Tolkien owns it all, I am just playing with the plot. This is a very very dark, angst piece. It deals with the death of Elladan, through Elrohir's POV. There is no slash in this, and there shall never be for that matter.
Here With Me

Alone. A word I never knew before now. A word that I had never thought about till now. I have never been alone. You were always here, even in the darkest of days. Even when you were so far away, I never felt alone. It scares me, terribly, to know I am truly alone and that I shall always be that way, from now until the world changes. There is a dark place in my mind, where there had once only been light. You are gone and I feel I have nothing left. I am the last of what had once been three, and it tares at my soul.

I tried to bring your body with me on board, I don't really know why. I didn't want to leave you in that foul place alone. I fought them when they tried to take you from me, but they took you anyways. I don't know what they did with your body. I wanted to bring you to the Undying Lands; I wanted to have you buried there. I know that you wanted to go, to see Mom and Dad again. Too late for that, isn't it? Hopefully they put you somewhere on this ship, so you may have your last wish.

We were fools to think ourselves immortal, didn't we, brother? We thought nothing could hurt us that we could protect anyone we chose and not get hurt. We paid dearly for it in the end. Dear, dear, brother, my soul feels like it has been cut in half. Our bond is shattered, and you are no longer with me. I thought you would always be here. I was wrong. But you had always been there; you should be here now, with me. We should be talking about our last few fights, but it was our last fight that took your life. And in the end, I am alone.

Elladan, I can't make it alone. I need you here with me. Why did you leave me? My dear brother, why are you not here with me?