Author's note: Hey, guys! I'm trying my hand at a long fic featuring John and Sherlock. It's a high school fic, and I've never written one before, so go easy on me! Also, I know nothing about London and yes, I am very aware that Swatchton Grammar doesn't exist. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this :)) Also, the title for this fic isn't fully decided yet. If you could help me with a title, that would be wonderful!

"Good morning, London! It looks like it's going to be another cold day, so make sure you wear your scarves and coats! A high of seven degrees with shallow snow most likely clearing up by the weekend; be careful out there on the roads!"

John swiped the snooze button on his alarm clock and continued to stare at the ceiling. He hadn't slept at all. His father had been promoted to Chief Director of Watson and Son's Shoe Co in London, so John had to say goodbye to his friends in Essex, pack his bags and relocate to the city. He was to start at the local college in Marylebone, Swatchton Grammar. But due to the moving process, he had to start during Spring Term in January, which meant everyone would already have their friendship groups formed. John just knew he would be a loner.

"Johnny! Come down and eat your breakfast!" his mother called.

John groaned and rubbed a hand over his face. He felt and probably looked like crap. His head pounded, his throat ached and his mouth was absolutely parched. Stumbling around his bedroom, he managed to pull on a pair of jeans so he wasn't attending breakfast in his underwear and trudged downstairs. The smell of his mother's famous Full English Breakfast was enough to make him vomit.

"Well, you look like shit." His sister Harriet said bluntly through a mouthful of toast.

"Harriet!" His mother scolded. "It's his first day of school!"

John took his usual place at the kitchen table and stared at an enormous plate of eggs, bacon, sausage and toast was waiting for him. His stomach coiled as his mother placed a mug of tea in front of him. What if nobody talked to him? What if he got lost? What if, what if, what if...

"Eat up! Today is a big day!" His mother smiled down at him.

His stomach lurched and he leapt from his seat, racing down the hallway to the bathroom where he gagged into the sink. Ever since he was a kid he had had anxiety issues. He was so desperate to please, no matter what the cost. Nobody knew the real him. The only person who came close, despite their constant rivalry, was Harriet. She knew he was gay. She knew that he wanted to become an Army doctor. And she knew that he had been learning guitar for the past four years. He trusted Harriet, especially with his sexuality. She was a lesbian. She'd known since she was ten and used to rate the girls in her class by how pretty they were. So when John came out to her, Harriet told him she already knew. She'd known since his eleventh birthday – the day he cried because his father bought him a mini motorbike instead of dance lessons.

"You alright, kid?" Harriet's voice asked from the doorway.

John glanced up from the sink, wiping his mouth. "Nobody is going to like me."

Harriet grasped him by the wrist and sat him on the edge of the bathtub. "What's not to like?" Her blue eyes were soft and kind as she spoke.

"What if they notice? What if I'm… you know… obvious?"

"You're my brother, and therefore I think you're an annoying little wanker. But if anybody gives you shit, I'll kill them. Especially if it's because you're gay. I went through that bullying in high school, and I won't let you be a victim as well."

John grinned. "You really don't hate me, do you?"

Harriet punched him lightly. "'Course I do."

John felt calmer after Harriet left. She always knew what to say. It wasn't always that way. When John was big enough to walk, she would always push him over or get him into trouble. She was jealous that she was no longer the only child. The rivalry continued as they grew up, but during adolescence Harriet grew softer as she watched him fight all of the teenage battles she had already been through. Now they were close in a sibling sort of way.

"Johnny, are you alright? Would you like to skip breakfast?" his mother called worriedly.

"I think I will skip breakfast, yeah." He called back. "I'm gonna get ready for school, okay?"

John showered and changed into his brand new uniform. During Spring Term he was to wear black dress pants, a blue knitted sweater with the school's emblem on it, a white shirt, a striped blue tie and black leather lace up shoes. The posh uniform felt strange. His old school uniform was merely colour coded and you could wear whatever you liked as long as it was within the code. A rush of home sickness spread through him.

