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Written for the Fantastic Beasts challenge on HPFC

My fantastic beast was jarvey, though I've included several others

It wasn't entirely Charlie's fault, Arthur decided, as he wearily walked up the stairs. The boy had such a devout passion for animals, a passion he and Molly had encouraged over the years. The pet moke had been no trouble at all. Molly had healed the little lizard's badly lacerated side after five-year-old Charlie had rescued it from a hawk attack. Little Momo had provided hours of fun, shrinking and hiding in Charlie and Bill's bedroom, where they would spend hours quietly occupied hunting for him. He also ate flies and spiders, and even Molly had liked him. Then one day he vanished for good, and two days later Charlie had found a new pet.

Elsie the augurey was found stuck in the chimney after a particularly bad storm. Seven-year-old Charlie had patiently helped Arthur splint the bird's broken wing, and had sat up all night with her, feeding her whatever insects the three boys had found (minus the two earwigs that somehow ended up in Percy's socks). However, the family quickly discovered that having an augurey in the house at the onset of winter was very trying on the ears. Little Charlie was horrified at the suggestion of a silencing charm, so the Weasley family put up with three months of mournful wailing from the bird, until one spring day Elsie flew out the window and off into the sunset.

Next had been Igor the imp, though he lasted just three weeks before Molly, after having her spice rack muddled for the fourth time, put her foot down. Arthur had simply summoned Iggy one night, apparated several miles away, and placed the little scamp in a nearby tree. The next morning when they told Charlie that Iggy had run away, he had seemed a little upset. Until that afternoon, when they found him building a fire in the back yard, Molly's sack of hot pepper in one hand, trying to catch a salamander.

The niffler Harwold too had been a problem. Bill had left just left for Hogwarts when Charlie, feeling lonely, stumbled upon the little creature in the woods beyond the orchard. At first, no-one minded the little cuddly black fuzzball, until Aunt Muriel came for dinner wearing her favourite diamond and pearl earrings. That evening had not ended well. Then there was the family holiday to Cornwall, where he had smuggled three pixies back in his bag, and the daytrip to the beach where he caught a baby shrake.

But now, at eleven, Charlie should have known better than bringing his new rescue, Magalor the jarvey with a broken paw, anywhere near the twins. All it had taken was one afternoon of hushed, giggling conversation between the five-year-olds and the little beast for them to spout jarvey insults at every opportunity. Like to the wife of Arthur's boss at their Christmas party. He could hear Molly winding up now, sending Fred and George, under Percy's eye to degnome the garden, and Charlie to clean out the broom shed. Arthur had removed Magalor with his healed paw to a suitable location several miles away. Rubbing his forehead, Arthur reminded himself that it was less than a year until Charlie went to Hogwarts where his collection of pets would be his head of house's problem.