I admit, I changed a few facts here and there, so forgive me on that. I think it rather finished well, though I am sad to see this fic end. Thanks for all the kind comments/questions/heh rants. ;) There may be more Aman stories following this one, sometime soon I hope, that is if you actually like this one. :) ;)

Glorfindel enters with another Elf behind him. I look away from his sorrowful eyes to the mysterious Elf's. He seems different, as if he is about to fade away, yet he seems as real as any of us. I look to Ada, and find that he is paler then he has ever been.

"You suffer so much, little one," the Elf sighs, stepping from behind Glorfindel.

"Have I not the right to?" I want to snap, but it only comes out in a sigh of sorrowed words.

I glance again to father, and I am worried for him. He seems to have gone into shock at seeing the other. The other smiles at him and me, and approaches slowly, regally. He bows to my mother, who seems to be in milder shock then my Father.

"Lady Celebrian," he greets, and turns to my Father, "Do not look so surprised, Elrond, did you not realize that the Halls of Mandos are upon Aman as well, and that I would walk with you once more soon enough?"

Father nodded slightly, and color returned to his face. If the sorrow had not been to heavy in him, I think he would smile as seeing his lost friend, though I do not know who this is, for Father has had many friends that have entered the Halls of Mandos.

My spirit tries to lift slightly. Perhaps if this Elf would be allowed to walk in Aman again, maybe Elladan shall be allowed to as well. I look back to him, wishing to question him about this. He smiles slightly at me.

"Perhaps later of course. For now, my business is with your son," he says, and draws closer to me, "Elrohir Peredhel, your friend, Glorfindel, has approached Mandos with a rather unusual request, that has been echoed by another within the Halls. He has asked that he allow you, one of the living, to enter the Halls, and to see the one that you suffer for. Never has this happen, for Glorfindel has been dead and alive, so he may pass safely as he is not truly considered among the living or the dead. Mandos has seen you, has wept for your grief, and gives you his full permission. But it is your decision on whether to come or not."

I stand, a bit shaky for my latest break down, and nod. How could I refuse such an offer, I have to see Elladan again. I can't bear to keep living like this!

He seems to read my thoughts, and nods grimly in return.

"Will he return, my lord?" my mother asks softly, and I am slightly shock, for mother has never called anyone lord except those higher then her, such as my Father, or Glorfindel when she teases him.

"Yes, he shall, Celebrian," he says, and smiles slightly to reassure her.

He then beckons to me, and starts towards the door. I follow, glancing once more at my parents and Glorfindel, before leaving with him.
We walk in silence, and finally come upon our destination. The Halls of Mandos are impressive, amazingly large and delicately carved from what seems like stone. Huge stone pillars support the massive gates that hang open before us. I can't help but stare at such a feat.

The Elf smiles knowingly at me, then nudges me forwards.

"Come, he is waiting, and I do not know how long Mandos has given you," he says, entering the gates ahead of me.

I hurry after him; the need to see my brother is like a fire that cannot be extinguished, and is growing wilder with each step I take. He leads me into the halls, which seem like massive caverns supported by great stone pillars, except there is no roof, but pure sky. Its breath taking. The Elf before me stops near a small enclave, where there is a stone roof, yet there are slight artistic cracks in it that seem to have been put there on purpose to bring in streams of sunlight. I can see a figure hunched over some kind of instrument, but I cannot see the Elf's face. Yet my heart leaps at the familiar position, the shape of the Elf's body so much like mine.

"He is over there," he says unnecessarily, gesturing towards that enclave, and then walks away, fading into the shadows of the pillars.

I take a hesitant step, hoping that this was not some cruel dream brought to me. The figure looks up to me, and a stream of light hits his face. He grins at me, sets aside his instrument, and rises.

"Elrohir!" he cries happily to me, and rushes forward.

I cannot stand it any longer, and rush to him, embracing him as soon as we touch. He returns the embrace with as much force as I do him. I can't believe it, I am again holding my brother, my twin, the very half of my soul. The piece I thought I had lost, yet here he is, I can feel him. I know it isn't a dream, dreams don't hurt, and yet I hurt so much within my own heart that I cannot withhold my tears.

"Dear brother, why are you crying?" he holds me closer as he whispers into my ear.

"Oh, Elladan," I sob, my hands stroking his hair; wanting to make sure I am truly holding my brother.

"Shhh, I'm here," he whispers, and I feel the faintest wet feeling in my hair.

I look up to his face, a very mirror of my own, to find that he is crying as well. We always felt what the other felt.

He nods, getting what I had thought, and smiles. Yes, we were always able to. It's his thought, and it fills my heart with warmth as I feel the place in my soul fill again with his light. It only makes me want to cry again, only now, with relief. I have my brother back, and it's too good to be true.

"Miss me?" he asks softly, a slight smile working its way across his face.

"As much as you've missed me," I say, letting the first real smile in a long time to come to my face.

And I know its true. As much as I have grieved, he has grieved, even though he is here, he feels the separation. I don't know whether to be comforted or miserable from the thought.

"We have suffered enough, Elrohir, now its time to move on from the grief," he says softly, gently touching my face, "Unfortunately, we must move on alone."

"No, no, you're here with me now, and I'm with you. We don't have to move on," I whimper, I don't want to feel the coldness, the loneliness again, how could he suggest a thing!