As he combed his hair neatly, did up his tie and pulled on the navy school blazer, John inspected his appearance. His floppy blonde hair and laughing blue eyes went very well with the black, white and navy colours of his uniform, and he almost felt proud at how well it suited him. John made sure to have his top button on his shirt undone and his tie loosened slightly so he didn't look a "stereotypical gay" who wore the uniform perfectly. In the end, he decided he looked rather good and went down stairs to collect his school bag.

"Want me to drive you?" Harriet asked nonchalantly.

John smiled at her. "That'd be great; thanks."

He scooped up his school bag, heavy with text books, and prepared himself as his mother walked up to him. She took his face in her hands and smiled at him, tears in her eyes. John didn't think it was normal for his mother to be so emotional because it was his first day at a new school. Though, he imagined it had a lot to do with the fact that his father was away all day at work and she was going to feel lonely without Harriet who was going to University.

"Johnny, you look so smart in your new uniform. I'm so proud of you." His mother smiled.

John shrugged her off. "Mum, it's only my first day at a new school. I'm in year twelve for goodness sake!"

"I know, but it's going to be a big year!"

John kissed his mother on the cheek and turned to leave. "I'll see you when I get home, mum! Have a good day!"

As he clambered into Harriet's car and secured his seat belt, the anxiety began to kick in again. What if the teacher's don't like me? What if I don't know how to do my work? What if, what if, what if...

"Stop worrying, John, it will go fine. Everyone always likes you, you know that." Harriet said, slapping his thumb that he had been chewing.

"I know... But this is a posh, public school. There will be snobby, rich kids everywhere! I'm just an Essex boy." John bit his lip.

"Don't be such a cry baby, gay boy." Harriet joked.

John smiled a little and stared out the window at all of the big buildings that scattered the street. As a city and the capital of England, London had nothing but big buildings and suburbia. John wasn't used to it. It was so different to home.

Harriet's car turned into Edgware Road and John could see Swatchton Grammar up ahead. He gulped as he saw the enormous building looming over the street. There were multiple other small buildings scattered around it and John didn't even want to imagine how many were hiding behind it.

It was very modern looking and had probably hundreds of windows, making John wonder how many flights of stairs he would have to climb all day every day. Hundreds of adolescents were filing into the large courtyard out the front of the building in the school colours. Some were playing in the snow together, whilst others hurried into the building to escape the frosty, January morning.

Before John knew it, Harriet's car had pulled up outside Swatchton Grammar. He felt his heart rate increase and started to sweat for the thousandth time that morning. What if he couldn't find the bathrooms? What if he had P.E today; he didn't have his uniform! What if, what if, what if...

"Here you are, gay boy." Harriet smiled at him. "Now remember, public schools have plenty of hot, posh boys, so you gotta try to keep it in your pants!"

"Sod off, Harry!" John retorted, blushing furiously.

She waved as he got out of the car, and almost instantly drove off in the direction of her University. John turned to look at the huge school before him and began biting his lower lip nervously. He could see a sign pointing to the right side of the building saying "Administration" and took brave steps towards it. There was one other student heading in the same direction and John instantly froze on the spot. What if the student noticed he was gay? What if the student harassed him for being new? What if, what if, what if...

"Hey! Hey you!" An unfamiliar voice called from behind him.

John turned slowly to see a boy that looked his age jogging over. He was wearing the uniform perfectly, with iron creases in his pants and the tidiest tie John had ever seen in his life. The boy had black hair parted down the middle and was smiling widely, showing off a dazzling set of pearly whites. Some snow was caught in his hair and John didn't think he had seen anything cuter. He blushed instantly at the thought.

"Hey," the boy caught up to him, panting. "Are you new?"

"Yes... Yes, I am. Just moved here and so I had to start during Spring Term."

The boy grinned. "Well obviously."

John mentally face-palmed. "Oh... Yes, of course... Sorry... Um, I'm John Watson by the way."

"Roland Perny. Shall we go to admin and see which home class you're in?"

John nodded, feeling calmer and followed Roland toward where administration was. He couldn't help but feel a little smitten and pleased by the fact that he had already sort of made a friend. This Roland seemed to be a lovely person, thoughtful and helpful, and extremely cute, too.

Shut up! John thought. I'm not allowed to think anyone is cute yet!

