unhappy ever after

Oh here's a popular lie: marry your knight and forget the dragon. Crash, boom, um reality? GinnyHarry, GinnyTom.

Stand up girl, hold your flame head high.

Hide the fact that you're


you red beauty,

and that everything's not okay.

That the boy you hate,

who slithers in your dreams still, and

made you into an




isn't as gone

as they like to think.

You live life by old dreams

(of lightening bolts and momma's approval) to get by,

when all you really want (no!) need, (never, because you're ginnyginnyginny, a Gryffindor and an innocent)

is that sweet, sweet poison that can always make you (feel) whole again.


-wake up to sunshine and chirping birds

-to Harry's hair

-your son's smile

-wash your hands in the sink

stained with crimson-blood and always-ink.


(how could you think you'd forget him)

Didn't Tom teach you better?