that's great. We'll give you autographs later just don't scream," Sam said looking around.

April nodded as Carly came up.

"Hey, guys, can you get me a small popcorn?" She asked.

"Oh my God! It's Carly! iCarly is in my work place! iCarly is here!" April yelled.

"Shush!" The trio cried but it was too late. Everyone had heard her and was looking at the trio.

"iCarly!" A little girl yelled.

"Time to leave," Freddie said grabbing Sam's wrist and pulling her out the door, Carly on their heels. They ran across the parking lot and into the mall.

"We forgot Spencer," Carly cried as soon as they made their way inside the mall.

"Call him and tell him where we are," Freddie said.

Carly nodded, took out her cellphone, and walked a little away from them.


The couple looked up to see the Latina from the movie theater.

"Hey, I am so sorry about that. I didn't know April would get that crazy. She is kinda a big fan," The girl said.

"Kinda?" Sam said.

The girl smiled and held her hand out to Freddie to give him five tickets. "My manager wanted me to give you these as an apology. It's for any movie. If you need anything else, I'm Carmen." She smiled again then turned to walk back to her job. She turned around one last time, waved and winked at Freddie.

Carly walked back, putting her cellphone in her pocket. Spencer and Gibby are on their way. "The kids trapped Gibby in the bathroom." She looked at her best friends' red faces. "What did I miss?"

"You did WHAT?" Julie yelled from the picnic table at the park.

Carmen flinched as she raised her voice. "It's not all bad-"

"Not all bad? You sent little kids after them!"

"It wasn't my fault! I thought you were supposed to keep them in the hotel room for another day?" Carmen counted.

"Don't you dare pin this on me! I know what I'm doing!"

"Do you? Cause it seems to me that you made a mistake today, not knowing where they were." Carmen smiled knowingly.

"What did you do?"

"I played my part, flirting with Freddie. Sam was not happy."

Julie looked at her then nodded. "Good. Phase Two is still good."

"Thanks," Carmen said getting up. She turned back one more time. "And Julie, I would be more careful next time. You never know, someone else might steal your thunder."

Julie glared at the back of the girl's head as she walked to her car. The nerve of that girl telling her what to do and calling out her mistakes. She wasn't supposed to do that. She was supposed to be a good little minion and do exactly what Julie said. No, she had to go and get smart on her. At least she started Phase Two. Now she had bigger issues. She needed to see Nevel about those secret cameras then Drew on new information on Gibby. No more mistakes were going to be made at her hands.