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Julie paced back and forth, waiting for her crew to show up. Spencer and Carly finally knew the truth about their mother and Drew has taken care of Gibby, who was still out with Kylie. Poor girl. She had no idea what she got herself into. It's only a matter of time. Julie shook her head at the thought then sat down at the picnic table in the park. Two black SUVs pulled up and the crew got out and gathered around her.

"What's the plan, boss?" Chuck asked.

"I still don't understand why she's in charge," Missy said. Valerie and Wade nodded in agreement.

"Missy, we went over this. None of you actually accomplished anything by yourself and I have," Julie said, smirking at the girl. "Now do your job quietly or I will reveal you."

Missy glared at her then looked down, giving up.

"That's better. I have dirt on all of you and you don't want me to spill, right?" Each member of her crew looked around and nodded. "Listen to me and we'll succeed," Julie said leaning forward. "Now, Spencer and Carly found out about their mother yesterday. This means that the drift between her and Sam and Freddie will increase. She will be angry at her father and upset over her mother. Carmen, are you still trying to break Seddie?"

"What do you think?" Carmen asked glaring at Julie. "I followed them on their date and Neville was able to get me Freddie's phone number. I started texting him today."

"Good." Julie nodded at her then opened her Gibby folder. "Drew, what's the news?"

"Kylie has been hanging out with Gibby more. She isn't sure why but she hasn't questioned it," Drew answered.

"Don't let her question it. I don't want her involved," Julie told him.

"Why? Why can't she be involved?" Missy asked clearly confused on why Julie would want to keep information about their plan from someone so important to it.

Julie sighed at the girl's comment. "Do you ever listen, Missy? Kylie cannot be involved under any circumstances. She is too innocent and a good kid. As soon as she finds out, she will tell. Do you want her to tell?"

"Well, no but if we explain to her-" Missy started before Julie interrupted her.

"It doesn't work that way. She's too young and she won't see what we see."

"Chuck's young!"

"Chuck wants revenge so his mind is in the right set while Kylie is so in love with iCarly that she won't see what we see. That they need to be destroyed!" Julie explained slamming her hands down on the picnic table. "She. Never. Finds. Out. Got it?"

Missy nodded, clearly receiving the point.

"Anyone else has a problem with the plan?" Julie asked, looking around at her crew.

Carmen bit the inside of her mouth to keep from speaking out. Yeah, she had a problem. With Julie. Man, did she hate that girl. It always had to be her way. Yeah, she had this brilliant plan that could work, if she didn't have such idiots working for her. Seriously, why did she bring in Wade Collins? That guy was worthless. Yes, he hated the iCarlies but what did he do for the plan? Nothing. And Chuck? All he did was get the iCarlies here. What else has he done? Nothing. And those Missy and Valerie. What was the deal with them? The only people worth keeping were Nevel and Nora. And of course her. God, she hated all these people here. If only there was a way she could hurt Julie and expose her. But how? This could use some thinking.

Julie smirked when no one spoke. She still had control. For now. Her only worries were from Carmen. That girl has always had it out for her and this plan was no different. The only reason she recruited Carmen was because she knew Carmen thought like her. Carmen was also just as controlling as she was. Carmen could easily take everything away from her. Maybe if she held the favor over her then Carmen would stay as her little pawn. The favor was big enough and she could do it and Carmen knew it too.

Julie smiled at the crew. "Continue what you are doing and we'll meet tomorrow here at the same time. Got it?"

The crew nodded and started gathering their stuff and leaving.

"Carmen, I need to talk to you," Julie said calling after the Latina.

Carmen looked towards Drew and told him to wait in the car then followed Julie to the track around the park. "So, what's up?"

"I know you don't like me," Julie started.

"Correction, I hate you," Carmen said.

Julie smiled knowingly. "Yes, I know and I know what you think about my plan and the rest of the crew." Carmen raised one of eyebrows and looked at her pointedly. "You hate us all and think most are stupid. We think the same, Carmen. That's why I asked you to help. That and you owe me something."

Carmen rolled her eyes. "I know. You remind me every day."

"Good then you will continue to do as you're told without any questions or elseā€¦" Julie warned.

"Don't worry. I will," Carmen interrupted, rolling her eyes slightly.

"Good. Now, go break up Seddie," Julie said walking away.

Carmen glared after her. How dare she! She just holds things against her like she owns her. Ha! That was rich. Julie didn't own her, nor did she control her. She was tired of it. It was time to fight back. Carmen was going to do everything in her power to destroy Julie and her plan.

"This means wars."

Did anyone expect that? Yeah, that wasn't planned but Carmen took over. Well R&R and don't cry too hard over the finale (I know I will).