As he followed Roland into the administration department, the first thing that came into view and earshot was another student standing at the front desk abusing the receptionist. He was tall, incredibly thin and seemed to have dark curly hair.

"I don't care if the other home classes are full; I can't be in the same one as Perny!" The student spoke with a cold, baritone register. "I know I started during Spring Term, but I am sure you are very aware as to why and quite frankly, Perny will most likely ensure that happens again."

John was shocked and whispered, "Who's that? And why doesn't he like you?"

"That's Sherlock Holmes. He's a complete and utter freak. My friends and I like to bully him because he's a faggot. He once got caught wanking in the change rooms directly after seeing me in the showers. If you know what's good for you, you'll stay away from him." Roland replied coldly.

John was sure his face had paled; Roland didn't like gays. He hoped that he wouldn't be too obvious in front of him…

He turned his attention back to Sherlock. The receptionist was gone and Sherlock was standing in the same position as before, running his fingers through his thick curls, whispering cuss words to himself. He must have lost this battle.

Abruptly, he turned around and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw John and Roland standing together. This gave John the opportunity to examine his appearance. Pale skin and a slender face. Dark curls long enough to fall over his eyes. From a distance John could see that his eyes were grey or blue. He also had very high cheek bones that stood out distinctively. John couldn't help but think that Sherlock Holmes was quite attractive in a mysterious sort of way and felt his face flush.

"Holmes," Roland said in an unfriendly manner.

"Please, Perny, don't speak; you're probably lowering the new student's IQ." Sherlock replied just as icily, heading toward the door.

"Faggot," Roland hissed.

Sherlock acted as if it didn't bother him and continued to walk out of the building. John was very surprised at how the student's had acted toward each other. He thought that private school's were all friendly toward each other and were a safe environment. At least, that was what the brochures and television advertisements had told him...

Roland continued to introduce him to the receptionist who gave John his timetable and informed him that he would be in the same home class as Roland. He had the subjects Biology, Chemistry, English, Physical Education and History; lessons he all enjoyed.

In home class, John was introduced to Roland's group of friends; Jakob, Lachlan, Molly, Sasha and Jonathon. They were all rich kids with snobby mannerisms, but were kind to John and so he wasn't particularly fussed with that just yet. He also noticed Sherlock Holmes was in his home class, sitting alone at the back of the room, his head buried in a book. Nobody spoke to him, and he made no move to speak to anyone either.

After John's home class teacher, Mr Rogers, checked attendance and the students chatted amongst themselves for a while, the bell for morning lessons sounded and everybody began to file out slowly. Roland motioned for John to follow him, but he felt as if he needed to wait for Sherlock who was still sitting alone in his seat, motionless.

"I'll catch up with you, later, okay?" John called. "I'm just going to talk to Mr Rogers for a second; introduce myself properly."

Roland shrugged and waved as he went off with his group of friends, leaving John alone in the classroom with Sherlock and Mr Rogers. The teacher smiled at John as he left the room and abruptly, John was completely alone with Sherlock. He looked over at the bizarre boy who was slowly getting up from his seat, staring down at the ground or anywhere but where John was standing. Puzzled, John ventured closer until he was standing before Sherlock who looked up, startled.

"Hello," John smiled warmly. "You probably heard before, but I'm John."

Sherlock didn't answer at first, just began to pack up his things into his satchel. John watched as he began tidying his uniform; first straightening his tie and then finishing by running a hand through his unkempt curly hair. Eventually, he fixed his eyes onto John's and he could see the faintest evidence of Sherlock's pupil's dilating and his cheeks becoming pink.

"Sherlock." He finally said.

"Do you have Biology first? Would you mind showing me where it is?" John asked, trying to be friendly.

Sherlock pushed past John and spoke over his shoulder. "If you're going to be friends with Perny, you can't associate with me."

John stood there watching him go, his mouth hanging open. How could anybody be so rude? He was just being polite and requesting help, and Sherlock had thrown it back into his face! With a huff, John readjusted his school bag and left the classroom feeling offended and angry. He was determined to make Sherlock talk to him; he didn't care what Roland thought. Sherlock Holmes needed a friend, and John Watson was going to make sure that he played that role.