"It shall only be for a little while. My time is coming to be judged, then I shall walk with you until the end of Arda," he sooths, smoothing my hair from my face.

"But even a little while will be too long. I can't stand the loneliness, Elladan. I feel like I've been shut away into a small little room with no way out. Please, don't make me go through that again," I cry, trying to get him to understand.

"I know. But you are strong, Elrohir, you are the twin of me, and yet you are much stronger then I am. I would have ended it long ago if you had died. Live, brother, and wait. My time here will be shortly over, now that all those of our kind have come home to Aman. Mandos shall release those that have the right to be free," he says, and then a sharp cry strikes through the air, sending a shiver down both our spines.

"Maeglin," I whisper, trying to control the shiver.

"One of those that shall never leave these halls," Elladan sighs softly.

"Who was that that led me here?" I ask suddenly, realizing the Elf had never told me his name.

"Dare you not know our Father's lord?" he laughs, and I find that I can't get enough of it, I need his laugh, almost as much as I need air, "Tis King Gil-Galad."

I start, and wonder how I could have missed who he could have been.

"Do not fret about it, Elrohir, you were filled with grief. And from the looks of it, you haven't been taking care of yourself either," he says, raising an eyebrow, looking very much like our father.

I sigh, knowing he has seen my unusual paleness, how my clothes hung from my thin frame, how my eyes betray my weariness. Once, I would have hated his attention, now I crave it. Because I want that familiarity, that caring that only my twin can give me. Gently he grasps me by the shoulders, and looks firmly into my eyes.

"You have to stop this, Elrohir; you have to take care of yourself. I know it hurts. It hurts me too, but I don't want you here with me. This is where we must travel alone for a while, but it shall only be a little while," he says softly, gravely.

"But I do not want to part from you. Elladan, these last few weeks have been torture for me!" I exclaim, trying to convey the very despair that has been preying upon my soul.

"I know, and they have been for me. I don't wish to part from you either, but I have very little time yet. This body you see before you shall fade and return to what I truly am, a spirit, nothing more. Mandos has not yet granted me my freedom yet. But it is only for a little while, barely a blink of an eye for us firstborn. We'll survive. Until then, I need you to look after Mother and Father, they grieve as much as we do, perhaps more so in some ways. Promise me that," he says, and it brings back the last few desperate moments I had with him while he was still living.

"I promise," I say softly, pushing away the memory.

He smiles slightly then turns slightly grave, "I must leave now, Mandos calls."

I nod; I know I have to let him go, though it rips something within me.

"But don't worry, I shall be out soon enough," he says softly, and lets me go.

I grab at his hand just before he pulls it way.

:"Do you know what has become of Arwen?" I ask, bringing to bear the other tear in my soul.

"Nay, I do not," he sighs, and tears glisten in his eyes.

But these are not the tears of sadness, but the tears of wonder.

"But she is happy, and with the one she loves. That is all that matters in the end of things," he says softly.

I nod, my own tears flowing again as I release his hand. Immediately he fades to a transparent ghost, and with one final smile, he disappears altogether. I feel his light go out in my soul, yet it doesn't hurt as much, for there is still a single ember burning where there was once nothing at all. I can wait, for as long as necessary. I can wait for my brother.
I sit listening to Ecthelion's voice ring through the small clearing, the soft, and beautiful sound of Glorfindel's harp accompanying him. Glorfindel sits silently beside his friend, his eyes closed as his hands stream through the strings. Ecthelion is equally absorbed in his music, letting his wondrous voice rise and fall, always keeping it soft and soothing, a happy tone. It's a quiet day in Aman, and a beautiful one, a perfect day to listen to this, but everyday is such. Amusingly, I would have thought I would be bored in such a place, but now I am only content, except for one element. My brother still has not come from the Halls of Mandos, while Gil-galad and others have been released years ago, or so it seems. I have tried to not to let the sorrow drag myself down, but when it does, I have my parents and friends to help me not fall completely into depression. Yet I still miss Elladan greatly.

Another soft voice enters the song, fitting right into it. It sounds so much like my own voice that my heart leaps with recognition.

"Elladan!" I shout, rising in one swift move and taking to the glade near us.

I find that just as I reach where I had thought my brother to be, that I am being tackled by what seems to be myself. We both fall to the ground, laughing playfully like old times. Elladan sits on my chest, grinning down at me.

"Elladan! You oaf, get off me!" I laugh, happy to see him again, alive and as hail as he always was.

"An oaf? Dear brother, you offend me. Do not tell me I left the Halls of Mandos for this!" he says dramatically, his eyes sparkling with humor.

"Sorry to disappoint you," I say with a wink, then turn my body, dumping him on the soft soil.

He laughs, and stands, then helps me up. We fall silent for a moment, gazing upon each other, absorbing the feel of each other's souls. Then we embrace, relishing the feel of the other, alive and whole once more.

"Oh, Elladan, now you are here with me," I sigh softly, pulling away to look into his identical gray eyes.

"Forever, Elrohir, even after the end," he says and smiles.

I nod, smiling like I have not done in so very long, "Come, Elladan, there are others that wish to greet you."

Again his laugh rings through the air as we walk home to Mother and Father. The wait has been long, but now my brother is here with me, and now I am content.

~The End~