Fi was used to it by now.

The horrified gasps, the surprised squeaks, the wide eyes and gaping mouths... It was getting repetitive, really. Still, every time it happened, she felt something inside her sink, as if she had just swallowed a rock. This sensation confused her, and it seemed that the data she collected was insufficient to analyze it properly.

After a while, however, she began to notice little but obvious details. From the sword, she noticed how the same species, specifically in their own community, often greeted their own kind with a type of ease she was unaccustomed to. It puzzled her even more when her master, who was clearly a human, interacted with another, completely different species with that same attitude.

Soon, she came to a conclusion: Species meant more than one member, and that meant more security and protection and stronger bonds, in some instances. That was why one species wouldn't be afraid of another. Because they had brethren to surround themselves with if they were ever in danger. She recalled that there was a word to reflect these ideals.


But... Fi was unique, the only one of her kind. If she was ever to disappear, the world would still live on as if nothing had changed. But when she was in front of open eyes, it would stand still for just a second as her audience studied her appearance, and would either stand petrified or try to hide themselves from her blank gaze.

The rock inside of her would grow and sink even deeper.

Yes, she was different, as in not someone native to these lands or skies, but she was most definitely not a monster. She was created by the beloved and respected goddess, Hylia. Her purpose was to assist the chosen one on his journey, a duty she was determined to uphold. In other words, it was her responsibility to make sure everything went just as the prophecies had foretold.

She took her role very seriously, which led her to be very precise with her calculations and logical with her predictions. She could not make one mistake, or all the things the goddess had toiled for would be lost. She could not do that to her creator, to disappoint her deeply. She couldn't let these petty emotions overwhelm her ability to finish the tasks assigned. She had to be stoic and unwavering, confident in her decisions and wise in her suggestions.

Her master was only human, after all. She was not.

From within Fi's mind.

(She's admittedly one of my new favorite Zelda characters. Also, I'll most likely post another little drabble as a somewhat second part to this one. I noticed that this drabble is fairly depressing, so I hope the second one makes up for it.)

Disclaimer: Fi is a character of the game, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which belongs to Nintendo.